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How to prevent diabetes?

‘Prevention is better than cure’ is a saying that goes perfectly well in the context of diabetes. World over diabetic patients have been on the rise compared to a few decades back. It is certain that lifestyle changes and diet play an important role in the onset of this condition.

Diabetes can be of two major types:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
  2. Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). 

T1D can occur at any particular age although the outset is more common in childhood and it occurs due to the lack of production of insulin via the islet cells in the pancreas. T2D on the other hand is more of a lifestyle disease that occurs primarily after the age of 40 (there is a lowering in this age level in recent times). This happens due to insufficient production of insulin in the body. This disease is largely irreversible and the affected individuals often have to spend a lot of time, effort, energy, and money to learn the nuances of the diabetic diet and its effective management techniques. Even then, the erratic nature of the blood sugar levels and other stressors that may affect them may not be helpful. Read more about reverse type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, how to prevent diabetes would be a question that might run in the minds of predisposed individuals. Keeping a check on the blood sugar levels is important. Endocrinologists recommend getting the HbA1c levels tested at least once a year to be on the lookout for prediabetes. This is a condition wherein the blood sugar levels are higher than the normal baseline level but not enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. Keeping a lookout for certain symptoms like:

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive hunger and cravings
  • Blurry vision
  • Trembling hands
  • Anxiety and palpitations etc

It  would be helpful to keep a tab on the above indicators, do not snooze on them, they can be your alarm to indicate the signs of prediabetes/diabetes.  Also know about diabetes diet chart indian.

What are the ways to prevent diabetes?

There are several ways in which you can imbibe effective prevention techniques for this disease. Doctors often educate their patients on how to prevent diabetes if they are at risk. There can be many ways in which this can be done, however, there are a few standard methods that anyone can follow to ensure that they can lead a majorly healthy lifestyle even in the latter part of their life. Read more to know about diet for diabetes.

As diabetes is becoming common among people, many ways help to reduce its symptoms and lower the risk of developing complications. However, there are a few methods that usually work for a majority of diabetics. These methods include

Exercise daily

Having a daily exercise routine is an effective way to prevent diabetes as when muscles are involved in physical activity they take up glucose from the bloodstream for energy which helps to keep blood sugar levels under control. Exercising also helps to manage body weight which is good to prevent type 2 diabetes. Some exercises good for diabetes involve brisk walking, cycling, yoga, etc. Start small and increase the intensity once your body develops strength. Also know about diabetologist.

Eat a balanced diet

Along with exercising, consume a balanced diet to get results fast. Unhealthy eating like consuming junk, carbs, sugar, trans fat, etc. gives way to diabetes, On the other hand, eating a balanced diet that is low in carbs and high in protein and fibers is ideal for diabetics. Also, include essential vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Consuming the right diet will help prevent diabetes to a greater extent.

Quit smoking

Apart from diabetes smoking leads to other disorders such as heart problems, certain cancers, etc. It also worsens your cholesterol levels and increases insulin resistance. Quitting smoking is a must if you want to prevent the onset of diabetes. Resort to nicotine patches, support from family and friends, or stress management programs to resist the urge to smoke.

Manage your weight

If your weight is not controlled you are more prone to developing diabetes. The fat around your abdomen known as visceral fat is linked to insulin resistance. Reducing the extra weight helps to reduce the chances of getting diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes. Indulge in exercises and consume healthy foods to manage your weight efficiently.

Drink enough water

Keeping your body hydrated is the key to preventing many disorders including diabetes. Instead of consuming flavored beverages, soda, sweetened drinks, etc. resort to drinking water. Drinking the ideal quantity of water daily will help you to shed those extra pounds and make you achieve your weight loss goals.

How to prevent diabetes by exercises

Exercising is one of the best ways to reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Added to reducing weight and managing blood sugar levels, indulging in daily workouts can also help to reduce the risk of heart diseases, strokes, etc., and promote overall health.

If you have pre-diabetes then exercising daily will help you to prevent diabetes. Here are some of the best exercises for diabetes.

  • Walking- Amongst the exercises to prevent diabetes, walking is the simplest and most effective exercise that you can conveniently perform daily. Indulging in 30-minute daily walking will help you to manage your calories better and achieve your weight management goals. Walking also helps you keep blood pressure under control.
  • Cycling- Physical inactivity causes obesity and other complications associated with diabetes. Low-impact exercise such as cycling helps to attain fitness goals without straining your joints. Added to that, cycling is also easy to add to your lifestyle.
  • Aerobic dance- Aerobic dances such as Zumba, is a great combination of fitness with recreation that works positively to maintain weight and keep your sugar levels under control. Make sure to take diabetes to prevent diet tips to fasten the fitness process.
  • Weightlifting- This exercise is ideal to build muscle mass which enables your body to burn more calories. Use weight machines and free weights or if these are not available you can use household items such as filled water bottles for weightlifting. You must hire a trainer or join classes for effective weight training.
  • Yoga- An age-old effective exercise, yoga is ideal for maintaining blood sugar levels and enhancing mental stability. Yoga is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure, enhancing sleep quality, and elevating your mood.
  • Pilates- Perfect for enhancing core strength, and body balance, Pilates is a trendy and effective exercise to manage diabetes. Incorporating Pilates into your routine is a good way to reduce diabetes.
  • Swimming- Yet another exercise that has less strain on joints, swimming is a great lung, heart, and muscle workout. Aquatic exercises like swimming are great to lower blood sugar levels.

Team sports- Joining team sports such as football, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc. will not only help you to manage your daily calories but also act as a recreational activity. Your teammates can help you to commit to the workouts and stay healthy.


Prevention of diabetes is a highly underrated aspect. However, the benefits of doing so are now coming to light. Effective control of blood sugar levels also mitigates the risk of other lifestyle conditions linked with diabetes like kidney or liver-related issues. It is important to identify people at risk and help them manage these factors to be able to effectively prevent them from developing this deadly and highly-consequential condition. Use these methods to keep your blood sugar levels in check and get regular assessments done in case of any symptoms. 

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How Can Diabetes Be Prevented Naturally?

There are various ways one can implement to prevent diabetes naturally. One of the many ways includes cutting down refined sugar consumption and carbohydrates from your regular diet. You can continue having complex carbohydrates like vegetables, oatmeal, and whole grains, but not refined carbohydrates. Additionally, you should give up smoking if you do so, as it contributes to insulin resistance. If you give up smoking, eat healthy, and exercise frequently, you can prevent diabetes naturally. 

Is There a Way to Prevent Diabetes?

Yes, there are ways to prevent diabetes, but they require consistency and collective efforts. For example, to prevent diabetes, you must follow a strict healthy diet, exercise five to six days a week, quit smoking, and try to keep your weight under control. All these measures taken together can give visibly excellent results. Also know about reversing type 2 diabetes.

How is Diabetes Best Prevented?

Some natural ways can be followed to prevent diabetes. Of all the measures, eating healthy, exercising frequently, and keeping the weight under check is of prime importance. If you’re a beginner, start slow and scale effectively. If you’re a regular or frequent smoker, you should quit smoking because it worsens your insulin resistance. 

What Are Three Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Losing extra weight, being more physically active, and eating a healthy diet are the three most important and highly-effective ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes. However, you will have to make consistent efforts to see visible results from these measures.

What are the best diet tips for preventing diabetes?

Consume a diet that involves foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy protein and fats, fibers, etc. Avoid intaking foods that are high in carbohydrates as they spike blood sugar levels. You can use methods such as carb counting, plate method, etc. to create balanced meals. Added to that, avoid junk and processed foods.

What are healthy foods to eat to prevent diabetes?

If you are a diabetic you should consider eating fibrous vegetables like broccoli, kale, carrots, etc. Add healthy protein options like eggs, fish, tofu, etc. Consume whole grains such as oats, rice, quinoa, and barley inside of ordinary ones. Go for fruits that are low in glycemic index and rich in fiber, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. So these are the healthy foods to prevent diabetes.

How to prevent diabetes? 

Certain lifestyle changes can prevent diabetes. These changes include eating healthy foods, exercising daily, managing your weight efficiently, quitting smoking, keeping your body hydrated, etc. In some cases, resorting to these changes might also help to reverse the disorder. For others, it helps to reduce sugar levels and reduce the complications of diabetes.


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