guava for diabetes
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Is guava good for diabetes?

Guavas are a tremendously nutritious and delicious tropical and subtropical tree fruit that has been dubbed a "superfood" by some nutritionists and marketers.

Guavas are native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America, where the wild fruit has been consumed for millennia by native humans as well as birds, monkeys, bears, and a variety of other animal species. The first cultivation of guavas is unknown, but it was most likely thousands of years ago by one of the Americas' innovative and healthful indigenous tribes.

Guava is a delicious and nutritious fruit that can be found all year in most warm and temperate climates. They are delicious and have a low Glycemic Index (GI), which measures how quickly carbohydrates are broken down and released into the system as glucose. Guava comes under the list of best fruits for a diabetes diet due to its unique nutrient composition. If you're wondering why guava is such a popular fruit for managing blood sugar and diabetes, here are some of the reasons:

Is guava good for diabetics?

Yes, guava for diabetes is considered to be good owing to its low glycemic index and glycemic load. Guava fruit without the peel is more effective at lowering blood sugar as well as total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDLc levels in the blood. It also raises HDLc levels or the good cholesterol level in the body which can also help with preventing diabetes-related complications.

Benefits of Guava for People with Diabetes

The benefits of eating Guava for people with Diabetes are as follows:

1) It enhances Digestion

The delicious and low-calorie snack is high in nutrient content. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for burning fat inside the body. The time taken by Guava for Digestion is longer, so it keeps you full longer. They also have a good amount of fibre and protein in them. Moreover, unripe Guavas have less sugar content than other fruits. So, Guava is an excellent choice for those with Diabetes and is a perfect option for regulating the body's metabolism. Digestion is one of the guava benefits for Diabetes.

2) Helps with weight management

Due to the low-calorie content of Guavas, they help control the body's weight. Moreover, it becomes a crucial factor for those with Diabetes. Excessive weight, influenced by Diabetes, can lead to cardiovascular problems. If you can include Guava in your regular diet, it can aid in weight loss. It helps in creating a healthy balance of nutrients. Adding Guava to your diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, which is an essential factor for those with Diabetes.

3) Rich in Vitamin C

Contrary to the belief among people, Guavas contain more vitamin C than oranges, and low amounts of vitamin C can lead to Diabetes among people. So, if you can have Guava, you can add some Vitamin C to your body, reducing the chances of Diabetes. Moreover, they have antibacterial properties, eliminating harmful viruses from the body and thereby reducing illnesses. 

Guava also helps control your body's immune system and prevents chronic diseases like Diabetes. Therefore, Guava is always considered an effective option for regulating Diabetes. As guava benefits, Vitamin C is one among them.

4) Repair of the Body Cells

Guava is rich in phytonutrients like carotenoids, vitamin C, polyphenols, etc. They act as the natural antioxidants of the body. The antioxidants in Guavas help reduce oxidative damage caused by the free radicals inside the body. Cell repairing is one of the most crucial guava nectar benefits that can help diabetic patients. Moreover, as they are rich in fibre, they can help regulate the body's cholesterol levels. 

5) Aids in Insulin Secretion

Guava helps the body secrete insulin, a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. The presence of fibre and proteins in Guavas helps the body to produce more insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar levels. This is one of the most beneficial guava benefits for Diabetes.

Therefore, Guava is a perfect snack for those with Diabetes. The low-calorie content and rich nutrient profile benefit a healthy and balanced diet. Additionally, the presence of vitamins like Vitamin C and antioxidants can help repair body cells, thus reducing the chances of Diabetes.

You can include Guava in your diet. There are several guava benefits and side effects that can help diabetic patients. Rich in nutrients, fibre, Vitamin C and many more, you can include Guava in your diet to alleviate your diabetic problems.

Guava glycemic index

Glycemic index of guava is 12 on the list of low glycemic index fruits! This fruit can be served as a side dish or as a snack. Because it is high in fibre, the fruit keeps you fuller for longer, which can help you maintain good health. The fruit is also important in lowering blood sugar levels, particularly in type 2 diabetic people.

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Guava sugar content

Sugar in guava is very low. Guava is a low-sugar exception to the tropical fruit category, with only 4.9 grams of sugar per fruit. Guava is commonly eaten by dipping it in salty sauces; you can eat the entire fruit, including the rind.

Guavas: Nutritional profile 

Guavas are a powerhouse of nutrients and extremely rich in minerals like calcium, manganese, lycopene, and potassium. They are also high in antioxidants and an amazing source of vitamin C and vitamin A. If you want to understand if is guava good for diabetes, you may want to take a look at its nutritional profile to understand the benefits it may provide. Firstly, the fruit has an extremely low glycemic index ranging from 12-24. This makes it one of the most desirable fruits to consume as it will not end up spiking blood sugar levels.

One whole guava will contain:

Calories             37                                                
Total fat           1 gram (saturated fat 0 grams, trans fat 0 grams)
Cholesterol         0 mg                                              
Sodium               1 mg                                              
Total carbohydrates 8 grams                                          
Dietary fiber       3 grams                                          
Sugar               4.9 grams                                          
Protein             1 gram                                            

The fruit also contains a significant amount of iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, Magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A. Guavas are also high in antioxidants that can provide several health benefits. The question if guava is good for health or not can be answered by the plethora of nutrients in the fruit.

What are the Guava benefits for Diabetes?

Guavas have a very low glycemic index and glycemic load, making them an excellent choice for diabetics and those at high risk of developing diabetes. Even the leaves of the guava tree, which are popular as a tea, have shown promise as a natural diabetes treatment and a tool for preventing type 2 diabetes. Here are the benefits of eating Guava in diabetes:

  • Guavas are low in carbs, making them suitable for diabetes. Carbohydrates are nutrients that raise blood sugar levels
  • Guavas have a good amount of protein, potassium, and certain minerals. This will help prevent the spike in sugar levels and keep it in check.
  • They are chock-full of dietary fibre and slow down the digestion process, reduce sugar spikes in the process. 
  • Guavas balance the sodium and potassium content in the body which regulates blood pressure and helps people with hypertension
  • The high calcium content helps with oral care, mouth and gum problems. Also read about how to prevent diabetes.

Does guava raise blood sugar?

No, guava is a fruit that will not end up raising blood sugar. In fact, guava health benefits are plenty that can make them healthy for people with diabetes.

1. It has a low glycemic index that results in better digestion as the fruit is gradually absorbed into the body. It will also lead to a slower rise in blood sugar levels

2. Since it is rich in fiber, it can help keep glucose levels in check. Fiber takes longer to digest which will not let the sugar levels get released into the bloodstream quickly.

3. The fruit is low in calories which makes it beneficial for weight management. 100 grams of guava contains only 68 calories and 8.92 grams of natural sugar. Therefore, guava can be eaten by diabetics

4. It contains low sodium and high potassium (in 100 grams of guava, 417 grams of potassium).

Guavas also have 4 times the level of Vitamin C as compared to an orange. Therefore, it is highly beneficial in building the immune system of the body, especially for people with diabetes. Also read about benefits of dates for diabetes.

Benefits of guava juice

Being one of the most popular fruits during the summer, guavas can be consumed in many forms. One of the ways to have guava would be in the form of juice. It is considered to be an ideal and refreshing drink by most people on hot summer days, however, does guava raise blood sugar in the form of juice needs to be understood before a person with diabetes consumes it. Guava juice has many advantages. If it is naturally pressed without any added sugar, it can be very healthy for consumption.

Here are some of the guava juice health benefits –

  1. Drinking guava juice is known to be associated with reduced blood pressure and the promotion of good cholesterol in the body. It also lowers the bad cholesterol level making it beneficial for the heart.
  2. Being rich in Vitamin C, the juice can help protect your body from several infections and illnesses as it works to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C is an important component for better immune health.
  3. The juice also has great antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help in bettering skin health.
  4. It is also a rich source of fiber that aids with any problems in digestion and can help promote better digestion.
  5. It contains many minerals like – Iron, Calcium, and Potassium.
  6. The juice is also low in calories which can be a great way to replenish your energy levels if you include it in meals. You can have guava juice for breakfast and even in the evening.

Is guava leaf good for diabetes?

“Is guava leaf good for diabetes” – yes! Guavas are one of the most easily available fruits in the country and are consumed by many people. Along with the fruit, even its leaves are known to have several properties that can make its consumption healthy for people with diabetes. The pharmacological properties and benefits of guava leaves for diabetes can be plenty.

1. The leaves have been used even in ancient medicine to treat fever and reduce inflammation.

2. It is also effective in managing and controlling certain symptoms of diabetes

3. Guava leaf extract is known to reduce post-meal blood glucose levels, and therefore, dieticians often suggest consuming it along with or immediately after meals.

4. The extracts from this lead can inhibit the action of alpha-glucosidase which is an enzyme that breaks down starch and other carbohydrates into glucose. This will automatically reduce the sugar released into the body.

5. Having guavas with every meal can also improve symptoms of diabetes like hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, and hyperlipidemia

6. It is also beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body and can be highly effective in people with hypercholesterolemia.

7. The leaves from this fruit contain anti-hyperlipidemic properties and reduce serum phospholipids, and LDL cholesterol

The consumption of guava leaves and their benefits are plentiful. Also read about is watermelon good for diabetes.

How to eat guava for Diabetes? (Ways to Consume Guava for Diabetes)

Consuming guavas in their natural form is ideal. But, you can try some delicious guava recipes listed below. As it is a fruit, is it best to eat it raw or combine it with something else in its raw state itself.

  • Banana, date, and guava smoothie: Add 200ml of milk, half a banana, a date, an ounce of guavas, and blend it. This rich and nutritious smoothie will give you vital nutrients.
  • Apple-guava yoghurt with chia seeds: Get some fresh yoghurt. Mix two tablespoons of chia seeds. Enjoy your creamy yoghurt with a crisp twist.
  • Guava salad: Take an ounce of guavas. Add some carrots, honey, apples, and guavas. Mix them up. Enjoy your sweet and nutritious salad.
  • Guava Juice: Blend one whole guava in your mixer. Add some salt, chili powder, ice and mint. Enjoy your cool guava juice, which is perfect for summers.

Best time to Eat Guavas

To receive the proper nutritional benefits of guavas for diabetes, it is best to consume them after eating something. Make sure to not eat it on an empty stomach. It is also advised to not eat guavas at night as it might trigger a cold or a cough. You can pair it with your breakfast smoothie or add it to your juices too. As guavas are rich in potassium and calcium, they will truly benefit you. Guavas are a tropical fruit and are perfect for summers. They provide a cooling sensation and refresh you.

Risk of Overconsumption of Guava in diabetes

As guavas have high fibre content, overconsumption can cause gas, bloating, and stomach pain. These nuts are also known to be a natural laxative, and eating too much may cause some complications. These are some guava side effects:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. skin irritation

Therefore, always moderate your consumption of guavas to avoid these health complications. It is advised to consume a maximum of 1 guava in a day.

 Other Health benefits of Guavas

  • Guava leaf extract has been proven to prevent cancer as they are a rich source of plant compounds. 
  • The high antioxidants in guavas can improve your brain health massively, making you sharper and more intelligent. 
  • Guavas can help prevent heart diseases by lowering 'LDL' levels (low-density lipoprotein), also known as bad cholesterol
  • They are rich in vitamin C, potassium and calcium, and can really boost your immunity.
  • Guavas are also good for your skin, and their nourishing fats can prevent breakouts. 
  • Guava good for weight loss and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Don't have time to read? Here's the TL;DR Version

  • Guava rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fibre.
  • Guavas are good for diabetes as they are low in carbs and have plenty of minerals. They won't spike your blood sugar levels. 
  • Avoid eating guava on an empty stomach.
  • However, eating too many guavas may lead to side effects. Thus, it is recommended to limit your consumption to 1 guava per day.
  • Other benefits of guavas include better brain health, good skin and hair, weight management, defense against certain cancers, low cholesterol levels, boosted immunity, relieve menstrual cramps, and improved heart health.


Is guava good for you?

Yes, Guava is high in nutrients. Guava not only has more Vitamin C than oranges, but it is also high in antioxidants and has been linked to a variety of health benefits. Here are some of the advantages of eating this tropical fruit.

How many Guavas should a diabetic person eat daily?

You should eat a maximum of 1 guava in a day. 

Does guava increase blood sugar?

No, guavas cannot raise blood sugar as they have fewer carbohydrates. However, foods with more carbs raise blood sugar levels. 

Do Guavas reduce blood sugar?

Yes, guavas reduce blood sugar levels and could also prevent type-2 diabetes. They are rich in dietary fiber and help to build insulin resistance

How can diabetics eat Guavas?

People with diabetes can incorporate guavas into their diet by consuming them raw or adding them to shakes, juices, and salads.

What are the side effects of Guavas?

Consuming too many guavas can cause diarrhea as they have high dietary fibre. In addition, eating them in excessive amounts may lead to skin irritation and trigger certain skin conditions.

can you eat the skin of a guava?

Every part of a guava, including the flesh, seeds, and rind, is edible. Some people remove the seeds and rind, leaving only the juicy flesh, but eating the entire guava is far more nutritious. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse the rind to remove any wax.

Is guava juice good for you?

Guava has been shown to lower blood pressure, increase good cholesterol, and decrease bad cholesterol. As a result, one of the most important health benefits of guava juice is that it is good for your heart. They are also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.




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