is rava good for diabetes

Is Rava Good For Diabetes

Upma is one of the lightest dishes we can have in our Indian households. Many times, for breakfast or even for dinners, upma is one of the staple food options. However, there are a few myths around rava and upma and a few questions like is rava good for diabetes. 

When it comes to diabetes, one has to be very careful of what one eats. This is because any meal that leads to an unwarranted spike in blood sugar levels is not worth it. It causes unnecessary fatigue and complications. Let’s find out about rava and what can be done with rava and if it is good for people with diabetes. 

How awesome would it be if you would be able to add one more food category to your list of foods that are healthy for you as a person dealing with diabetes? You want to be sure to know the exact carb content and calories to be able to bolus properly. Sometimes, a person with diabetes also indulges in food that may be unhealthy and might spike up their blood sugars. To do this, they need to make sure that their glucose levels are not high already. Is it the same with rava?

Semolina, rava, or granulated wheat are all products of wheat. Semolina is a coarse flour that is made from ground durum wheat (a type of hard wheat). It is also called rava. Is semolina good for diabetes? Is it safe to consume? How does it affect blood sugars? These are all understandable and natural questions. Know know which flour is good for diabetes here

Rava Nutritional Profile

In the grocery store when you buy packaged food or packets of semolina/rava, you need to make sure to check the nutrition profile to know the quantity of rava you need to use for it to be safe for a person with diabetes. Additionally, you also need to understand whether rava is okay to be consumed, overall. 

The nutritional profile of 100 grams of cooked rava (upma) will look like this:

  • Calories – 132
  • Total fat – 4 grams (saturated fat – 0.3 grams, trans fat – 0.1 gram)
  • Cholesterol – 0 mg
  • Sodium – 179 mg
  • Potassium – 191 mg
  • Total Crabs – 21 grams
  • Dietary fiber – 2 grams
  • Sugars – 2.7 grams
  • Vitamin A – 8%
  • Vitamin C – 56%
  • Calcium – 17%
  • Iron – 43%
  • Protein – 3.5 grams

It is also high in other nutrients like Vitamin B which is important for the health of the body and mind overall. It helps to convert food into energy. Additionally, rava is good for diabetes because it is also a source of iron and magnesium.

Advantages of Rava for Diabetes

Is rava good for people with diabetes? Here is a look at the advantages rava has in the life of a person with diabetes. 

  • It has several minerals that aid in the production of red blood cells, promote a healthy heart, and also help in the overall control of blood sugars
  • It also has a low glycemic index which means that after being consumed, it won’t shoot up the sugar levels. Your bolus injection will have the time to be able to effectively balance out the rise in sugars with the injected insulin
  • It has a very high fiber content which helps in the digestion of food
  • This fiber and the magnesium content also help in the maintenance of blood sugars in the normal range
  • It also boosts immunity – this is particularly good for a person with diabetes.
  • Rava is good for diabetes as it also promotes weight loss – especially because it has a very low-fat content with almost no trans fats.
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Ways To Consume Rava for Diabetes

There are many ways in which one can use rava for people with diabetes. It is important to clean and use it well to be able to enjoy the benefits it offers. Read about how it may prove to be advantageous and ask the right kind of questions to the doctors before believing in assumptions floating around regarding rava. Check with your doctor that rava is good for diabetes and they will agree. Once they say yes, it is up to you as to how you make use of this granulated grain. 

  • Idli – idli is good for diabetes and is one of the tastiest meals! Make fluffy idli out of rava (instead of rice) and enjoy it to your heart’s content. Not only will it turn out to be soft, fluffy, and tasty, but it can also be a great source of nutrition as seen above. You can, of course, have it with sambhar. 
  • Uthappam – Resembling pancakes, uthappams are other delicious choices to use rava. Now that we have seen that is semolina good for diabetes, we can use it freely to make uthappams as and how we like them. Add vegetables like tomatoes, onions, etc on top and make them more nutritious. 
  • Dosa – Needless to say, dosa had to be on this list. Tasty, dosa is one meal we all welcome and dosa is good for diabetes
  • Upma – Can diabetes eat rava upma? Yes! It is one of the most common dishes made with rava. Add an assortment of vegetables like beans, very few peas, onions, etc, and cook it in pure ghee with rai ka tadka.
  • Dhokla – A meal straight from Gujarat, enjoy a filling plate of dhokla and chutney. The calories in a dhokla would be much lesser than upma as it is steamed. 

Best Time to Consume Rava for Diabetes

Usually, the best time to consume a bowlful of rava would be in the morning in the form of breakfast. Upma is the dish that is made. Since it has a huge quantity of fibers, it keeps the stomach full for a long time, thus eliminating the need for a light snack before lunch. Since the fasting sugars are already on the lower side, upma and rava will help balance that out too. Make sure to test the blood sugar levels before eating upma to avoid any unnecessary spikes. 

Risks of Over Consuming Rava for Diabetes

While we know that is rava good for diabetes, we also need to be cautious about how much rava and upma we are consuming. The adverse effects of consuming rava are not many, however, for people who are allergic to gluten or wheat, it might cause certain reactions. Any kinds of swelling, pains, vomiting, sneezing, hives, asthma, etc can be caused due to activated allergies. 

Other Health Benefits of Rava for Diabetes

The answer to the question – is semolina good for diabetes has been received. However, the other benefits that it provides are yet to be uncovered. Here is how it is beneficial to people in moderate amounts –

  1. Slow digestion – It digests slowly which gives the body time to process the food. It will also keep your stomach full for a long time. 
  2. Immunity - It is a great immunity booster as it contains Vitamins B and E. 
  3. Energy – Upma helps keep you strong and energized. This is owing to the fibers in the grain. The addition of vegetables to upma will also add to this. 
  4. Helps the heart – Selenium, present in rava, is helpful for the heart and the immune system


You started with the query “Is rava good for people with diabetes” you have gotten your answer. The nutritional profile clearly shows the plethora of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fibers present in rava. The only concern could be the high carbs which can also be mitigated in the form of dhokla or by taking some extra units of insulin. Rava is healthy and can be eaten in the morning as upma. It is also beneficial to the overall immune system and the heart. 

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