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Guide to Strength Training and Nutrition

Exercising is a big part of the life of most people – in fact, it should be a huge part of everyone’s lives. This is because frequent workouts can generate ample benefits not only immediately but also in the long run. However, committing to exercise daily is something that many people find difficult to stick to. When an individual sticks to this commitment, they engage in different kinds of workout regimes like cardio, strength training, etc. Exercise, however, is not complete without the right kind of diet. Tough workouts and muscle building require the right nutrition that can help build strength. 

In a recent study that involved 90,000 people, the researchers found that around 57.9% of the daily calories that the participants consumed came from highly refined and processed foods. This meant that all the canned food, frozen meals, fried items, sodas, snacks, etc were eaten more. Only approximately 29.6% of the participants ate ‘minimally processed’ foods. These would include – fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc. 

If you are completely serious about a fitness training regime along with muscle building, you would have to give diet its due consideration as it would play a major role in this regard. The body is built not only from the workouts but also from the food consumed. Food can provide macronutrients like proteins, fats, and carbs that can give the required amount of energy to sustain a heavy workout that is enough to build stronger muscles. 

The best foods for strength training and best fuel can be obtained from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber that are found within real and wholesome foods. These high-quality foods are the right kind of ammunition that can help build the body stronger, better, and faster. Proper nutrition would include – what to eat; when to eat; and how to maintain proper eating habits. Also know about is peanut good for diabetes?

What are Muscle Strength Foods?

In order to gain lean muscle, nutrition and physical activity need to go hand in hand. Most of us know that high proteins are the need of the hour, but that alone will not help with your strength training, you also need sufficient amounts of fats and carbohydrates as well. Here are the top foods that can help you in strength training.

best foods for strength training

Best food for Muscle Strength Training

1. Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurt is one of the best Strength Building Foods that has a lot of protein which includes whey as well as casein protein. Greek yoghurt, in particular, contains almost double the amount of protein in comparison to that of an ordinary yoghurt. The preferred time to eat this body strength food is either after a strenuous workout or just before hitting the bed.

2. Soya Beans

If you are looking for Vegetarian Food For Muscle Strength, then soybeans is your best bet. Proteins, vitamins K, phosphorous, iron and many more make up this body strength food.

3. Cottage Cheese

Another food that increases strength in your body is cottage cheese which is made from milk. The best thing about cottage cheese is the high protein content and the varied amount of fat content in it. If you are looking for low fat options, then you can choose them for some guilt free snacking.

4. Milk

Definitely, one of the must have Vegetarian Food For Muscle Strength, milk is something that has to any diet menu for the amount of fats, carbs and protein that it possesses. It is one of the easily available body strength foods that you can grab and gulp on the go.

best foods for strength training

5. Nuts

All nuts are good for strength training as they are low in fat and high in energy. You can choose almonds or peanuts as these are the best foods for both strength and stamina.

6. Eggs

What else can give you more protein than good old egg whites? Eggs have healthy fats in addition to traces of vitamin B and choline to ensure that your body is ready for the strength training activity that you have planned. No wonder eggs are one of the best foods for strength training.

best foods for strength training

7. Salmon

Salmon is one of the best foods for strength and stamina as it is high in omega-3 fatty acids which is an important nutrient when it comes to muscle health. Salmons also have a good amount of protein and hence need to be a part of Strength Building Foods any day.

8. Chicken Breast

Chicken is definitely one of the must-have foods for strength training. With high levels of protein and traces of B vitamins, chicken breasts are a highly nutritious food that needs to be part of your diet.

9. Tuna

If you think that Tuna only has lots of Vitamin A, then you are in for a surprise. It has lots of protein and B vitamins that are not found in other foods for strength and stamina. Omega-3 fatty acids also help in muscle health which is icing on the cake.

Meal Frequency and Timing

Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. To ensure that your body is at the peak of its health, eating small meals more frequently would be considered the best idea. For athletes in training, this is what is usually recommended. Having a small meal after every 2-3 hours is helpful to keep the energy levels on the higher side. It also provides the maximum nutrition required for bodybuilding. 

Here are a few tips that you could take into consideration:

  1. Do not eat carbs alone
  2. Pair carbs with proteins or fats. This will dilute the effects of insulin surges that are usually associated with a high-carb meal.
  3. A high-carb meal can lead to a crash in the nutrients that can make you feel hungrier 
  4. Post workouts, proteins can be the go-to snack choice. These are muscle strength foods as they help rebuild the tissues the fastest. 
  5. Before beginning the workout, drink plenty of water.
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Building muscle requires more than just lifting weights and working out. The truth is that any type of body composition change, like losing fat or gaining muscle, depends as much, if not more so, on diet as it does on a regular workout routine.  The best way to ace this is by talking to your Coach who can help you understand and learn more about macronutrients, calorie intake, and specific foods to choose and to avoid. Muscle gains happen slowly, but by focusing on the right diet, you can hit your strength goals sooner.


What to eat before and after lifting weights?

Before lifting weights, it would be important to choose some complex carbs for consumption that are lower on the glycemic index scale. Proteins before and after a workout would be a good idea. It can also be beneficial if you could restore the glycogen levels in the body post strength training workouts. Do not skip proteins after a workout as they help to repair and rebuild the muscles.

Can you lift weights on an empty stomach?

It would not be the most advisable to lift weights on an empty stomach. The energy level might be low owing to an overall low blood sugar due to the lack of food intake. While you may be able to burn more fat on an empty stomach, the overall levels of cortisol might be higher and muscle tissues will be lost. Some carbs or protein before weight lifting would be a good idea.

Can I drink coffee before the gym?

Coffee can be an effective drink pre-workout. It may enhance physical performance and improve brain function. It may also potentially increase the amount of fat burnt during a workout session. However, it is still up to an individual to see if coffee is okay for them before exercising. You can try and test this method.


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