are energy drinks good for diabetes
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Energy Drinks for Diabetics

Are energy drinks good for diabetics? Diabetes revolves around the managing of the blood sugar levels in a person’s body. There may be various reasons why the levels fluctuate and are dangerous to a per son’s health. A person may be diagnosed with Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes. The purpose of an energy drink is to give you a boost and ensure you are active for the next few hours. Let us take a look at the various components of these drinks and how they affect the body post-consumption. Energy drink for diabetic patients is a gray area and lets us look at how to present a solution. Also know how to get freedom from diabetes?

are energy drinks good for diabetics
zero sugar energy drinks

Additive of Diabetics Energy Drinks

The most common items used in energy drinks are caffeine and sugar. Some drinks can contain up to 25 grams of sugar. These drinks should not be consumed by someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Irrespective of the type of diabetes, the body would undergo immense strain and the sugar level is sure to rise if you consume a drink with such high sugars. The body’s response to sugar consumption is the production of insulin and since the body is unable to keep up with that demand, you may face dangerous situations. This is why energy drinks for diabetics are a debatable topic.

Are energy drinks safe for people with diabetes?

One of the main ingredients in a 330 ml energy drink can is sugar and caffeine. If the drink claims to be for people who are watching their sugar intake, then the sugar may be swapped out for artificial sweeteners. There are various alternatives that have come up with energy drinks. You have the option to buy energy shots, which are up to 30 ml, and you are recharged and ready to go for a while. These shots generally have a lesser amount of sugar and are great for someone living with diabetes. However, they do have a large amount of caffeine. Know about diabetes treatment in pregnancy.

Along with diabetes, the body also undergoes various changes and one of the side effects of diabetes is high blood pressure. Although people with high blood pressure can have coffee in moderate amounts, the amount in energy drinks is relatively high and should be considered before consuming it. So, if we are looking for a definitive answer to this question, it is best to determine which energy drink you are looking to have. The best energy drink for diabetes depends entirely on the amount of sugar in the energy drink. Know more about high blood sugar symptoms.

Energy Drinks that are good for Diabetics

Getting diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up consuming energy drinks entirely. A mindful selection of your energy drink can help you maintain your blood sugar levels without worry. We have curated the finest list of the best energy drink for diabetics that can be consumed in moderation.

Red Bull Sugar-free

Is red bull sugar free bad for you ?While a regular red bull can contain plenty of sugar, caffeine, and calories, it is not the case with its sugar free variant. The Red Bull sugar-free version contains zero sugar and fewer calories. Its caffeine content is also pretty low. Whenever you are feeling energy-drained, a can of Red Bull sugar-free can boost your energy levels. However, don’t indulge in overconsumption.

Monster Ultra Zero Sugar

If you were wondering what’s a good energy drink for diabetics, we’d say Monster Ultra Zero Sugar. This drink is low in calories, contains no sugar, and offers an instant energy boost. A can of Monster Ultra Zero Sugar won’t influence your blood sugar levels even if you follow a strict calorie count.

O’cean Natural Energy Drink

Although this energy drink is not sugar-free, it contains 40% less sugar than regular carbonated drinks. It contains a healthy mix of fruit juice, water, glucose, minerals, and vitamins. The drink tastes great and helps replenish electrolytes in your body. But since it contains sugar, we’d recommend limiting its consumption. Also know "is sugar free good for health".

List of Sugar-Free Energy Drinks

I s monster zero sugar bad for you? Our body requires ample amounts of liquid to function in a healthy way. Many people with diabetes keep wondering ‘what is the best drinks for diabetics,’ and we have the answer. We have already covered some energy drink options and fruit juice options for people with diabetes above. If you are looking for more choices and want to find out about sugar-free energy drink options, check the list shared below.

Ketofy – Electrolytes (Orange Flavor)

It is considered an instant hydration and energy solution by many. Since the Ketofy Electrolytes contains zero sugar, zero caffeine, and zero carbs, it can be included in your diabetes-friendly diet without worry. This drink primarily helps replenish vital electrolytes in the body and keep you feeling energized throughout the day.    

Shunya GO Zesty Orange

This zero sugar energy drinks drink features a tangy taste and does an excellent job of acting as a body hydrant. This drink contains zero calories, zero preservatives, and zero sugar, making it a safer option for people with diabetes. The drink gets its sweetness from stevia, a natural sweetener. Every bottle of this drink is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and other essential nutrients. You can grab this drink to quench your thirst without feeling guilty about ditching your diabetes-friendly diet guidelines.

Beyond Water Vitamin Water

Another zero sugar energy drink, it is made with the goodness of real fruit extracts. It contains less than one calorie, making it perfect for people with diabetes. The vitamins and minerals packed in this drink offer the required hydration to your body, keeping it feeling energized all day long. You can add a few drops of this drink to plain water and drink it for instant refreshment. Also read about is pomegranate good for diabetes.

Superlite Sugar-free Energy Drink

Nothing can beat this drink in terms of taste and effectiveness. Made using zero sugar, zero calories, and a dash of simple performance nootropics, this drink can instantly refresh your mind. A bottle contains approximately 90 mg of caffeine, which is lower than most energy drinks. This drink is keto-friendly, entirely vegan, and free from any artificial flavor, so anyone wanting to feel energized can have this drink.

These are some sugar-free energy drinks you can consider adding in your diabetes-friendly diet. Many people wonder ‘can energy drinks cause low blood sugar,’ the answer is no. Most energy drinks don’t lower your blood sugar levels. But drinking energy drinks high in sugar can spike your blood glucose levels. To stay safer, stick to the sugar free drinks discussed above.

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The Problem with Artificial Sweeteners

One of the major components in energy drinks made to cater to people with diabetes is the range of artificial sweeteners. Without any taste, the drink will be unappealing and most of them will not even opt for an energy drink. That is why companies add artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste of the product as well as make it potable for those who need to monitor their blood sugar levels closely.

The best energy drink for people with diabetes is said to be “sugar-free” or the one with artificial sweeteners. When they came into the market, they were applauded for finding an alternative to sugars as it was a part of everyone’s diet, and avoiding them was troublesome as well as inconvenient. When a person consumes sugar, the level of sugar in the blood stabilizes after a couple of hours thanks to the body’s natural response. In the case of diabetes, the level does not stabilize and it remains high which can cause serious damage to the internal organs.

Artificial sweeteners are said to not have this effect on blood at all. They are said to not raise the sugar levels, helping anyone who is looking to reduce the intake of sugar. However, over the years there have been many studies and further research which has shown that artificial sweeteners may affect your body the same way sugars do. There has been some talk of them permanently altering body functions and causing harm to the digestive tract. It was noted that they may not be suitable for those who need to keep a track of every gram of sugar consumed to maintain good health. Also know about best fruit for diabetes.

Does Caffeine raise Blood Sugar

Does caffeine raise blood sugar? Most people with diabetes, if they like to have coffee, have it with no sugar and have weak coffee. That means the actual content of coffee is less and the amount of caffeine is even lesser. When you are preparing your coffee, you can control the amount that goes in the cup, and depending on which brand you are having, the caffeine level will also change. However, if you are having an energy drink, the caffeine is sure to be concentrated and constant in every shot of the drink. 

There are many problems associated with the consumption of excessive caffeine especially when your blood sugar levels are prone to fluctuations. Here are some issues that may arise.

  • Since the caffeine levels in an energy drink cannot be conditioned, it may be enough to cause issues with the insulin levels in the blood. 
  • If you have an ongoing issue of high blood pressure, it may spike due to the shock to your nervous system. 
  • Apart from these, people may experience nervousness, anxiety, irritability, and a faster heartbeat. 
  • The physical repercussions may be an upset stomach and stomach pain.
  • When the effect of caffeine subsides, it is possible that the blood pressure and the insulin levels may take time to stabilize causing a rift in the blood sugar levels. 

If you are wondering,” Can energy drinks cause diabetes?” then the answer is no. Energy drinks exclusively are not responsible for causing diabetes. They may aggravate the symptoms and put stress on the body battling with unstable levels of insulin, but they cannot be the root cause. A good alternative to energy drinks is the decaffeinated version of energy drinks. Know more about signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

Other Ingredients

Apart from these 2 ingredients, there are many others that are added to make sure the product is effective or tastes good. These rarely have an effect on the body. However, since most persons with diabetes are on medication to manage the effects, it is advisable to check whether the clashing of those 2 can cause an unsavory reaction. If you are unsure, it is always better to get it checked with the doctor you consult. Other ingredients may include Taurine, amino acids, vitamins, preservatives, and so on.

Best Fruit Juices for Diabetics

There are plenty of juices for diabetes that are considered safe for consumption. If you have diabetes, you can make fresh and healthy juices from seasonal fruits. They can sometimes act as the perfect replacement for sugar free energy drink. You can include the following fruit juices in your diabetes-friendly diet:

Pomegranate Juice

A glass of pomegranate juice is rich in potassium, folate, and fiber and loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C. It also has high amounts of antioxidants. Having pomegranate juice can reduce the potential risk of developing blood clots, which is also known as the leading factor behind cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.

Green Apple Juice

The taste and freshness this juice brings are second to none. High in fiber, green apple juice can be consumed at any time of the day. To make it more healthy and fibrous, you can add in a small cucumber and squeeze some lemon for a unique taste. Besides helping you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, this juice can also help cleanse your body. You can use the regular red apple to prepare the juice if the green apple isn’t available.

Orange Juice

Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice is an excellent way to refresh and re-energize yourself. It tastes better than most energy drinks for diabetics. Orange juice is rich in antioxidants and fiber, which are necessary for the healthy and proper functioning of a healthy body. It tastes sweet and tangy, so you can easily drink it regularly. However, limit your juice consumption to one glass a day.

Fresh Peach Juice

A rather unusual juice on the list, but freshly made juice using peaches is all you need on a warm, sunny day. It contains plenty of Vitamin C, potassium, and other essential nutrients needed to help your body heal, form blood vessels, and perform other functions. It will help you keep your blood glucose levels in check. If you live in the constant fear of can energy drinks cause diabetes, replace them permanently with fresh fruit juices.

These are some fruit juices people with diabetes can enjoy in their diabetes-friendly diet. You can always add variations to the traditional fruit juice recipes, but try avoiding high GI fruit to control your glucose levels better.  


Every time you wonder, can energy drinks cause diabetes, here is the answer. It is not known to directly cause diabetes but it increases the risk to a great extent leaving you vulnerable. The consumption of energy drinks if you have diabetes should be done carefully and after understanding the ingredients that go in it. Even if it proves to be harmless in the first go, the intake should be moderated as it can cause harm over a long period.


What are the best energy drinks for diabetes?

The best energy drinks for people with diabetes are the ones that have low sugars and are decaffeinated. However, even these energy drinks should be considered carefully and the ingredients should be checked before consumption. 

Can drinking energy drinks cause or push pre diabetes into Type 2 Diabetes?

Drinking energy drinks cannot cause diabetes. However, it leaves you more exposed to the risk as it affects your blood sugar levels and blood pressure as well. Caffeine can reduce the sensitivity of the body to insulin causing spikes in sugar levels.

Can Energy Drinks Cause Low Blood Sugar?

No, energy drinks don’t cause low blood sugar. In fact, they are responsible for spiking blood sugar levels. Research has found that adolescents consuming caffeinated energy drinks high in sugar are responsible for unusual blood glucose spikes. It often leads to subsequent health problems, and bringing blood sugar levels back to normal becomes challenging.

What is the Best Drinks for Diabetics?

Plain water is the best for diabetics, but it doesn’t mean people with diabetes have to give up all other drinks. People with diabetes can continue having herbal tea, pure vegetable juice, low-fat milk, unsweetened coffee, unsweetened tea, milk alternatives, and healthy smoothies. However, we recommend not overindulging in any of these drinks.

Are Energy Drinks Bad for Diabetics?

No, having sugar-free energy drinks is not bad for diabetics. But if you are consuming energy drinks with high sugar content, it can affect your blood sugar levels. According to FDA, an adult with diabetes should not consume more than 400 mg caffeine a day. Energy drinks with sugar should be entirely avoided to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Can Sugar-free Drinks Cause Diabetes?

Yes, consuming sugar-free drinks like diet soda can cause diabetes. Consuming such drinks frequently can negatively affect your insulin sensitivity, gut bacteria, and insulin secretion. Blood sugar levels can also spike when you eat carbohydrates after consuming such drinks, resulting in increased body fat and waist circumference.

Can Monster Give You Diabetes?

Yes, if you consume the regular Monster drink with sugar. Monster offers sugar-free versions of its energy drink, but it should also be consumed in moderation. If you drink too many Monster drinks, your heart rate may rapidly increase, tremors may increase, and blood pressure would spike. If you have diabetes and want to consume energy drinks, look for sugar-free variants.

Can Diabetes Drink Coffee?

Yes, people with diabetes can drink coffee. Although experts have mixed opinions regarding coffee consumption, drinking coffee is fine as long as you keep your blood sugar levels in check. Have coffee with little to no sugar for no significant impact on your glucose levels. Limiting your coffee intake is also a good option.




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