Is Cheese Good For Diabetes
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Is Cheese Good For Diabetes?

A lot of people with diabetes are often forced to wonder which food items are good for them and which aren't. During such evaluation, most high-fat items are disregarded and are considered unfit for a diabetes meal plan. Surprisingly a person who has diabetes can enjoy a variety of cheese without the blood sugar elevating. One need not worry about the elevation of blood pressure or about gaining weight as well. Also know about sugar diet chart.

Is Cheese Good for People with diabetes?

If you are wondering is cheese good for people with diabetes the answer is yes. Cheese can be safely eaten as a part of a balanced diet. Just like most food items cheese should be consumed in moderation and along with other foods. It should be portioned properly to ensure there is no risk and you are only reaping the benefits of cheese.

Is Cheese Good For Diabetics
Is Cheese Good For Diabetics

Can people with Diabetes eat Cheese?

People with diabetes can definitely have cheese provided they keep in mind a few things. Consumption of only cheese can prove to be harmful over a long period of time however when combined with other food items it can be quite beneficial. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking at a diabetes meal plan. The commonly asked question can people with diabetes eat cheese will be clarified when you read the points below. Know about is honey good for diabetes?.


There is no doubt that cheese is high in calories and fat. The amount of fat and calories both differ according to the varieties of cheese. However, the best way to enjoy it and have your blood sugar not get affected is to enjoy limited potions. Ensure you are choosing varieties that have a lower calorific value. Have it to complement other food items rather than making it a course in itself. You can add cheese to salads and make them creamier. One of the reasons for type 2 diabetes is body weight more than the recommended limit. People with type 2 diabetes should consider their overall diet and then include cheese in their meals. Read more about are grapes good for diabetes.

Saturated fat

Cheese is good for diabetes however it is high in saturated fat as compared to other food items. When consumed in small quantities cheese may not cause any harm. If you have a large portion of cheese every day you will surely see the negative effects. Too much of this delicious food can cause weight gain, high cholesterol, gallbladder problems, and heart diseases. People with diabetes should stick to a maximum of one serving per day. Since people with diabetes are more vulnerable to health issues it is imperative to follow guidelines. Although people with diabetes are recommended to include dairy products in their meals, cheese should be avoided and instead Greek yogurt can be used. 


Most cheese you get in the market contain salt. A common side effect of diabetes is high blood pressure. Diabetes can cause heart-related issues which can be elevated due to high sodium intake. Processed cheese are high in salt. A good alternative to processed cheese and store-bought cheese is cottage cheese.

Does Cheese affect Blood sugar levels?

Cheese has a low glycemic index and has very little to almost no carbohydrates. This means cheese will release glucose into the blood bloodstream slowly and will not cause your blood sugar to spike. Cheese are rarely consumed on their own and the accompaniments that go with cheese should be carefully considered as they may cause a spike as well. Crackers, fruit, honey, walnut, and grapes, are often eaten along with cheese and most of these are high in sugar or carbohydrates.

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Best and Worst Cheese

There are many good cheese for diabetes, but you should know which are best cheese for diabetics and which you cheese you should avoid. As mentioned before different cheese have different components and each one can have a different impact on your body. 

  • Changes that are higher in salt are feta, blue cheese, Edam, and halloumi. 
  • Cheese lower in salt are Emmental, cottage cheese, Mozzarella, and cream cheese. If you have wondered if Mozzarella cheese good for people with diabetes it is one of the safer cheese
  • Fermented cheese like cheddar provide probiotics and probiotics are helpful to improve the health of your gut. 
  • Some cheese are higher in protein than others. For example, parmesan is high in protein but has a lower calorific value. 


Just like any food item consumed in moderation, cheese has many benefits. A study suggests that people with diabetes may benefit from cheese. The high protein content in most cheese makes the person feel full and avoid the temptation to have sugar. It is a great source of protein for those who choose to have a vegetarian lifestyle. Since cheese has a low glycemic index there is no sudden threat from consumption of cheese. Only over consumption may cause side effects. Also know more about diabetes diet chart.


Since cheese have benefits it is important to incorporate them into our diet. These are a few ways a diabetes meal can be modified to include cheese. 

  • Cheese with multigrain bread or sprouted grains crackers are the perfect way to combine carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. These are a favorite snack to pack when you are going on a picnic or when you are traveling. 
  • Cheese can be used in a salad or as a salad dressing. Adding bits of parmesan, cottage cheese, or even feta can really make a difference to your salad. Given the taste of cheese, you can add a bit of lemon to go with it. 
  • Cottage cheese with avocado or a combination of these can stop the hankering for the lesser healthy foods. Adding black pepper or paprika can give your dish an extra zing. Avocado is rich in fiber and fats and both together make for a great meal.


Cheese is often thought of as a fatty food item however it is much more than that. Apart from being a high source of protein, it minimizes the risk of high blood sugar and its consequent complications. Thus cheese and diabetes is a not a impossible combination. Like any food item cheese should be consumed in moderation and should be a part of a balanced diet. Overconsumption causes negative effects but if consumed in proportions it can be beneficial to health. There are many varieties found all over the world however look for the one with low sodium and lower fat content. Unless you are lactose intolerant, cheese is a great way to elevate the mouthfeel of any dish.




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