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Dry Fruits & Nuts for Diabetes

Is dried fruit good for diabetics? A recent study suggests that dried fruits like dates, raisins, apricots, and sultanas are actually beneficial, have a low glycemic index, and can be included in the dietary schedule of people with diabetes. These dried fruits do not cause blood sugar spikes like other starchy foods (like white bread) and hence are the best dry fruits for diabetes. Instead, they are broken down more slowly, causing a moderate increase in sugar levels and insulin than other starchy foods like white bread, which spike up your sugar levels. Besides nuts, even pumpkin, poppy, and sunflower seeds are enriched with several nutrients and healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids, and are considered very healthful in diabetes. Let us read more about which dry fruits good for diabetes. Know about high blood sugar symptoms.

Are dry fruits good for diabetes?

People with diabetes must provide their body vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers as their deficiency can make you prone to developing risks of diabetic complications. Dry fruits for diabetes are good as they have low to medium GI which will help you to keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range. Consuming dry fruits will make your body work better because of fiber intake. Added to that it also keeps the energy levels maintained. Also know about which fruits are good for diabetes.

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Health benefits of dry fruits for diabetics

Here are some of the benefits which make dry fruits a great choice for diabetics. Know whether pineapple is good for diabetes

High Fiber content

As dry fruits are packed with fibers, they make you feel full for longer durations and reduce your need to consume unhealthy food frequently. Dry fruits are best to prevent overconsumption or intake of unhealthy foods that can disrupt your sugar levels. Also know about are peanuts good for diabetes?

Keeps you energized

According to research, intake of a small number of nuts after meals helps your body to hold onto the energy quicker and hence makes you feel energized and uplifts your mood. Also know about diabetes diet chart indian.

Packed with essential antioxidants and vitamins

Your body functions well when it has sufficient antioxidants and vitamins supplied to it. On the other hand, a deficiency of essential vitamins and antioxidants can affect bodily functions negatively. Delivering the right nutrients makes the body work better. Know about fruit for diabetes.

Aids physical activity

It is a must for diabetic people to be physically active. Consumption of dry fruits in the morning energizes the body and enables you to take the required efforts of exercising for optimum diabetes management. Also know more about diabetes diet chart.

List of Dry Fruits for Diabetics

It's important for diabetics to be especially cautious while making dietary modifications. Find out the list of Dry Fruits for Diabetics to eat to help control your blood sugar levels and best dried fruit for diabetics.

a) Dried apricots

Dried Apricots for Diabetes

Delivering just a few calories and containing fewer carbs, apricots can be an excellent addition to your diabetes meal plan. They offer a high fiber content and are enriched with vitamin A.

b) Dried apples, berries, and prunes

Dried Prunes for Diabetes

Enriched with vitamins, fibers, and minerals, these dried fruits can add great flavor to your food without adding excess sugars.

c) Raisins and sultanas

Raisins and Sultanas for Diabetes

Raisins are rich in fiber, antioxidants and are relatively low on the glycemic index. Likewise, sultanas and currents better your digestive health, regulate your blood sugar levels, help decrease inflammation and lower your blood pressure. However, don't binge on them, as they can spike your blood levels when consumed in excess quantities. The presence of antioxidants and fibers in raisins makes them a superfood. Consuming it in the right quantity is beneficial for people having diabetes. Also know about best medicine for diabetes in India.

d) Walnuts

Walnuts for diabetes

Enriched with fiber, proteins, and good fats, walnuts can energize you and help in preventing you from binging on unnecessary food. By helping you control hunger, they support your weight loss. Besides, they are enriched in alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), which helps reduce inflammation, and helps in diabetes management. Although walnuts are high in calories and do not affect the body composition directly, according to studies consuming walnuts improved the HDL: LDL cholesterol ratio of the body which can reduce sugar levels.

e) Almonds

Almonds for Diabetes

Almonds are rich sources of fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fat. They are a rich source of magnesium, a vital mineral that helps regulate blood glucose levels in people with diabetes and those at risk of developing type 2 diabetics. Besides, they aid your better digestion and help maintain blood pressure. Intaking almonds helps to keep blood sugar levels under control and decreases the level of LDL cholesterol and enhances the HDL cholesterol which eventually helps to reduce the risk of developing heart problems and helps to keep the sugar levels normal. Know about Indian breakfast for diabetes .

f) Pistachios

Pistachios for Diabetes

One of the rich sources of fiber, pistachios are packed with energy and may also help lower your LDL cholesterol levels. These nutrient bundles can act as energy bars that will limit your in-between meal cravings. Know about diabetes treatment.

g) Peanuts

Peanuts for Diabetes

Peanuts are enriched with fiber and protein content and make a great diabetes-friendly snack. They have a low glycemic load and help regulate blood sugar levels. Intaking peanuts aids weight loss and reduces the risk of heart problems. Peanuts are good to control appetite and therefore help in better diabetes management. Know about is honey good for diabetes?.

h) Cashews

Cashewnuts for Diabetes

Yet another dry fruit that improves HDL: LDL cholesterol ratio and lowers the risk of heart problems. Consuming cashews are good to maintain blood pressure and eventually blood sugar levels.

I) Dates

Dates for Diabetes

Good to boost energy, dates contain healthy fats and fibers which improve HDL: LDL cholesterol levels and reduce triglyceride levels eventually leading to enhanced cardiovascular health.

Glycemic Index of Dry Fruits

When you are living with diabetes, you would not want to take a risk with your food habits and would not want to indulge in food categories that might end up spiking the blood sugar levels and that includes dry fruits. We often think that dry fruits are healthy and should be eaten, however, the carb content, natural sugars, and quantity are not known to us. While you are planning your diet, include dry fruits for diabetes that are healthy and helpful. Here's a list of the glycemic index of dry fruits good for diabetes.

Dry fruit       Glycemic index
Dates (100mg)       62                
Dried apples (100g) 29                
Dried apricot ½ cup 30                
Figs ½ cup           61                
Almonds (1 cup)     0                  
Cashews (100g)       22                
Walnuts (100g)       0                  
Pistachios (100g)   15                

Dry Fruits to Eat in Diabetes

Is there any risk or side effects to eating dry fruits for diabetes? 

Consuming the right dosage of dry fruits does not come with any side effects. However, consuming them in incorrect quantities can lead to side effects. Sugar free dry fruits list which includes almonds, raisins, dates, peanuts, etc. do not have any significant side effects when taken in the right quantity. However, overconsuming dry fruits can be of risk to people with diabetes. For the correct dosage of various dry fruits, you can consult your healthcare experts. What may suit your body depends on various factors like age, physical activeness, etc. therefore, it is always advisable to get your diet planned by an established dietician. Read more about how to cure diabetes.

Why is portion control important while having nuts?

Although nuts have many benefits for a diabetic person, consuming anything in excess will lead to complications. As nuts are high-calorie dry fruits, overconsuming them can disrupt your daily calorie intake and eventually make you away from your goals. Added to that, nuts are not directly associated with weight gain but consuming them heedlessly will increase the risk of weight gain. 

Consume not more than a handful of nuts daily to achieve the desired benefits from them. Also, avoid eating nuts that are coated with salt as the sodium concentration will affect your blood sugar levels badly. Sweetened nuts are also bad for health as they spike sugar levels due to the high carbohydrates in them. It is recommended to consume raw nuts or dry-roasted nuts as they are nutritious for your health. Also know about sugar free foods.

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raisins, apricots, peanuts, and sultanas are some dry fruits for diabetes, when consumed in moderate quantities, dried fruits and nuts can benefit people with diabetes in several ways. You can consume them as a mid-meal or evening snack. You can add these flavorful treats to smoothies, salad dressings, or desserts, preventing the need for any additional sugar. Also know about prediabetes diet.


1. Are dried fruits and nuts good for diabetics?

Yes, dried fruits and nuts are beneficial in diabetes. They are low on the glycemic index and are very healthy as they are packed with fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They also form a great source of instant energy. However, you must be mindful of the portion size you are consuming.

2. Which dry fruit is good for diabetes?

 If you have diabetes, you can eat dry fruits like berries, pistachios, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, apricots, raisins, and  dates. However, be cautious about the quantity.

3. Are dry nuts good for diabetics?

 Yes, dry nuts and seeds are low in carbohydrates and are a great source of healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, dietary fiber, and vegetable protein. Nuts like almonds and sunflower seeds are a great source of magnesium - a mineral acknowledged for maintaining glucose levels in diabetes.

4. Why is dried fruit bad for diabetics?

A dried fruit holds more amounts of sugar than frozen or fresh fruit. For instance, the sugar content of half or one-third cup of dried fruit is proportional to one cup of fruit in its natural form. That's why dried fruits like pineapple, figs, mangoes, cherries, and sweetened cranberries are considered bad for diabetes. However, you can consume limited  proportions of dried fruits mentioned above.

5. Which dry fruit is bad for diabetes?

Any dry fruit that has a sugar content on the higher side like raisins, dates, figs, etc would be bad as they would increase blood sugars immediately. You can have 1-2 dates if you combine them with high-fiber or low-carb dry fruits like almonds and walnuts.

6. What is the recommended number of almonds for a diabetic patient in a day?

Usually, it is recommended that a person should intake 6-8 almonds daily. However, if you have diabetes you can increase the consumption up to 8-10 almonds (handful) a day. Consuming the right dosage will help you to reap the benefits quickly. The safe limit recommended is generally between 6-8 almonds a day.

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