Is chana good for diabetes
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Chana Good For Diabetes?

Chana has numerous nutrients that also include proteins. People who consume Chana have a significant quantity of protein that can be added to their diet. 1 cup of chana offers one-third of the protein almost any human can have. Chana is good for muscle, skin and bone.

The nutrients in chana may also help prevent several health conditions. 1 cup of chana weighs 164 grams, which provides nearly 12.3 g of fibre—consuming chana benefits health-related issues. Chana is good for diabetes. The fibre it offers helps people with diabetes to maintain it under control. The American Diabetes Association suggests people add chana to their diet list.

Consuming 30 g of fibre for a day helps in reducing the tenderness of type 1 diabetes. Is chana good for diabetes patients? Yes. It is. Refer to the below table; what are the nutrients it has.

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Chana Nutritional Profile

Nutrients                   1 Cup of Chana
Energy                     267            
Protein (grams)             14.4          
Fat (grams)                 4.2            
Carbohydrates (grams)       44.7          
Fibre (grams)               12.5          
Calcium                     80.4          
Iron (milligram)           4.7            
Magnesium (milligram)       78.7          
Phosphorus (milligram)     274            
Potassium (milligram)       474            
Zinc (milligram)           2.5            
Copper (microgram)         0.6            
Selenium (microgram)       6.1            
Vitamin C (milligram)       2.1            
Folate (milligram)         280            
Choline (milligram)         69.7          
Beta carotene  (microgram) 26.2          
Vitamin E (milligram)       0.6            
Vitamin K  (microgram)     6.6            

Benefits of Chana

Below are the benefits of chana:

Chana has numerous varieties of nutrition. It has proteins, calories, vitamins, minerals, and good fibre content. It has a lot of benefits, especially a good amount of vitamin B. Also know about diabetes diet chart indian.

1. Appetite control

The protein and the fibre you consume keep you full and control your appetite. Since it takes time to process digestion, eventually, you will feel full. Additionally, the hormones which reduce the appetite will be increased by the proteins you consume. Calorie intake will be less. Also know about Indian diabetes diet.

2. Plant-based protein

Those who don't consume meat can go for plant-based protein. Chana, being a great source of protein, can play a vital role here. It not only strengthens the muscles and bones but also helps in keeping your weight in check. Proteins are rich in chana more than herbs.

3. Weight management

It reduces the calorie intake since chana serves the best when it comes to appetite. It helps keep the BMI under control.

4. Regulates blood sugar

Chana has a low glycemic index. So, it helps in managing the blood sugar level. Since it is rich in fibre and protein, it reduce sugar level.

5. Benefits digestion

Chana blends the most, which helps in the digestive process. Eventually, it increases the presence of healthy bacteria by destroying the bad ones.

6. Resolves chronic diseases

The presence of magnesium and potassium helps in preventing high blood pressure. It also reduces bad cholesterol. The risk of getting cancer also will be reduced by consuming chana. People who are all affected by diabetes can also consume chana, which helps manage the blood sugar level.

7. Promotes brain function

The nutrition in chana helps the brain to function and promotes mental health. Chana is a good source of choline that helps in keeping the brain functions in control. Magnesium promotes nerve functions also. And this benefits the brain's function more healthily.

8. Prevents iron deficiency

Since chana is rich in iron, it helps in producing red blood cells and eventually, it increases physical growth, muscle strength and brain development. Chana is not only added to hummus, and It helps in offering various benefits that support weight management, blood sugar control and mental health. 

Benefits of Chana for Diabetes

We all know that diabetes has become a huge concern in maintaining good health. Most people have diabetes, and everyone follows a different diet plan to keep their blood sugar in control. Each and every action of people who have diabetes have to be monitored. People might wonder and question medical expertise "is chana dal good for diabetes?” And the answer is “Yes”. People started consuming chana to keep their diabetes under control. It can be added daily to the diet because chana is good for diabetes. Know about diabetes treatment.

Since chana is rich in fibre, minerals and proteins, fibre content is more in chana, and it helps keep blood sugar in control. Chana has approximately 13 grams of fibre. So it offers more in managing diabetes. Chana can be prepared in many ways. Adding spices and herbs according to the taste and consuming them daily helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

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Glycemic Index of Chana

Diabetes often comes with a big life-changing diet. The glycemic index has to be checked before consuming any food.

GI foods:

Foods with a GI of less than 55 are allowed to consume when you have diabetes. GI foods help in controlling the blood sugar level. If the GI number ranges less than 55, the impact is less. Also know about is peanut good for diabetes?

Chana is considered a healthy food for diabetes because the GI number of chana is 28. The carbohydrate can be broken, which helps in the digestion process. Chana has this feature in it. 13 gms of chana has high fibre. And consuming it as breakfast gives remarkable results and is effective in various ways. Know about how to control sugar level.

Difference between regular chana and roasted Chana

Chana comes in different forms and is widely popular in the Indian subcontinent. Regular chana cannot be consumed raw as it is too tough to crack. It would be best to cook and serve regular chana in gravy or curry. Another way to consume them would be by boiling them and serving them as chaat. However, since these recipes would require you to boil chana, it is possible that it might lose some of its nutritional value and might become less healthy.


Roasted chana, on the other hand, is healthier as it allows the chana to keep all the nutrients intact. Since it is simply roasted before consumption, it may not lose its nutritional value. However, this does not mean that you cannot consume regular chana. Bhuna chana (roasted chana for diabetes) including the husk, can be much better for the appetite.Also know more about diabetes diet chart.

What are the health benefits of Roasted Chana?

  • The multiple roasted chana benefits are highly appealing and can be incorporated into the staple diet plan of a person with diabetes. Chana is good for health and it provides several advantages. Being a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, many dieticians and nutrition experts advise adding the same to the diet plan, even for people living with diabetes. Here are some of the advantages associated with roasted chana:
  • Weight loss – Roasted chana can be one of the best foods if you are planning a weight loss/ weight management journey. It can help you feel full for a long time which is essential to avoid untimely hunger pangs.
  • Fiber-rich – Chana, if consumed in the roasted form, is very high in fiber. Fibers are essential for the body for proper digestion. It can help the digestion process to move slowly and gradually and can help you feel full. This also helps to control the appetite and urge to eat
  • Lower calories – Since it has few calories, chana is a great snack. You can have a few roasted chana with tea, in chaat, and consume it in many different forms. What better way to curb your appetite than with foods that have fewer calories?
  • High in protein - Roasted chana is high in protein. This helps with the process of weight loss as well.
  • Beneficial for diabetes – Roasted chana is highly advantageous for a person with diabetes. The high fiber content of the same can ensure that glucose is slowly released into the bloodstream and this prevents unnecessary spikes in blood sugar. Since the chana glycemic index is also very low, it can help people with diabetes. High levels of manganese can improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Better bone density – The presence of iron, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and vitamins in roasted chana can work wonders regarding increasing and bettering overall bone density. Phosphorous and calcium can maintain bone structure.
  •  Helps maintain blood pressure ­– The low fat and calories present in roasted chana along with the high protein and fiber can result in several benefits. The presence of copper and magnesium can reduce inflammation and relax blood vessels. Phosphorous can help regulate blood pressure and heart health. It also decreased cholesterol
  • Good for digestion – High fiber content in foods can be very helpful in patients dealing with irritable bowel syndrome.

Different Ways to Consume Chana for Diabetes

Chana can be used in the diet in multiple ways apart from making it in the form of curry or dal.

1. Sprouts – You can soak chana in water overnight for 10-12 hours. In the morning, drain and wash them thoroughly. You can then keep it covered for the next 6-8 hours until you can see them sprouting. You can add the chana sprouts to a salad or can also be had with a little bit of lemon juice and salt

2. Chana chaat – The most famous way of consuming chana would be in the form of chaat. After you pressure cook chana in salt water, drain the water and keep it aside. You can add chopped onions, tomatoes, green chili, lemon juice, rock salt, etc and serve

3. Salads – Chana can be added as a substitute for protein in salads.

4. Kebabs – If you do not want to have kebabs with potatoes, chana can be a great alternative. You can cut down on the portion size as they may be heavy to consume owing to the high fiber content in chana. Know about Indian breakfast for diabetes .


For some people, following a proper diet plan can be confusing. Those with diabetes should reach out to a nutritionist or medical professional to follow the ideal diabetes diet. Chana is the most preferred food for people with diabetes. It has enough fibre, proteins, and vitamins to support your health and benefits in various ways. A high fibre diet helps in lowering the blood glucose level and controls diabetes, eventually decreasing type 2 diabetes. Also know how to reverse diabetes.


Is Chana good for diabetes?

Yes, Chana is good for diabetes. Chana is rich in fibre, which helps people with diabetes in lowering the blood glucose level and controls diabetes.

Is roasted chana dal good for diabetes?

Of course, yes. Chana can be consumed in various ways. Roasted chana is good for diabetes. Boiled or roasted chana is good for diabetes and consumed to avoid health issues related to diabetes.

Is roasted black chana good for diabetes?

Yes. Black chana offers various health benefits. Consuming black chana helps in maintaining blood sugar levels in control.

Is chana dal good for diabetes?

Yes, chana dal can be highly beneficial and recommended for a person with diabetes. Someone on a diabetic diet will have to make sure to consume food with a low glycemic index. Chana dal provides the same. It will ensure that the blood sugar levels are not spiking erratically or dramatically and will reduce the threat of any diabetes-related complications. 

Is black chana good for diabetes?

Yes, Kala chana or black chana is highly nutritional. The black chana protein content is quite high. In 100 grams of kala chana, you can find 20 grams of protein, which is a good amount. It is additionally, also high in fiber. If you combine kala chana with other foods that have a lower glycemic index and carb content, it would also reduce the overall glycemic load associated with kala chana.

What is the nutritional value of black chana?

100 grams of kala chana will have – 20 grams of protein, 12 grams of dietary fiber, 63 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of fat, 57mg of calcium, 4.31 mg of iron, 718mg of potassium, and 378 calories. The higher levels of carbs can increase the glycemic load, therefore, you can reduce the overall glycemic load by adding cucumbers and other high-fiber foods.

Is chana good for weight loss?

Yes, kala chana is highly beneficial for weight loss. Being high in fiber, this food category helps a person feel full for a long time. Additionally, it is also low in calories and high in protein making it a very suitable food for weight loss.




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