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Is Kiwi Good for Diabetes

As a Diabetic, I feel bad that I can't try new and exotic fruits like others.

How many time have we thought or heard such statements in our own minds or heard from individuals having Type 2 Diabetes? It's undeniable that eating a fruit is a delicious way to not only satisfy your cravings but to also quell hunger and meet daily nutritional needs. But it's also hard to refute the fact that most fruits contain a lot of sugar which may cause a rapid rise in your sugar levels leading to further health issues. So is there no way of knowing is kiwi good for diabetes? How much of Kiwi can we consume such that the benefits outweigh the risks? Let's find out.

The Kiwi fruit is native to China and was first known as 'Chinese Gooseberry' by the English. This oval-shaped fruit has fuzzy brown skin exteriorly with a green inside and having small black seeds, all of which are edible. Seeds from China were introduced to New Zealand in the 1900 and was therefore later renamed in 1959 because of its appearance being similar to the New Zealand's national bird - The Kiwi. Also read about which fruit is good for diabetes.

Kiwi for diabetes
Kiwi vs Kiwi

Different Varieties of Kiwi Fruit for Diabetes

In India, Kiwi is grown in some regions of Himachal Pradesh and parts of Kerala. The two most commonly available varieties in India are the Green Kiwis and Golden Kiwis.

1. Green Kiwis or Hayward Variety : This the most common variety of Kiwis that are found gracing the shelves of middle to high-end stores in your city. It is oval shaped with a brownish outer skin, and bright green flesh inside with tiny, edible black seeds. It contains a full days requirement of Vitamin C along with dietary fibre, Vitamin K, Amino acids, Vitamin B6 and several antioxidants. Also know about benefits of curd with sugar

Types of Kiwi for dabetes
Green Hayward Kiwi

2. Golden Kiwis : Is golden kiwi good for diabetics? They are sweeter than the normal green kiwifruit and having smooth, hairless golden brown skin, with soft and sweet yellow flesh inside. Benefits of golden kiwi for diabetes is that it is a great source of Vitamin C, dietary fibre, folate and other minerals and antioxidants, making it one of the most nutrient-dense fruits available and invented by grafting and cross- pollinating different types of kiwifruit.

Golden Kiwi
Sweet Golden Kiwi

Kiwi Nutrition Profile

Kiwi Fruit         Amount per 100g
Calories           61 Kcal        
Total fat           0.5g            
saturated fat       0g              
Trans fat           0g              
Cholesterol         0mg            
sodium             3mg            
Total carbohydrate 15g            
Dietary fiber       3g              
Sugar               9g              
Proteins           1.1g            
Vitamin C           154%            
Iron               1%              
Vitamin B6         5%              
Calcium             3%              
Magnesium           4%              

Effect of Kiwi on Blood Sugar Levels

  1. Low Glycemic Index (GI - 53) & Glycemic Load (GL-5) ensures a slow and steady release of glucose into bloodstream.
  2. Being rich in Antioxidants , it reduces cellular damage and improves the overall metabolism.
  3. It contains Inositol, which enhances Insulin sensitivity and leading to higher absorption of glucose into the cell thus reducing high sugar levels.

Kiwi fruit Benefits for Diabetes

  • Considered to be a superfood due to its high nutritional content when compared to other fruits
  • Effective for treatment of neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers.
  • High fibre and water resistance capacity helps in better digestion and absorption process.
  • Rich in Vitamin C and Polyphenols, thus prevents blood clotting and protects against heart diseases.
  • Lowers triglycerides, and increases body’s immunity or disease fighting abilities necessary for Diabetes.
  • Recommended in Dengue to increase platelet count
  • In comparison with other fruits, is known to be a highly Rich Source of
Kiwi Benefits for Diabetes
Top Benefits of Kiwi Fruit
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Contraindications in Comorbidities

Kiwi Fruit may sometimes cause Allergic Reactions with symptoms like having Trouble swallowing, Vomiting and Hives in people who are allergic to it. Also read about is watermelon good for diabetes.

Substitutes of Kiwi Fruits for Diabetes

Some good substitutes for Kiwi Fruit are -

  • Strawberries
  • RIpe Pear with Lime juice
  • Oranges
  • Guava
  • Dragon fruit

5 Minute Expert Recipes of Kiwi for Diabetes

Kiwi Fruit Salad in 3 Steps

Step 1 : Cut Kiwi and any other diabetes friendly fruits like Oranges and Apples

Step 2 : Add a tablespoon of Hung Curd and mix till it sufficiently coats the fruits

Step 3 : Garnish by sprinkling a mixture of Seeds on top. Also read about the list of best fruits for diabetes.

Kiwi Sandesh in 4 Steps

Step 1 : Mash the pulp of the Kiwifruit

Step 2 : Roll it into mashed Cottage cheese

Step 3 : Top it up with some chopped Nuts

Step 4 : Garnish and decorate with a slice of kiwifruit on the top.

Kiwi Crumble Delight  in 6 Steps

Layer 1 : Chop the Kiwi fruit into cubes and put it into a bowl

Layer 2 : Spread a layer of roasted seeds and oats on top of the cubes

Layer 3 : Add another layer of Kiwi Cubes

Layer 4 : Spread a layer of Greek Yogurt

Layer 5 : Add a final layer of Kiwi cubes

Layer 6 : Garnish with chopped nuts and serve it cold.

Kiwi Recipes for Diabetes
Kiwi Crumble

Bottom Line

Can diabetics eat kiwi? There are so many health benefits to the Kiwi Fruit for diabetes that it is impossible to dislike or resist. They are a winning combination of electrolytes for blood pressure reduction, the folate lowers the risk of strokes. and their fiber content helps keep cholesterol levels down. They are a great substitute in place of salty processed snacks, thus promoting weight loss and stabilising blood sugars. If you're still unsure, dont worry-theres more! Kiwis are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, offer fiber, antioxidants and provide more than your daily requirements of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. So all you need now is to stop reading and order a boxful of Kiwis right away.


1. Is Kiwi fruit good for Diabetes?

Kiwi Fruit being a fruit with low GI and Glycemic load is an ideal choice for People with diabetes. Being very high in vitamin C, Dietary fibre, folate and antioxidants it definitely tops the list.  Make sure to consult a Diabetes Expert Nutritionist before including it in your diet.

2. How many Kiwi can a diabetic eat in a day?

About 69-75 gm serving is safe to consume on a daily basis as a part of a morning or evening snack.

3. What are the side effects of eating Kiwi?

Some of the major side effects of Kiwi are allergic reactions, rashes and swelling, overeating can cause pancreatitis, and diarrhea. Always consult with your Diabetes expert before consuming anything new.




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