Are Star Fruits Good For Diabetes
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Is Star Fruit Good for Diabetes?

Fruits and vegetables are the backbones of nutrition and the right amount of minerals, carbs, and even glucose that we might need in our bodies. Some fruits have a high glycemic index and are high in sugar content. These might not be advisable when a person has diabetes as certain fruits can cause a spike in the blood sugars. Any food, fruit, or vegetable that may end up causing a complication like this can be avoided. However, eating the same fruits over and over again might get repetitive, boring, and monotonous. Naturally, you would want to mix it up with a wide assortment of options that are available in the market. One such option that is unique and not very well known is star fruit. 

What Is Star Fruit?

Not many people have heard about star fruit. It is one of the lesser-known fruits in the market. It derives its name from its shape – it is shaped like a five-point star. Another name for it would be carambola. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. Can you eat star fruit skin? The skin of this fruit is edible and can also be peeled off and used to give a tangy taste to certain popular dishes. 

Star Fruit benefits in Diabetes

  • Particularly about star fruit benefit for diabetes, it can help to balance overall sugar and therefore, insulin levels.
  • Since there are very few calories in this fruit, it can help in reducing weight
  • It is also known to help with constipation problems as it is rich in fibers. Abdominal pain, digestive issues, etc can all be dealt with
  • It is also known to have a positive effect on the skin and hair as it is filled with vitamins C and B.
  • The massive amounts of Vitamin C also help to increase the immunity of the body.

Star Fruit Nutrition Value

It would be important to gain a complete understanding of the star fruit health benefits before consumption. Especially if you are living with a condition that requires you to be particularly careful about what kind of food you consume and what are the nutritional qualities of these food items, you need to make yourself aware of the contents. Eating fruits that are rich in helpful and more nutritious items would be beneficial even in the long run as you would have avoided complications as a result of spikes in sugar levels owing to unhealthy food.

A medium-sized star fruit, approximately 91 grams, would have the following nutritional chart:

  • Fiber – 3 grams
  • Protein – 1 gram
  • Carbs – 6 grams
  • Vitamin C – 52% of the RDI
  • Vitamin B5 – 4% of the RDI
  • Calories - 28
  • Folate: 3% of the RDI
  • Copper: 6% of the RDI
  • Potassium: 3% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 2% of the RDI

This fruit is considered to be highly nutritious even though it is low in fiber as it has a super low-calorie content. Therefore, this gives an adequate understanding that star fruit good for diabetes may not be a bad idea at all!

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How to add Star fruit your Diabetic Diet?

Anything that you are unaware of might be a little tricky to try and explore. Here are a few ways to incorporate this fruit into your diet. 

  1. Raw fruit – A ripe star fruit should be primarily yellow. After rinsing, cut off the ends of the fruit, slice it, remove the seeds, and enjoy.
  2. Salads – Chop up the fruit and add it to your salad or any other dish.
  3. Garnish – You can use the tangy flavor of this fruit as a garnish
  4. Pies – Added to pies and puddings, you can use it simply for the flavor or can make a star fruit pie
  5. Food – Indian stews, curries, seafood, etc could use a bit of this fruit.
  6. Juices – For a refreshing time, star fruit juice could do wonders.

Not only is star fruit good for health but it is also a great addition as an ingredient to mainstream food or snacks.

Risks of Overeating Star Fruit in Diabetes

This fruit contains a neurotoxin called caramboxin that can cause a counterproductive reaction in people who have kidney-related issues. At times, mixing star fruit with any kind of prescription drugs could also cause some damage to the overall health. In case you are experiencing hiccups, some sort of mental fog or confusion, and any kind of seizures, upon the consumption of this fruit, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Is Star Fruit Good For You?

The question that arises would be is “star fruit good for health”? Since most people are now turning towards being more health conscious, everyone is looking for fruits that would be healthy. Whether you are living with diabetes or not, if you are looking for nutrient-rich fruits, you might want to keep a keen eye out on star fruit. Several reasons and factors make this fruit a good and reliable choice:

  • Plant compounds – This fruit is an excellent source and is rich in healthy plant-based compounds like gallic acid, epicatechin, etc. 
  • Antioxidants – These plant compounds are rich in antioxidants that
  • Liver – Consumption of star fruit is also positively linked with reduced risk of fatty liver and low cholesterol. In mice, studies have also shown an ability to prevent liver cancer
  • Inflammation – The natural sugars present in this fruit is seen to reduce inflammation in the body. 

What is star fruit good for? - Health Benefits of Star Fruit

Star fruit has now started to gain much-deserved popularity among people all across the world. Many individuals have started recognizing the massive variety of star fruit health benefits and this is also the reason for star fruit to be included in the recommendations of multiple dieticians and health experts. It looks like a star, feels like a star, tastes like a star, and also provides the required levels of nutrition like a star! Since this fruit is loaded with several medicinal properties like – Vitamin B, Vitamin C, sodium, potassium, iron, antioxidants, fiber, etc. it is becoming a favorite in terms of providing nutrition to people.

Mostly, star fruit has a sour taste.  However, some varieties are also sweet. It provides a nice and tangy feel to the taste buds. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will have to exercise and maintain strict control over your diet and lifestyle. About the diet, including food items that will not create any complications or unnecessary health concerns, would be best. A good advocate for this would be star fruit for diabetes. While it does not raise the body’s blood sugars sporadically, it also tastes great. 

What does star fruit taste like?

Looking yellow and green, this fruit majorly comes in two types – the smaller one is more towards the sour taste while the larger one is sweeter. It is grown on trees that are popularly found in the tropical climate of South-East Asia. One can also identify this fruit based on its distinctive ridges along the sides. Popularly eaten raw, one can also use this fruit to garnish other meals and items or convert it into juice.


The star fruit benefits for diabetes are pretty well highlighted. Even though it is not a renowned fruit, it has started to gain popularity owing to its taste, its properties, and the multitude of health benefits it provides to the people who consume it. Especially for diabetes, the low-carb, low-calorie nature of the fruit makes it a go-to food item that can be consumed without any guilt or extra insulin shot. Enjoy the fruit to the fullest. 


1. Is Star Fruit High in Sugar?

No, star fruit is not high in sugar. In fact, the sugar and calorie content in this fruit is low. It is high in fiber and vitamin C and therefore, is safe to consume for a person with diabetes.

2. Can I eat Star Fruit Every Day?

Yes, the several health benefits of this fruit make it a good fruit to consume every day. It contains an abundance of minerals like sodium and potassium along with fiber and Vitamin C. Avoid star fruits in case of any kidney-related issues.

3. Is starfruit good for high blood pressure?

It may help to maintain optimal blood pressure levels as it has high amounts of sodium and potassium. These act as electrolytes and work well for a normal BP range.

4. When should you eat star fruit?

You can eat a star fruit in the evening as a snack. Combine it with almonds or walnuts to add more fiber to the diet and make it more balanced.


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