Is Suji Good For People With Diabetes?

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Suji, also known as Sooji, Semolina, or Rava, is processed from wheat. It is available in fine or coarse granulated form. Suji is called Rava in southern parts of India, while addressed as sooji or suji in northern India. Suji, in raw form, is a little darker and off-white compared to other wheat flours. It has a natural odour too. Suji is primarily made from durum wheat. It is used as an ingredient for many dishes and has multiple nutritional qualities. Anyone can consume suji as it is healthy for all. Many homemade snacks and meals have started using suji as the main ingredient because of its health benefits. But you might still wonder: Is suji good for diabetes?

Benefits of Suji

Suji or Rava is very nutritious and healthy for everyone. Here are the benefits of consuming suji:

  • Suji is good for the heart. It contains fibre which helps in keeping the heart protected and healthy. Suji also helps lower HDL cholesterol in a person and reduces the chances of heart-related problems. 
  • Suji helps in maintaining ideal body weight. Suji-made meals are usually fulfilling, so it helps remove unnecessary cravings for food. This is an important factor when answering the question, can people with diabetes eat suji?
  • Suji is rich in iron. Iron helps promote healthy blood circulation in the body, develops the immune system to fight off harmful radicals, and increases the oxygen supply in the body. 
  • The fibre content in suji makes it very healthy for a person's digestive system. Suji helps in reducing the chances of having digestive issues and problems related to the immune system, such as constipation, indigestion, etc. 
  • The nutritional values of suji help maintain the overall well-being of a person and protect them from other harmful factors. 
  • Suji is beneficial for the heart. It also helps in lowering the level of cholesterol in a person. 
  • Iron in suji helps in nourishing the blood circulation throughout the body.

Benefits of Suji for People with Diabetes

Is suji good for diabetes? There are several benefits of suji or rava for people with diabetes, which are as follows:

  • Suji creates less glucose in the blood and is therefore healthy for people with diabetes. 
  • The fibre content in suji helps lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. 
  • Magnesium present in suji helps balance out the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood and thus prevents the effect of diabetes from getting worse. 
  • Suji can increase the efficiency of the immune system and its health. This is an important benefit for people with diabetes as a well-functioning immune system ensures overall well-being. 
  • Maintaining an ideal body weight is crucial for people with diabetes. Consuming suji helps do that as it is a heavy food ingredient and kills the urge to eat unnecessarily. 

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Glycemic Index of Suji

Suji has a glycemic index of 66. It helps manage the blood sugar levels of a person by slowing digestion. It boosts the health of a person's immune system and increases immunity. Suji keeps a person full for longer periods and does not give way to unnecessary food cravings. Suji is filled with vitamin B and vitamin E, which help keep the person healthy. Suji helps a person remain energized and stay active throughout the day. It also protects the heart of a person. 

Different Ways to Consume Suji for People with Diabetes

Is suji good for people with diabetes? Yes, it is! Several healthy and tasty dishes can be cooked using suji as the main ingredient, which is beneficial for people with diabetes. Here are some of them:

Suji Idli 

Idli can be easily prepared using suji with a little oil or ghee. Idli is made by steaming the batter, so there are little to no calories present, and a person can consume it without worrying about it being harmful to the body. 


Upma is a dish full of nutritious vegetables such as beans, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, and a good mixture of spices to freshen it up. Upma is a breakfast meal and also a form of evening snack. It is a dish that is the answer to the question, is suji good for diabetes!

Suji Cheela 

Suji Cheela is a dish similar in shape to a pancake, but it is made from suji, nutritious vegetables, and lentils. Suji Cheela is a healthy option that is easy to make and digest. 

Rava Dosa 

It is a famous south Indian dish made from suji, all-purpose flour, and rice flour. Dosa also requires little oil. The batter for dosa can have vegetables, which could turn out to be delicious. 


Suji is beneficial for people with diabetes as it contains high fibre and proteins, which is healthy for a person. Many home-cooked dishes use suji as the main ingredient to make the food tasty; dishes made with suji are also easy to cook. The glycemic index of suji is low, which is good for people with diabetes.

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