is urad dal good for diabetes
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Is Urad Dal Good for Diabetes?

India produces around 1.5 tonnes of urad dal seeds annually and is the largest producer of urad dal in the world. Urad dal is also called a black gram. Urad dal plant is a climber with hairy bush and stems growing from the base of the plant. It reaches a height of 30 to 100 meters. It has hairy pods which contain 4-5 black seeds. It is a fast-growing plant. Urad dal is highly nutritious. 100g of urad dal is packed with 342kcal of energy. Let's look at the table of nutrients and how much they are present in the 100g of urad dal. Also know about freedom from diabetes

Nutrients             Per 100g of urad dal
Carbohydrates         58.99 g              
Zinc                 3.35 mg              
Phosphorus           379 mg              
Magnesium             267 mg              
Iron                 7.57 mg              
Copper               0.981 mg            
Calcium               138 mg              
Potassium             983 mg              
Sodium               38 mg                
Vitamin-A             23 IU 1%            
Thiamin               0.273 mg            
Riboflavin           0.254 mg            
Pyridoxine           0.281 mg            
Pantothenic acid     0.906 mg            
Niacin               1.447 mg            
Folates               216 mg              
Dietary Fiber         18.3 g              
Total Fat             1.64 g              
Protein               25.21 g              

After looking at the table, you may have understood how good urad dal is for consumption but is urad dal good for diabetes?

Benefits of Urad Dal

 1. Energy provider 

Black gram contains iron which is essential for producing red blood cells. An increase in RBCs increases the flow of oxygen into the body, thus providing more energy and reducing fatigue.  

2. Healthy Heart 

Black gram is rich in magnesium, fibre, folate, and potassium, which helps in improving heart health. Also, dietary fibre helps in regulating cholesterol. 

3. Promote digestion 

Black gram is a good source of dietary fibres, which promote digestion by providing healthy and effective movement of bowels. Good against constipation. 

4. Healthy skin 

 Black gram is found to contain minerals that have anti-ageing properties. For example, more iron means more flow of oxygenated blood to the cells, which leads to glowing and spot-free skin. 

5. Reduces pain and inflammation 

Black gram contains antioxidants which are useful for relieving the pain and inflammation in any part of the body. Also know about Indian diabetes diet.

6. Stimulate urination

Black gram helps stimulate kidney stones due to being diuretic in nature. Thus, it helps the kidney get clear toxins, uric acid, excess fat, excess water, and excess calcium, ultimately preventing kidney stones. 

7. Stimulates hair growth 

The minerals in black gram are excellent for repairing damaged and brittle hair. They help the hair in retaining its lustre.  

8. Healthy bone 

Black gram is a rich source of calcium, increases the density of bone and makes the bone strong and healthy.

9. Boost the nervous system 

The nutrients in black grams are helpful in boosting up the nervous system of a body. 

11. Promote muscles growth

Black gram is rich in protein, which is essential in promoting muscle health. 

12. Good for pregnant women 

The availability of less haemoglobin in a pregnant woman's body may lead to congenital disabilities in a fetus. Black gram is a rich source of iron, which helps increase Hb in the body.

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Benefits of Urad Dal for Diabetes

  1. Helps in keeping a check on the blood sugar level due to the presence of dietary fibres in good amounts. 
  2. It helps in weight loss since it is rich in fibres and proteins.
  3. Promotes a good healthy heart due to the low cholesterol level, which ultimately helps keep a check on the blood pressure level.
  4. Constipation being the problem in a lot of people with diabetes, black gram is found to be good in improving digestion by promoting a healthy and effective bowels movement. 
  5. The nutrients in the black gram promote the working of the nervous system in the body. 
  6. Antioxidants present in the black gram are useful in relieving the pains and inflammation in people with diabetes.
  7. Ensures proper blood flow to the whole part of the body. 

Thus, urad dal is good for diabetes and can be consumed by people with diabetes without fear. Know about diabetes treatment in pregnancy.

Urad Dal Glycemic Index

The GI index of urad dal is 7.6 in 30g of urad dal, which is considered low. The Glycemic index measures the rate at which glucose in the body will be absorbed from the food. Less GI means slow absorption of glucose, thus preventing the sudden rise in the sugar level of persons with diabetes. 

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Different Ways to Consume Urad Dal for Diabetes

You can consume urad dals by making various recipes like medu vada, idli, dosa, uttapam, moong urad dal vada, adai (South Indian Cuisine), langar wali dal, Sukhi urad dal, Urad dal vada and many more. 


If anyone asks you – if urad dal is good for diabetes, then without any hesitation, say Yes. Urad dal has various nutrients, making it the best dal of all dals for diabetes. Low GI, low cholesterol, dietary fibres, and healthy fats are some of the nutritious values of Urad dal. It is beneficial to people with diabetes in varied ways, as given above. Know about south Indian diabetic diet chart.


1. Does urad dal increase blood sugar?

No, urad dal does not increase blood sugar; instead, it helps regulate the sugar levels due to its low GI. 

2. Which dal is best for diabetes patients?

Most dals are good for diabetes, but urad dal can be considered the best due to the good amount of dietary fibres, low cholesterol, high proteins and irons, and antioxidants they contain.  

3. Is urad dal high in carbs?

Urad dal has carbs in a moderate amount of 55g per 100g. Thus, it is not high in carbs. 

4. How much protein is in 100g of urad dal?

100g of urad dal contains 25.21g of protein, which means it is a good source of proteins. 

5. Is urad dal good for diabetes?

Yes, Urad dal is good for diabetes as it is rich in fibre, and it helps in maintaining blood sugar and glucose levels.




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