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Millions of people across the world suffer from diabetes. It is a chronic condition that usually imposes several dietary restrictions. Coconut water is an all-time favourite drink that is immensely beneficial for health and is delectable. But is coconut good for diabetes? Yes, an exceptional source of fibre with other nutrients is highly recommended for diabetes. Is coconut water good for diabetes? Yes! One of the best natural spot drinks, coconut water, is very nutritious and recommended for diabetics.

Why is tender coconut water beneficial for a diabetic person?

Can diabetic patients drink coconut water? Yes! It is hygienic, fresh, natural, and free of artificial sweeteners or preservatives. It provides you with the most critical salts like potassium and sodium. It is rich in lauric acid that helps destroy pathogens, thereby helping fight viral infections and the common cold. Coconut water for diabetic patients is highly recommended thanks to its excellent properties that help restore your electrolyte balance after a regular walk or workout.

Coconut water and diabetes

Health specialists always advise coconut water for diabetes because of the way it helps manage blood sugar levels. Early research reveals that coconut water has the potential to help manage your blood glucose levels. Besides, studies also reveal anti-oxidant, hypoglycemic, and nephroprotective properties of this drink. There are several reasons why coconut water for diabetic patients is helpful.

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Sugar content in coconut water

Thanks to its relatively low sugar content, coconut water for diabetic patients is considered very safe. Coconut water tastes sweet thanks to its naturally present sugars. Eight ounces or 240 ml of unsweetened coconut water offers around 9.5g sugar, 10.5 carbs, and 44 calories. If you opt for packaged coconut water, its sugar content varies with the amount of sugar added by the manufacturer. Sweetened coconut water for diabetes can be tricky because eight ounces of this beverage usually contains 18g sugar, 91g calories, and 22.5g carbs. Consuming 330ml of sweetened coconut water is equivalent to almost four tablespoons of sugar. Hence, you must preferably look for beverages with less than 2g sugar per 100ml.Thanks to its half sugar content, unsweetened coconut water is a relatively better choice than several other beverages (like sugary soda). So, is coconut water good for diabetes? Yes, if you opt for pure coconut water in its natural form, coconut water for diabetes can be pretty beneficial.

How can coconut water help a diabetic person?

Can diabetics drink coconut water without having to worry about their blood sugar levels? Yes. Early research states that regular consumption of coconut water can significantly improve your blood sugar, haemoglobin A1C (HbA1c), and oxidative stress. Often diabetes is associated with high blood pressure, and this natural drink helps regulate both blood pressure and blood sugar levels in diabetes.

Contains essential nutrients

Is coconut water good for diabetic patients? Yes, coconut water is enriched with researchers attributed these results to the high vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and L-arginine, which cumulatively helps improve insulin sensitivity. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, and vital amino acids. Daily consumption of coconut water keeps you hydrated, helps maintain your pH balance, and betters your kidney function.It helps fight constipation and acidity. Its vitamins and minerals help replenish electrolytes in your body and help keep blood sugar levels within limits.

It contains a low glycemic index

Is coconut water for diabetes good or bad? Can diabetics drink coconut water? Yes, they can. It is low in carbs, has no unsaturated fats, and is low on the glycemic index. The glycemic index for coconut water is just 3, making coconut water ideal for diabetics. The drink is packed with magnesium, which helps the production of insulin. The tiny amounts of natural sugar present in coconut water won�t shoot up your blood glucose levels.

Boosts the pace of your metabolism

Coconut water is excellent for you if you want to increase your metabolism or basal metabolic rate. The best aspect of coconut water is that it gives you a sense of fullness despite being relatively low on carbs. It hoards fewer calories, helps curb your hunger, and assists digestion. Packed with bioactive enzymes that are acknowledged to aid digestion, it boosts your metabolism and helps break down your accumulated fat.

Enhances blood circulation

Issues with blood circulation can give rise to several problems like vision problems, muscle spasms, or even kidney failure. Coconut water is acknowledged to better your blood circulation and helps restore the blood flow in your body, thereby averting issues related to blood circulation.

Fibre-rich source

Coconut and coconut water are immensely high in dietary fibre and are enriched in amino acids helping regulate your blood sugar levels. Its fibre content helps digestion and metabolism of sugar and improves blood glucose levels. Its fibre content is so high that coconut fibre is packed in capsule form, which is available as a health supplement.

Helps with weight loss

Often obesity is associated with diabetes, and most diabetics constantly try to lose weight. This natural drink is low in calories, rich in bio enzymes, and supports your digestion.


Is coconut water good for diabetes? Yes, this rich and delicious source of natural electrolytes is highly advocated for diabetes. It is free of any artificial sweeteners and rich in several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it immensely healthy. It increases your metabolism and supports your weight loss. It is low on the glycemic index and contains little sugar, making it a recommended drink for diabetics. is a one-stop destination to answer any query related to diabetes. Their team of specialists can ably guide you on any diabetes-related query and help you manage your blood glucose levels.


1. Is coconut water for diabetes good or bad?

Coconut water is definitely good for diabetes, thanks to its low sugar content.

2. How does coconut water help diabetic patients?  

As coconut water is low on the glycemic index, it can be safely consumed by a diabetic patient.

3. Is tender coconut good for diabetes?

Tender coconut is an exceptional source of fibre, MCTs, vitamin C, and several other minerals. It improves your digestion, metabolism, and heart health and assists your weight loss, and this is why it is suitable for diabetes. However, don't binge on it, as it is quite high in saturated fats.

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