is apple good for diabetes

Are Apples good for Diabetes?

Apples have minimal effect on insulin levels and blood sugars. They are highly nutritious fruits that people with diabetes can also eat. 

People with diabetes often have confusing images of eating apples in their minds. But is apple good for diabetes? Apples have minimal effect on insulin levels and blood sugars. They are highly nutritious fruits that people with diabetes can also eat.

Have you ever wondered how many apples a person with diabetes eats per day? A person with diabetes can only have a medium-sized apple in a single day; otherwise, the blood sugar levels can increase efficiency. Fresh apples are better for health. They have high fibre and various antioxidants. They come in various sizes, but a moderate size is best for people with diabetes. The soluble fibre in apples provides many benefits, including many friendly bacteria in your gut. They boost your digestive systems. People who are worried about weight loss can have an apple per day. Apples are weight-loss friendly fruits. They also prevent heart diseases and cancer and reduce the chances of getting type 2 diabetes. They can efficiently reduce your cholesterol levels. They prevent the building of plaque by 48% in your arteries. However, if you have fructose intolerance, this fruit might not be right.

Apple Nutrition Value

Nutrient % Daily Value
Calories 52
Total fat 0.2 g Saturated fat 0 g 0% 0%
Sodium 1 mg 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Potassium 107 mg 3%
Total carbohydrates 14 g Dietary fibre 2.4 g Sugar 10 g 4% 9%
Iron 0%
Vitamin A 0%
Protein 0.3 g 0%
Vitamin B6 0%
Calcium 1%
Calcium 0%
Vitamin C 7%
Magnesium 1%

Can a person with Diabetes eat Apples?

If more than one moderate apple is consumed in a day, then it can adversely affect blood sugar levels. The form of sugar found in apples is called fructose. Also, the fibre in apples helps to slow down the effects of blood sugars in your bloodstream. Most apples are unlikely to cause a sudden increase in sugar levels unless they are consumed in high quantities.

Is apple juice good for diabetes? Apple juice has proved to be not the best choice when it comes to people with diabetes. Instead of having a big glass of apple juice every day, they can have an apple with a glass of water. This is a much healthier solution than apple juice. Apples are tasty and healthy fruits with many kinds of fibres that your body might be in need of. But if you often get digestive problems, then you should not have apples as they can cause gas and abdominal pains.

Can diabetes patients eat apples? People who have diabetes should be careful while eating apples and think about other factors or health problems that they might be having. For example, you can have an average amount of one average apple per day with a glass of water.

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Benefits of Apple for Diabetes

  • Is apple good for diabetes type 1? Apples provide some extent of sugars and carbohydrates that are good for people. However, having an apple on a daily basis may not be the best choice for diabetes type 1. They can have apples at a moderate rate to avoid increasing their sugar level. 
  • Is apple good for diabetes type 2? Many fruits are much healthier than apples, and you can eat such fruits in more quantities, unlike apples. Apples for diabetes type 2 are not a problem. These people can have one average-sized apple in a day with a glass of water so that the sugar levels are not increased simultaneously. 
  • Is Apple good for gestational diabetes? Fresh apples are good for people with gestational diabetes. Apples can help people with gestational diabetes to maintain and improve their health by enabling them to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

How do Apples affect insulin resistance?

Consumption of moderate amounts of apples daily can help a person lower insulin resistance, which results in a reduction of sugar levels. Is apple good for diabetes? Let us look at the following points. 

  • For people with type 1 diabetes, apples are not a bad choice. They do not affect sugar levels and reduce insulin levels. 
  • Is apple good for a person with diabetes type 2? Apples for diabetes type 2 can be beneficial. If you have type 2 diabetes, then your body does not produce enough insulin for itself. Apples can help to improve and reduce insulin resistance. 
  • Is apple food for gestational diabetes? Apples can reduce the insulin resistance to some extent. Apples are a great choice for people with gestational type diabetes when eaten in average amounts.

Glycemic index of apple

The appropriate Glycemic index for people with diabetes should be between 10 and 20. It will be below if it's less than 10 and high if it's more than 20. Apples have a relatively low glycemic index (29 - 44). Also, it has a low glycemic load. They should cause some rise in blood sugar levels (10), but this glycemic index is not that bad for people because minimally, a person should have a glycemic index above 10. Some people might have a question: is an ice apple good for diabetes? Ice apple is an excellent choice for them. It does not add extra calories to your diet and does not increase blood sugar levels. It offers you many important nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B7, Vitamin A, etc., which can help to boost your immune system.


Can we eat apples for diabetes? Yes, you can! You do not have to worry about your blood sugar levels while eating apples in average amounts. Ice apples are the best option for people because you don't even have to think about your insulin resistance or blood sugar levels while eating them. Have an Apple a day and keep high sugar levels away!


What is the best apple for diabetics?

Fruits and vegetables are some of the most commonly advised categories for people with diabetes. However, there are a few fruits and vegetables that may be high in their glycemic indices that may have to be avoided. Is apple good for diabetes is a common concern that newly diagnosed people may have. Apples are high in nutritional values and the highest concentrations of antioxidants are found in crisp and red apples which may be the best variant for a person with diabetes. Since they are loaded with fiber and are rich in vitamin c, one medium-sized apple can be consumed by a person with diabetes with ease.

Can diabetics eat an apple at night?

For a good night-time snack, a person with diabetes can choose to eat an apple. It provides a range of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals and can be a staple part of the healthy diet plan. Furthermore, apples do not play any role in promoting or inhibiting sleep, and therefore, can be a good fruit before bed.

Is ice apple good for diabetics

Is an ice apple good for diabetics – yes! It is one of the best fruits to consume as it is nutrient-rich. Filled with Vitamin C, Vitamin B7, Vitamin A, and several others, this fruit works very well to boost the immune system without the pressure of added calories to the body. Additionally, due to the high fiber content, this fruit also works to keep the body full for a while. This can help to curb excessive hunger cravings. Ice apples can also create a cooling effect on the body.

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