is jamun good for diabetes
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Is Jamun Good For Diabetes?

For people diagnosed with diabetes, strict diet rules are essential to keep their insulin levels under control. And in this process, it is often suggested that one should consume certain fruits and vegetables. One such seasonal fruit that can do wonders is Jamun. Jamun acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps to improve immunity and is also beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. According to Diabetic Living India, Jamun has lesser glucose and fructose count, and it is also laden with minerals and provides fewer calories than other seasonal fruits. Let’s take a look at its nutritional profile to know more about is jamun good for diabetes.

 is jamun good for diabetes
is jamun good for diabetes

Benefits of Jamun for Diabetes

We all have heard how Jamun is beneficial for people with and without diabetes. But how exactly? Let’s check out the following benefits of Jamun for diabetes to get your answers.

1. Jamun Keeps the Heart Healthy

Jamun is beneficial in keeping your heart health safe and keeping heart ailments at bay. The antioxidants and fibers in Jamun are dietary and excellent for regulating cholesterol levels and blocking plaque development. The fruit is loaded with potassium which assists in preventing illnesses like stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

2. Jamun Treats Digestive Problems

Jamun is a digestive aid that can assist in stomach issues. The fruit is loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which helps cleanse the body and treat digestive problems. It is also a source of properties that can reduce gas formation, which can cause flatulence, bloating and constipation. Jamun fruit for diabetes also has anti-acid properties that stop the excessive acid production inside the stomach. It helps combat gastritis, indigestion, ulcers and promotes digestion of the nutrients.

3. Combats Respiratory Problems

The well-known Jamun fruit is regarded as a traditional treatment for any respiratory problem. It is known to possess numerous powerful antibiotics and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in treating asthma, typical cold, and the flu.

4. Jamun Helps in Weight Loss

Because Jamun fruit for diabetes is a fruit that is low in calories and high in fiber, it's a great choice to include in weight-loss diets. Jamun assists in increasing your metabolism, reducing cravings, and keeping your body satisfied and full for longer. It aids digestion and reduces the water retained within the body. If you’re someone with diabetes wondering can diabetic eat Jamun for weight loss, the answer is yes. But eat Jamun in moderation.

5. Maintains a Healthy and Radiant Skin

Jamun cleanses the blood, making your skin glowing and radiant. Jamun also contains the ability to astringent your skin, which aids in treating acne and acne-related blemishes. Its Vitamin C properties in Jamun assist in neutralizing excess oil production and treating darker spots. Antioxidants also diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

6. Diabetes Management

Isjamun good for diabetes ?The components like Jamboline and Jambosine found in the seeds lower blood glucose levels and enhance insulin release. Jamun can reduce the symptoms of diabetes, such as frequent drinking and thirst. Many studies confirm the use of Jamun to lower blood sugar levels. So if you were wondering is Jamun seed powder good for diabetes, now you’ve got the answer.

7. Jamun Protects Against Infections

For centuries, Jamun fruit for diabetes was used as an anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial treatment to combat bacteria and guard the body against infections. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in the extract of the fruit do more than just eliminate bacteria and germs but also help heal wounds and treat them.

Is Jamun good for diabetes?

Jamun is good for diabetes, but what about people without diabetes? Well, whether you’re someone with diabetes or not, Jamun is suitable for all. According to doctors, Jamun is an astringent that's natural, which assists in reducing acne. It helps to keep the skin clear and helps purify the blood as well. Consider adding Jamun to your beverage mixes if you like making smoothies or juices at home. 

If you thought is karela Jamun good for diabetes, the answer is yes, so consider mixing both karela and Jamun to purify blood for indirect diabetes benefits. Digestive issues are common throughout the year. If you're suffering from one of them, then take a bite of Jamun.  Maintaining the balance of hormones is essential for good gut health, and since Jamun is anti-bacterial, it helps maintain the same.

Jamun for Type 2 Diabetes

Jamun is an established and tried fruit suitable for those who have type 2 diabetes. According to a well-established study published by the Journal of Food Science and Technology, Jamun contains antioxidant and anti-diabetic functions. It means that Jamun can slow down the process of turning sugar into starch. It reduces the chance of experiencing a sudden increase in blood sugar level as the starch in your food is processed.

Patients who have type 2 diabetes have lower concentrations of insulin. Jamun seeds help increase the supply of insulin by increasing its production or stopping it from degrading rapidly. By now your question, “is Jamun juice good for diabetes,” or “is Jamun good for diabetes,” would have been answered.

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Jamun Glycemic Index

The fruit has a particular significance due to its many characteristics. Each part of Jamun has remarkable properties to combat diabetes. Its seeds can be ground and consumed daily in the morning on an empty stomach. The pulp and bark of the fruit are full of vitamins, antioxidants. Jamun glycemic index is 25. The GI alone would have cleared your “is Jamun good for diabetes” question.

How to Use Jamun Powder For Diabetes

Jamun powder, also known as Indian blackberry powder, is derived from the jamun fruit, which is native to India and Southeast Asia. Jamun powder has been shown to have hypoglycemic effects, which means it can assist persons with diabetes lower their blood sugar levels. Reduces insulin resistance: Research have indicated that jamun powder can help reduce insulin resistance, which is a major condition in persons with type 2 diabetes. Here are list of fruits to avoid in diabetes.

Jamun Nutrition value

Content         Nutritional Value Per 100 Grams of Serving
Protein         0.995 g                                    
Energy           6P Kcal                                    
Fat             0.23 g                                    
Carbohydrates   14 g                                      
Dietary Fiber   0.6 g                                      
Iron             1.41 mg                                    
Thiamine (B1)   0.019 mg                                  
Niacin (B3)     0.245 mg                                  
Magnesium       35 mg                                      
Phosphorous     15.6 mg                                    
Riboflavin (B2) 0.009 mg                                  
Vitamin C       11.85 mg                                  
Vitamin B6       0.038 mg                                  
Water           84.75 g                                    
Potassium       55 mg                                      
Sodium           26.2 mg                                    


Jamun is one fruit whose seeds, barks, and leaves are also famous for their anti-diabetic properties. According to studies, Jamun seeds, rich in alkaloids, alone have strong hypoglycemic effects resulting in up to 30% reduction in blood sugar when consumed regularly during the fruit season. When so many benefits can be derived from one fruit alone, why not have it. If you’re someone with diabetes, enjoy Jamun during the season but in moderation. 


1. What are the risks of overconsumption of Jamun for People with Diabetes?

If consumed in excess, Jamun fruit side effects are body pain, fever, and sore throat. Consuming the fruit on an empty stomach could result in acidity.

2. How much Jamun should a diabetic eat?

People with diabetes may consume anything from 4 to 6 Jamuns, which is 2-5g Jamun powder each day.

3. What is the best time to eat Jamun?

Black jamun should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Rest you can have it whenever you want but in moderation. 

4. What Is Jamun Powder Used For?

Jamun seed powder can be used to alleviate diabetic symptoms such as frequent urination, thirst etc. It also helps stabilize your blood sugar. It accomplishes this by slowing the conversion of starch to sugar and increasing insulin production.

5. How To Use Jamun Leaves For Diabetes ?

Diabetic patients should consume Jamun during the summer because of its low glycemic index. It relieves diabetic symptoms like excessive urination and pushing. Diabetes is effectively treated with extracts of the leaves, seeds, and bark [20].


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