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Is Upma Good for Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious health condition that affects an individual's metabolism and hampers their overall bodily functions. People with diabetes might often find it difficult to choose foods that fit their requirements. Many people with diabetes like upma but they do not know whether upma for diabetes is good or bad. Here, we will give a proper answer to the question - is upma good for people with diabetes?

Upma, an Indian recipe made using sooji or semolina, is also called Uppumavu and Uppittu and originally came from the southern part of India. It is a healthy, tasty, and nutritious meal for most people. For people with diabetes, semolina is considered moderately safe. Thus, limited and regulated amounts of upma can be healthy for the body and keep blood sugar levels low. Adding different vegetables to the preparation will make it rich in minerals, fibres, and vitamins and safe for people with diabetes. Also know about diabetes diet chart indian.

What Is the Glycemic Index of Upma?

The glycemic index of all foods is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 and is determined by the presence of carbohydrates in the food and its effects on blood glucose levels. Measuring the glycemic index or GI of different foods helps understand whether a certain food is safe for a particular health condition. 

  • If the GI of any food falls between 0-55, its GI is low and is safe for people with diabetes. 
  • Any food with GI between 55 and 69 has moderate GI and is moderately safe for people with diabetes. 
  • Foods with GI more than 70 have high GI and are harmful for people with diabetes. 

The glycemic index of upma is 68, while that of semolina is 66. The glycemic index of semolina falls in the moderate GI range, while the glycemic index of upma is comparatively on the higher side. Also know about Indian diabetes diet.

Hence, sooji upma should be consumed in moderate amounts to get its health benefits without hampering or harming blood sugar levels. So, upma for diabetes is good if it is taken in moderate amounts. Know about diabetes treatment in pregnancy.

Does Upma Raise Blood Sugar?

Since semolina is a good source of fibre and protein, rava upma is good for diabetes. It can reduce high blood sugar levels and lower the chances of diabetes eventually.

Upma is good for diabetes also because it offers instant energy and boosts an individual's metabolism in the long run. It can also help in maintaining brain, heart and bone health.

But overindulging in upma can result in severe blood sugar levels and other complications. If you want your upma intake to regulate blood sugar levels in your body, here are some ways in which the preparation can help:

  • Take just ½ a cup of rava upma. It is both satisfying and safe for a diabetes meal amount.
  • If you want to make a healthier meal, add a lot of mineral and fibre-rich veggies to your upma. This will balance the nutrients in the preparation and even nullify the carb effect of the dish. Try adding more capsicum, tomatoes, greens, beans and carrots while refraining from using starchy and car-rich vegetables.
  • Do not cook upma in too much oil and if possible, use a diabetes-safe oil(rice bran oil, sesame seed oil, olive oil, etc.) for the preparation. Also, change the quantities of spices and salt added to the preparation. Do not add sugar in any case.
  • Oats upma is a healthier option for diabetes as it regulates blood sugar levels because of its rich fibre content. Other healthier substitutes include vegetable and quinoa upma.

Always keep a close watch on your blood sugar levels. If you experience any discomfort or find that it has increased your blood sugar level, take cautious steps immediately. Also know about sugar diet chart

Upma Nutritional Facts

So, is upma good for diabetes? Yes, it is beneficial for people with diabetes because of its low glycemic index. Magnesium and dietary fibre in upma help in maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. One of the greatest advantages of upma for diabetes is its rich fibre content. And it also boosts the immunity of your body.

Now, coming to the nutritional facts - Per serving of upma offers 250 calories with 3.7 grams of fat; 45 grams of carbohydrates and proteins are 1.8 grams. Also know about curd with sugar benefits.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Upma?

Some of the major health advantages of eating upma are as follows:

  • Just a bowl of upma is enough to make you feel full for quite a long time. That's because upma is a slow-digesting food that keeps cravings at bay.
  • Minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and zinc in rava upma are good at improving bones, kidney function and the nervous system.
  • Upma is one of the best sources of iron that prevents anaemia while boosting blood circulation.
  • Upma is free of harmful cholesterol and thus works wonders for heart health. It maintains healthy heart pumping and proper blood flow, offering its nutritional elements.
  • Upma made from wheat rava contains a lot of potassium which is healthy for the kidneys.

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Is upma good for diabetes?

Yes, Upma is good for diabetes because it is high in nutritional value and contains fibre that maintains proper blood sugar levels.

Can I Eat Upma Every day?

Yes, you can consume upma every day.

Does Rava Upma increase blood sugar?

Since rava is made from coarse durum wheat, it contains a lot of fibre, and therefore upma made from rava is advantageous for people with diabetes. It slows down the absorption and release of sugar, which keeps blood sugar levels from increasing.


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