Is Poha Good for People with Diabetes?

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Poha, also known as flattened rice, is one of the most popular dishes in India. It is usually eaten for breakfast, or as an evening snack. Now, the question is: is poha good for diabetes? The answer is, yes, it is. This is because poha steadily releases sugar into the bloodstream, avoiding a sudden spike in blood sugar levels

It is also considered a good probiotic food. About 100 g of poha contains 6.1 mg of iron and 3.3 g of fibre. It is naturally gluten-free and a rich source of carbohydrates. To enhance the nutritive contents in your poha, you can squeeze a lemon and add some lemon juice to it. It is a rich source of probiotics and retains all of its good microbial growth. It also is a rich source of carbohydrates and gives energy. Poha contains 76.9 percent of natural carbohydrates and approximately 23 percent of natural fats. Poha is a great and healthy option for a person suffering from diabetes.

Benefits of Poha

There are innumerable benefits of eating poha. It keeps your skin healthy and sharpens your brain, due to the Vitamin B present in it. It also protects the skin from oxidative skin damage and helps prevent wrinkles. Poha is also good for hair due to proteins and antioxidants and helps in weight loss. Many ask, "Can a diabetes patient eat poha?'' or ''Can we eat poha in diabetes?'' The answer is, yes, they can, as it helps regulate sugar in the bloodstream and keeps the sugar level in check.

Benefits of Poha in Diabetes

Poha is a probiotic food and helps in losing weight. It is rich in fibre and antioxidants. It manages the sugar level in the blood and also boosts the body’s immune system. Poha is better than rice for people with diabetes, due to less starch present in it. Your intestines would not have to work excessively to get it digested. It is a rich source of iron and helps in RBC development. Not only for people with diabetes, but it also has amazing benefits for people suffering from anaemia. It helps in the synthesis of haemoglobin and proper RBC development. 

Do you know why sugar gets released into the bloodstream slowly and steadily? This is because poha contains a lot of fibre, and slow digestion of fibre leads to the slow release of sugar into the bloodstream. This answers your question if poha is good for diabetes.

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How does Poha help in Weight Management?

Many people ask, 'can diabetes patients eat poha?' The answer is yes. A diabetes patient can have poha. Poha is a rich source of fibre, carbohydrates, proteins and other vitamins. It is a healthy option since it is a probiotic food. It is rich in nutrients and is low in calories. This reduces the chances of gaining extra pounds. Adding extra calories to your diet could make you overweight. The situation worsens if the person has diabetes, as the fat gets stored in the body due to slow metabolism, disturbing his normal blood sugar levels in the bloodstream. 

Healthy Recipe : Mixed Vegetable Red Rice Poha

Red Poha is made from Red Rice that goes through less processing when compared to regular white rice.

Red Rice Poha
Mixed Vegetable Red Rice Poha

Ingredients :

  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 Tomato (diced)
  • 1 cup red poha
  • Your favourite Veggies
  • 1 Tsp Oil
  • Regular Indian Spices

Process :

1. Put poha in hot boiling water for a few minutes till it is soft.

2. Drain and rinse in cold water.

3. In a pan, drizzle some oil and saute the peppers, onions, tomatoes and the other chosen veggies.

4. Add salt and pepper to taste.

5. Add the poha and mix together on a low flame.

6. Squeeze a lemon and serve hot.


Rich in minerals and great in taste, poha is one of the best options for persons with diabetes. You can include it in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a snack in between meals. Although there is no harm in consuming poha in excess amounts, one must eat it in moderation, especially for people with diabetes. Poha is a rich source of fibre, carbohydrates, proteins and other vitamins. If you want to enhance the flavour palette of your poha, make sure you squeeze a lemon on it. You can always customise your recipe of poha and have it the way you like for a healthy start to the day. Happy eating! 


1. Does Poha increase Blood Sugar?

No, poha does not increase blood sugar. In fact, it helps regulate the blood sugar level. 

2. What are the Disadvantages of eating Poha in Diabetes?

As poha has a high level of carbs, it can trigger diabetes. Therefore, it is advised to balance it with a large number of vegetables. 

3. Is Poha better than Rice?

Yes, poha is much more nutritional than rice. Eating poha in place of rice can fuel with more energy. 

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