Is Kiwi Good for Diabetes? Benefits & Risks

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People always tend to have midday hunger, and what will be better than to eat fruits to satiate it? If you don't want to gain weight or if you are dieting, then fruits will never make you feel guilty about consumption. They are healthy and delicious snacks. But is it possible for everyone to eat fruits? Can people with diabetes eat fruits?

The answer is, 'Yes'. Diabetes people can also eat fruits, as per the American Diabetes Association. While consuming fruits, they must be watchful and avoid fruits they are allergic to. They must also only eat those fruits which have a low GI or glycemic index so that their sugar levels won't surge and diabetes will be under their control.

They can consume other fruits which are high in a glycemic index like fruits and sapota, but with care. Are there fruits that people with diabetes can relish without any second thought? Is Kiwi fruit good for people suffering with diabetes? Can people with diabetes eat Kiwi?

Kiwi is the best fruit for those suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. They can consume it regularly. But why? Read on to know more! 

Kiwi Nutrition Value

We know that Kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C. It also has some significant nutrients which many often tend to overlook. Below are some nutrients contained in a 100g serving of Kiwi.

▪        61 calories

▪        0.5 g fat

▪        3 mg sodium

▪        15 g carbohydrates

▪        6.7g sugar

▪        2.1g dietary fibre

▪        0.8g protein

Vitamin C is useful for the growth and repair of body tissues. It increases the immunity of the body.

Kiwi also has about 40 mcg worth of Vitamin K per cup. It is essential for blood clotting, metabolism, and regulating the blood calcium levels.

Kiwi also contains copper, and each fruit can provide you 14 percent of the daily recommended intake of copper. Copper helps in forming RBCs (red blood cells) in association with iron. It keeps your bones strong, supports the nerves and the immune system.

Folate, potassium, and dietary fibres are also present in Kiwi quite well.

Carbohydrates : One medium-sized Kiwi platter gives you about 10 grams of carbohydrates. Thus they have a very low glycemic index of 52.2 only.

Fats : Kiwis have zero saturated fats, and also their fat composition is low.

Kiwi Benefits for Diabetics

Thus, we have seen the nutritional value of the Kiwi fruit. But is Kiwi good for diabetes? Yes! 

1. Blood pressure regulation

Most diabetes patients also have the problem of high blood pressure. Research has proved that vitamin C can help in reducing blood pressure, and we know that Kiwi is an excellent source of vitamin C.

2. Helps indigestion.

It is observed that people with diabetes have intestine-related issues like indigestion or constipation. We have seen that Kiwi is a rich source of fibre, and fibre helps in bowel movements and stimulates the growth of gut-friendly bacteria. Thus, Kiwi is excellent for good digestion.

3. Helps in weight loss

It is essential for people with diabetes to manage their weight to keep their sugar levels in check. Kiwi has high fibre content and low-calorie value. The nutrient richness of Kiwi helps increase the body's metabolism and thus helps in weight loss.

4. Keeps your heart healthy.

High fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants in the Kiwi helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels and keeping the blood pressure in check. Thus, they are excellent for people with diabetes.

5. Good Skin Health

Collagen, which is important for skin nutrition, is increased in our body by Kiwi. People with diabetes tend to have various skin-related issues if they don't maintain their diabetes. So, Kiwi is the best option to overcome skin problems in such situations.

6. Reduction in sugar absorption.

The sugar level in people with diabetes can be maintained by reducing the absorption of sugar. Being rich in fibre and low in GI, Kiwi helps slow down sugar absorption.

Thus, there is no doubt that Kiwi is a beneficial fruit for diabetes. 

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Ways to Include Kiwi in your daily diet

Now that we know the many benefits of Kiwi, let us see how we can include it in our diet.

● Smoothies- Add it along with other fruits to the smoothie you are making for a cool summer treat.

● Salad- Add Kiwi to the salad and make it more healthy.

●  Quinoa salads- Use them instead of tomatoes in your quinoa salads

● Oatmeal- If you have oatmeal breakfast daily, add Kiwi toppings.

●  Fruit salad- What will be better than eating the fruit with the fruit salad? Chop the Kiwi and add them to your fruit salad.

● Kiwi Sandesh- Smash the overripe Kiwi, add it with the homemade paneer, and enjoy the sweet dish. 


The nutritional value of Kiwi is beneficial for diabetic patients. Kiwi is a fruit that is beneficial for diabetes. It is low in GI and high in fibre, helping in slowing down sugar absorption. It has great amounts of vitamin C, which helps regulate blood pressure. Also, it is good for digestion. The skin-related issues can be controlled through regular Kiwi consumption. Kiwi helps in keeping your heart healthy by maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol level and also helps in weight loss. Have a look on our recommendation list of best fruits for diabetics.

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