Jackfruit Flour for Diabetes
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Is Jackfruit Flour (Atta) Good for Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder, and untreated diabetes is associated with heart diseases, stroke, and diseases related to the kidney and eyes. The good news is, a healthy eating plan rich in nutrients and low in calories can do wonders to control blood sugar and reduce risk factors. Several natural products like fenugreek seeds and millets etc., have been recommended by experts to manage diabetes. One of the products recognized by the American Diabetes Association recently is jackfruit atta developed in India. How does it help in diabetes? Let’s dig in.

Does Jackfruit Flour (Atta) help in Diabetes? 

Yes, it does. Recently, a study was conducted by the American Diabetes Association to study the role of Jackfruit Flour for diabetes.

This powder has a neutral taste and can be added to any of the Indian meals like upma, rotis, parathas, idlis or dosas without noticing much taste difference. This has more soluble fibers and the calories are much less compared to the grains. Jackfruit Flour made by using the mature raw jackfruits, has very low glycemic index compared to that of rice and wheat.

A total of 40 people with diabetes were enrolled in the study. They were divided into two groups, with 20 persons in each group. The first group was given 30 grams of jackfruit flour. The other was given rotis and idlis made from wheat flour and rice. After 12 weeks, the results were studied. It was concluded that the persons belonging to the first group showed considerable improvement in their plasma glucose levels. The study proved that jackfruit flour brings down fasting blood sugar, glycosylated hemoglobin, and postprandial glucose. So, it is clear that the flour made from unripe jackfruit does help in diabetes. However, it should be remembered that jackfruit flour helps to manage diabetes. It is not a substitute for any medication. Also know about Indian diabetes diet.

Does Jackfruit Flour reduce Blood Sugar? 

Studies and research in the USA and India have proved that jackfruit powder reduces sugar. How is this possible? Unripe jackfruit flour is rich in fiber and substitutes carbohydrate-rich rotis, idlis, and rice. It also contains vitamins and minerals. Moreover, its glycemic index is half of rice and wheat. As it has a low glycemic index, it breaks down slowly, and so it prevents an increase in blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, it is rich in bioactive compounds like carotenoids and flavonoids. These substances have antidiabetic effects. As the flour is prepared from unripe and dehydrated jackfruits, they are low in calories and carbs. This also plays a role in reduce sugar and keeping your blood sugar in check. 

What are the Benefits of Jackfruit Flour?

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit. The stringy and fleshy part of the fruit is rich in fiber. Jackfruit flour is made from unripened fruit. A cup of flour has nearly four times more fiber content and 40% fewer carbohydrates than rice and wheat flour. When jackfruit flour is added to the wheat flour or idli batter, it can provide several benefits. The main benefit is it helps to control diabetes because of its low glycemic index. It has many other benefits too. What are they? 

  • As it is rich in fiber, it gets rid of constipation and facilitates easy bowel movements. 
  • It helps in weight loss as it has a low-calorie content. A tablespoon of jackfruit atta has 108 kcal, but a cup of sliced fruit has 155 kcal. 
  • Jackfruit flour has high potassium. So, it helps to reduce blood pressure. 
  • It also decreases the risk of cancer because it is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Antioxidants also have the ability to protect your body from inflammation. 
  • Moreover, it is effective in treating anemia because it facilitates more absorption of iron. 
  • Its vitamin C content makes it a powerful immunity booster. 
  • As it has the property of reducing bad cholesterol, the risks of heart attack and stroke are decreased.
  • Jackfruit atta has soluble fibers that increase healthy bacteria in the gut. So your digestion will be better. 
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How to make Jackfruit Flour at Home? 

Ingredients :

  • One Raw Jackfruit 

Time Required :

Process :

1.    Cut open the raw jackfruit.

2.    Clean the sap using something with raw edges, for example, a coconut shell. 

3.    Chop the fruit.

4.    Remove the center portion of the raw fruit and take out the bulbs. 

5.    Then remove the seeds from the bulbs.

6.    Now cut the bulbs into small pieces. 

7.    For Steaming, don’t add the pieces directly into the water. Instead, place them on a plate, add water to the steamer, and then steam cook for about 8-10 minutes. 

8.    Remove the jackfruit pieces from the steamer plate and spread them on a soft cotton cloth. 

9.    Place them under the sun and allow them to dry. If itis not completely dried, the fungus will grow on the pieces. 

10.  To avoid the pieces from turning sticky, leave them under the fan during the nighttime.

11.  Once they are completely dry, you can grind them in a mixer.

The shelf life of the dried pieces is more than the shelf life of the flour.

So, you can grind a few pieces in the mixer alone and store the remaining pieces in an airtight container. 


 A recent study held a couple of years before between May 2019 and February 2021 proved that jackfruit atta effectively controls sugar levels. The south Asian people have a craving for rice and chapati, and the people in western countries love pasta and pizzas. All these foods have a high carbohydrate content and are sure to increase the sugar levels of people with diabetes. Jackfruit atta is a wonderful solution for individuals who can’t control the craving for their favorite food but want to make sure their sugar levels don’t increase. The flour can be infused into all your favorite recipes without worrying about spikes in blood sugar. Fight your diabetes with this new weapon. Also know about fasting blood sugar level.


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