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Lose weight while you sleep with these 5 amazing fats burning drinks

Have you ever wondered if you can lose weight even during your sleeping hours? It is quite simple to lose some extra calories if you follow a simple bedtime ritual of drinking fat-burning drinks. Usually, it is advised to not consume anything before sleeping. However, drinking weight loss drinks can do magic during your sleeping hours. These pre-bedtime drinks not only will improve your sleep quality but also help you manage weight. If you are struggling for a long to lose those extra kilos then these weight loss drinks will aid your weight loss process. If you want to speed up your weight loss journey then these bedtime drinks are for you.  

Can we lose weight while sleeping ?

Weight loss is a gradual process. Expecting overnight weight loss is unreal. While you may resort to consuming fat burning foods, exercise plays an equally important role. Weight loss while sleeping happens due to water loss which is a result of breathing and sweating. The process of heat generation can be increased by intaking certain fat loss drinks. Not a significant number of calories are burnt during sleep but sleep plays an important role in weight management. Disturbed sleep patterns lead to weight gain which will affect your weight loss goals. Fat loss drinks not only help your body to burn calories but also improves sleep quality. 

These 5 Amazing Drinks Will Help You to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Researchers claim that losing weight is highly linked to having a good digestive system which means the metabolism process of your body should be smooth. These best drinks for weight loss work amazingly to get rid of bloating and improve digestive processes. Weight-loss drinks are a perfect fit for your diet if you are expecting to lose calories even when you are not physically exhausting yourself. Let us find out what these five magic drinks are to lose weight. Also know about the best health drink for diabetes.

Cinnamon tea- Filled with immense health benefits, cinnamon tea is an optimum fat-burning drink. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of this tea are excellent for burning weight. What makes cinnamon tea one of the best drinks for weight loss is that it boosts metabolism and acts as a detox drink that enables your body to get rid of unwanted toxins and smooth metabolic functions. Intaking cinnamon tea is also a great drink to lose belly fat. A famous Indian ingredient, cinnamon tea should be your go-to drink for drinks that burn fat while sleeping. To prepare cinnamon tea, mix cinnamon powder with water and boil it for 20-30 minutes. For better results consume this tea at least half an hour before hitting the sack.

Soaked fenugreek water- Yet another excellent fat-burning drink, soaked fenugreek water is a natural heat generator for the body which is optimum to manage weight. Popularly known as methi seed water, this drink has antacids that are good for the digestive system. A significant option for weight loss drinks at home, soaked fenugreek water also works well to manage blood sugar levels. To prepare this drink to help lose weight, boil water and add crushed fenugreek seeds to it. After leaving it for 5-10 minutes strain this liquid and reap the immense benefits of this super easy-to-prepare weight loss drink.

Chamomile tea- Therapeutic in nature, chamomile tea is an optimum drink that burns fat while sleeping. Consuming chamomile tea triggers a fat-burning process and eliminates excess bloating from the body. This drink increases the glycine levels of the body which has a calming impact on the nerves. Chamomile tea is a good source of calcium, potassium, and flavonoids, which are necessary for detoxification. Intake of chamomile tea is good for burning calories as it helps to control glucose levels making it a go-to drink to boost metabolism. To make this healthy drink for weight loss use a pan to boil water, once the water is boiled add dried chamomile leaves to it and let it aside for a few minutes till the flavor dilutes. Strain the liquid and your warm weight loss drink at home is ready. Also know about low glucose levels.

Greek yogurt protein shake- Working out daily is another important aspect of losing weight. If you are physically exhausting yourself then consuming protein before bed is a beneficial idea. This healthy drink for weight loss rejuvenates and repairs muscles while you sleep eventually aiding you to achieve that lean body. The more muscles are built in your body the more calories your body burns. The milk used to make this shake is a rich source of calcium and tryptophan which impacts sleep quality positively. Added to that milk contains dairy protein that eventually helps to build muscle. Simply add Greek yogurt to a glass of soy or almond milk to prepare this best drink for weight loss. Know about is honey good for diabetes?.

Turmeric milk- The famous ‘Haldi wala doodh’ has benefited more than just treating colds and coughs. Turmeric is known to have many medicinal qualities along with stimulating weight loss by enhancing metabolic functions. It repairs the digestive system and helps you to shed body fats. The antioxidant nature of turmeric flushes out all the toxins from your body making and smoothens digestive functions. This drink to lose belly fat can be made easily by boiling the milk and adding turmeric powder or raw turmeric to it. For better results avoid adding sugar to it. Also know about is turmeric milk good for diabetes.


Including drinks to boost metabolism in your bedtime routine will ease your weight loss journey as these drinks stimulate the fat-burning process in the body. Not only to reduce weight, but these drinks also improve your sleep quality which is one of the factors that impacts body weight. These drinks can improve your digestive process and lead you toward a healthier life. Drinks alone would not work like magic if you are expecting impactful results, these drinks to lose weight can further stimulate the calorie-burning process which is already being triggered by exercising daily and following a nutritious diet. Make sure that you consume these drinks at least half an hour before going to bed. Try these drinks that burn fat while sleeping for a few weeks consistently and you’ll be amazed to see the positive changes it brings to your health.

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What should I drink first thing in the morning to lose weight?

There are plenty of drinks with which you should start your day to achieve your weight loss goals. Consume honey and lemon in lukewarm water or go for detoxification liquids like cucumber and mint water, orange and mint infused water, etc. You can also intake apple cider vinegar, ginger tea, Haldi tea, cumin water, fenugreek water, fennel water, etc. to trigger the fat loss process of your body.

What is the best fruit for weight loss?

Fruits that are low in calories and rich in fiber are optimum for a weight loss diet. You should include grapefruit, apple, watermelon, avocado, oranges, blueberries, pears, bananas, berries, kiwi, muskmelon, plums, etc. in your diet if getting a lean body is your goal. These fruits are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help your body to improve metabolism and thereby burn more calories. Read more about the amount of sugar in watermelon

What happens when you drink lemon water for 7 days for weight loss?

Drinking lemon water daily is perfect for losing weight as lemon water is a natural fat-burning drink. Consuming lemon water daily is excellent to detox your body from harmful toxins and bacteria. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is optimum to lose stubborn belly fat. It is an effective remedy for weight management. Ensure to drink it without adding any sugar.

Does your stomach drop as you age?

As we grow older, our muscle mass reduces which affects our metabolism and makes it a slow process. Due to slow metabolic functions, our body burns fewer calories which results in weight gain. This may cause the fats to get stored in the body in different areas like the belly, arms, legs, ribs, hips, etc.


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