is muskmelon good for diabetes
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Is Muskmelon Good For Diabetics

Watching your diet, or worried about fluctuating blood sugar levels? You might have often wondered: is muskmelon good for diabetes? Muskmelon is the perfect summer fruit, with medium sweetness and a high content of water. Also called cantaloupe, it can be a great addition to a diabetic meal plan. It is rich in potassium, which keeps blood pressure in check. Can diabetics eat muskmelon? - Muskmelon, or kharbuja, is a good source of vitamins that help improve immunity and maintain healthy blood vessels, making it an ideal fruit for maintaining blood sugar levels. Read on to know how this summery fruit can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Muskmelon for diabetes
Muskmelon for diabetes

Ways to consume Muskmelon for Diabetes

Adding muskmelon to breakfast can keep you feeling full longer. Have a small serving of the fruit in its raw form to complete your daily dietary requirement. Avoid juices, smoothies or desserts made with musk melon, as these can be very high in calories and contain a high amount of sugar. Muskmelon aids digestion, and its seeds can be added to a trail mix, along with healthy nuts like almonds, to create a nutritious snack.

If you are fond of melons, pick a muskmelon over a watermelon. While watermelon has a high glycemic index, muskmelons have a higher amount of fibre and a low glycemic load, making them the better option. Watermelon is great for people with high blood pressure, since it has low salt content. You can have small quantities of either; combining small portions with healthy fats and proteins to avoid blood sugar spikes. Can people with diabetes eat muskmelon? If you deal with fluctuating blood sugar levels and are not sure, it is best to go by the advice of your physician.

Best time to consume Muskmelon for Diabetes

As with any fruit, you can derive the maximum benefit out of muskmelon when you consume it with breakfast. You can also have this fruit as a snack between meals to curb hunger pangs. Muskmelon can also help restore electrolytes and hydrate the body after a workout session. Avoid consuming melons late at night, since it is difficult for the body to process sugars in the fruit later in the day.

How much muskmelon can a diabetic have?

The glycemic load of this fruit needs to be low enough for a person with diabetes to be able to consume it safely. 1 cup of cubed muskmelon (120 grams approximately) should be a good amount for consumption. You can ensure that you are having this fruit as a snack and not combining it with meals to reduce the effect it can have on blood sugars. You can choose to have it at breakfast with a couple of almonds and walnuts to add more fiber and reduce the glycemic load even further. Additionally, it can also be consumed as a mid-meal snack or before working out. The electrolytes in the fruit can provide the required energy to get through the day and even for strenuous workout sessions.

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Muskmelon Nutritional Profile

If you are living with diabetes, you are aware of the immense challenges that are associated with the same. Not only related to overall lifestyle modifications, but diabetes also comes with frequent pricking of the fingers, blood tests, sleeplessness, etc. Among all of these, having a restricted diet can play a huge role in dampening the mood and lowering morale. Therefore, finding food options that not only are tasty but will also not harm the body in different ways is very important. Muskmelon is one such fruit that can help a person with diabetes. The fiber, water content, and nutrients provide holistic and all-around nutrition regarding health.

Here is what you need to know about the nutritional profile of a muskmelon. About 100 grams of the fruit will have:

Calories       34 grams  
Dietary fiber 0.9 grams  
Fat           0.2 grams  
Protein       0.8 grams  
Carbs         8.2 grams  
Sugar          7.9 grams

Along with these, you will also find other vitamins like A, C, B, K, D, E, and folate when you consume a muskmelon. Other minerals like magnesium, copper, potassium, iron, zinc, etc are also present in the fruit making it one of the best fruits to consume. These vitamins and minerals work together to help the body maintain its proper level of functioning. 

What is the muskmelon glycemic index?

The muskmelon glycemic index is 65. This can put it in the range of medium GI food. It may be one of the more beneficial fruits for a person with diabetes to consume as it has a lower glycemic load (4). All you will have to do is keep a strict check on the portion size and serving of this fruit you are taking in your bowl and you will be able to consume this fruit even daily

Risks of Over Consuming Muskmelon for Diabetes

While muskmelon is high in essential nutrients, the fruit should be consumed with caution. The dietary fibre in a muskmelon, when consumed in large quantities,

  1. can cause diarrhea
  2. can also leads bloating,
  3. constipation,
  4. nausea
  5. can also spike blood sugar levels.

More importantly, having more than your recommended daily intake of muskmelon can also cause a spike in blood sugar levels. As a general rule, stick to around 1 cup of muskmelon in a day. Depending on your current blood sugar levels, adjust the quantity if you are also consuming other varieties of fruit.

Is cantaloupe good for diabetics?

Cantaloupe or muskmelon is one of the most highly recommended fruits for people trying to plan a diabetes diet. It even helps prevent and delay the onset of diabetes. Owing to its high nutrition content, muskmelon can serve several important benefits and can holistically help a person. Do not worry about the risk of a blood sugar spike as you consume a muskmelon

10 health benefits of muskmelon

Muskmelon benefits are plenty! It is one of the most refreshing fruits that can be consumed in summer due to its high water content. The presence of electrolytes like potassium can also play a huge role in replenishing the body’s chemicals and striking a balance for the same. Carotenoids can help reduce the risk of cancer. Along with these, there are several more advantages associated with the consumption of muskmelon.

1. Keeps the body hydrated : The high water content in this fruit makes it a staple fruit to consume during hot and sultry summer months. It helps to cool down the body and protects it from extreme heat and dry weather conditions. The additional supply of vitamins and minerals adds to this property.

2.Boosts immunity: For a person with diabetes, it would be primary to ensure that the immune system is as strong as possible to ward off the ill effects of other infections and diseases. Muskmelons can help to improve and strengthen the overall immune system and can help the body fight diseases. Being rich in vitamins A and C, it also stimulates the production of white blood cells in the body. Vitamin A can keep the gut healthy which is directly linked to the immune system

3.Better vision: This Vitamin A-rich fruit can significantly add to eye health. This is the vitamin that is most essential to maintain proper vision, improving eyesight, and preventing the formation of cataracts. Studies have directly linked the consumption of vitamin A to a reduction in the development of cataracts by 40%

4.Improves cardiovascular health: Muskmelon for diabetes and related complications can see another benefit as it helps with maintaining and controlling blood pressure levels. Muskmelon is rich in potassium and another compound called adenosine. These are beneficial for the heart as they have blood-thinning properties. They can prevent any clotting in the cardiovascular system of the body.

5.Healthy gut system: It is an essential fruit for gut health as the fiber and water content in a muskmelon can help to regulate proper and timely bowel movements. It can also have a calming and cooling effect on the stomach preventing any further distress to the gut

6.Helps in weight loss and management: Muskmelon, being low in fat and calories, can be a good fruit for weight loss. It takes a long time to leave the stomach and enter the digestive tract which leaves you feeling full for a long time.

7.Prevents diabetic nephropathy: One of the many dangerous complications of diabetes where the kidneys get severely damaged can be prevented with the consumption of muskmelon. The extract in this fruit – oxykine, can help with the same. Muskmelon glycemic index is 65 which means that the sugar (fructose and glucose) in the fruit are simple sugars and will not lead to spikes.

8.Deals with stress: It can be a good stress buster as the minerals like potassium are considered stress-relieving. The intake of muskmelon is often associated with a certain level of calmness. You can be more focused and will seem more relaxed after eating a serving of this fruit.

9.Promotes better hair growth: The presence of vitamin A has many benefits – one of which is better hair growth. It can increase the production of sebum which is essential to keep the hair healthy. Even the application of muskmelon pulp directly to the hair can result in longer, lustrous hair.

10.Better skin: The high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc in a muskmelon can also promote healthier and more radiant skin. Collagen, a protein that helps keep the tissues soft and tight, along with preventing them from withering is present in muskmelons, therefore, improving skin overall.

Other Health benefits of Muskmelon

  • Great for the skin and hair: Muskmelon prevents signs of ageing by aiding the regeneration of skin cells.
  • Immunity boost: It also improves immunity, prevents the growth of cancer cells, and promotes lung health. Vitamin C found in muskmelon aids the formation of white blood cells that help the body battle illnesses.
  • Stress-buster: The fruit promotes the flow of oxygen to the brain. This, in turn, relaxes your nerves and muscles and also relieves insomnia.
  • Cardiovascular health: Muskmelon lowers the risk of heart disease. It contains adenosine, known for its blood-thinning effects, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Prevents kidney stones: With a high water content, muskmelon cleanses the kidneys. Oxykine, a muskmelon extract, has proven to be helpful in curing kidney stones and disorders.


Packed with vitamins and potassium, muskmelon is high in essential nutrients and helps regulate blood pressure. It has almost zero fat, no carbohydrates, and keeps you satiated for a longer period of time with a high fibre and water content. Muskmelon has a low glycemic load, which improves blood-glucose metabolism. Persons with diabetes can eat muskmelon, but should not go overboard as that may cause an increase in blood sugar levels, or other symptoms like bloating, constipation, or nausea.


Is muskmelon good for diabetes?

With medium sweetness and high water content, muskmelon is good for diabetic meal plan. Rich in potassium, it helps regulate blood pressure, and is a good source of vitamins that help improve immunity and maintain healthy blood vessels, making it an ideal fruit for regulating blood sugar.

Is Muskmelon high in sugar?

No, muskmelon is not high in sugar. It is also low in fats and carbohydrates. However, you should not overeat a muskmelon as that can cause a rise in blood sugar levels.

does muskmelon increase sugar level

Does muskmelon increase sugar level?

Muskmelon has a high glycemic index, but a low glycemic load, which means it does not cause a sudden increase in blood sugar levels.

Which Is Better, Watermelon or Muskmelon?

Given a choice, you should pick a muskmelon over a watermelon, which has a higher glycemic index (72 against muskmelon GI of 65). Muskmelons have a higher amount of fibre and a low glycemic load, making them a better option.

Is cantaloupe good for diabetics?

Cantaloupe or muskmelon is one of the most highly recommended fruits for people trying to plan a diabetes diet. It even helps prevent and delay the onset of diabetes. Owing to its high nutrition content, muskmelon can serve several important benefits and can holistically help a person. Do not worry about the risk of a blood sugar spike as you consume a muskmelon




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