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How Protein Shakes May Help You Lose Weight

Go to any gym or dietitian and they will speak about the benefits of protein and how it is an extremely helpful nutrient for the functioning of the body, overall, and also how it helps with weight loss. The numerous benefits associated with proteins have been backed by scientific research and have also shown promising results in how quickly and efficiently you may be able to lose weight and not look unhealthy or deprive your body of the nutrition it needs. Getting enough protein supply in a day can help build muscles and make you look leaner. 

Many people resort to eating eggs or avocados after their workouts to give their muscles a certain amount of protein so that they can build well and regain their strength after a strenuous exercise regime. Now, people are adopting newer ways regarding the intake and consumption of protein like protein shakes. Gyms have also started supplying protein powders of protein drinks for weight loss. Also know about the vegetarian protein diet.

Do Protein Shakes Help in Weight Loss?

Protein shakes are considered to be a convenient way to add more protein to the diet and reap maximum benefits regarding nutrients and weight loss. Many people do wonder about the effectiveness of protein shakes and are skeptical to use them as replacements for the traditional sources of proteins like eggs, fish, daal, etc. Confidence in this potion has increased slowly as people are able to see the results in their bodies after the consumption of protein shakes. The physical act of drinking a protein shake can also create an illusion of having stronger muscles and feeling powerful, in general.

These shakes come in a variety of flavors and types. You can select from an assortment of pre-mixed shakes, ready-to-drink shakes, or protein powders that can be added to water or milk. These are often used as replacements for other protein foods. You can choose to add a protein shake to your diet as a substitute for one of the meals. Before you start replacing your meals or adding protein shakes to your diet, make sure that you consult an expert to understand how much protein shake you need to be consuming and what type of protein would be best for you.

How does a protein shake help with weight loss?

Science and research have provided us with ample evidence that protein shakes do work. The several benefits associated with protein shakes were also seen as quantifiable as the number of consumers that began to purchase these drinks increased rapidly. 

Here are a few ways in which protein shakes can prove to be advantageous:

  • Appetite – Protein drinks for weight loss work as they are known to be satiating. This means that these drinks can help you stay full for longer durations and thus reduces appetite. If you compare these with meals that do not contain enough protein, having a protein-rich drink can help you stay full for longer durations. Once you feel full, your calorie intake also reduces. 
  • Muscle builds – Proteins are known to build and repair the muscles in the body. It also helps to preserve the muscles that may otherwise have been lost during a weight-loss diet plan. More protein can lead to better metabolism. The processing of protein in the body also requires more calories. Also know about muscle strength foods.
  • Calorie reduction – Due to the filling nature of proteins, the overall calorie intake might also be reduced. Therefore, finding calorie-balanced protein shakes can limit the overall calorie intake translating into weight loss. 
  • Belly fat reduction – Since the overall body fat is targeted, changes in the body like – having a toned body with the reduction of belly fat are also common with having protein shakes.

Types of protein powders

Some of the most common protein powders available are –

  • Whey protein – These can be absorbed fast and are dairy-based. They also contain all the essential amino acids
  • Casein protein – These are amino acid-rich, dairy-based proteins that are absorbed slowly 
  • Soy protein – A plant-based protein that offers the essential amino acids in the body. The compound soy isoflavones can provide numerous health benefits. It is lactose-free.
  • Hemp protein – These are plant-based and are rich in amino acids, omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, and arginine.
  • Rice protein – These are plant-based but low in an amino acid called lysine
  • Pea protein – Also derived from plants, these can be used as a lesser allergenic alternative to soy and whey protein. These are also lower in amino acids like cysteine and methionine.
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Which type of protein is best?

Different proteins can affect your body in different ways. Whey can be absorbed more rapidly than casein which makes it the better choice when it comes to promoting muscle growth and protein synthesis after workouts. It also helps you feel less hungry, thus reducing the overall calorie intake.

Whey proteins can be more effective than soy or other plant-based proteins. However, individual factors do come into play while determining the best possible proteins to use for weight loss and the achievement of other goals. Purchase good quality proteins from reliable sources and brands. Understand the individual qualities and properties of each protein type. For example, whey, casein, and soy are considered complete proteins and also have all the amino acids but they may create an allergic reaction in some people. Contrarily, rice and pea protein are less allergenic but are low in amino acids.

Hemp protein can be a good choice as they have all the amino acids required and are also less prone to cause allergies. Add supplements or drinks to your diet after speaking with your doctor.

How to use them?

If you are deciding to use protein drinks for weight loss, talk to your healthcare providers first. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Timing – Benefits of a protein shake are immense when you want to reach the desired goal of protein content. A shake can help you reach this goal. Having this shake at breakfast would help you feel full for a long time. Make sure you space your intake of protein well
  • Ingredients – Weight loss goals are best seen when there is a calorie deficit in the body. Check for ingredients in the protein shake and ensure that it does not have high calories, high sugar, or excess carbs. Buy ones that have more fats, and fiber, so that the overall calorie intake is also reduced. Use oats, leafy greens, chia seeds, flaxseeds, almond milk, Greek yogurt, whole fruits, etc to the protein shake
  • Other meals – For your body to be at its optimal functioning level, make sure that you rely on other foods too so that you do not miss out on other important nutrients. Having a balanced lifestyle and meal plan that includes protein shakes would be beneficial.


Protein drinks are the ‘in’ thing. Doctors also prescribe the use of protein shakes especially to people who want to lose fat, build muscle, and achieve healthy body weight. Protein drinks can be of several types and you can choose the type of protein powder that you prefer. Check the calorie and sugar content of pre-mixed drinks so that it does not cause any side effects. Add protein shakes to your diet after consulting your medical team.


Is it okay to drink protein shakes every day?

Yes, it is safe to drink protein shakes every day especially if you ensure to balance out the intake of other nutrients via food – fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. Pair your protein shakes with other food sources that are vital for good health and functioning

Does protein burn fat without exercise?

Proteins take time to process and digest. Additionally, the digestion of protein also requires more calories than any other food. It can be said that proteins are linked with weight loss even without exercise. The best results, however, often come in tandem with workouts

Do protein shakes have side effects?

Protein shakes can be high in calories and sugar. Use powders or drinks that do not spike your healthy blood sugar levels. Also, ensure to consume protein shakes in moderation as they can also lead to certain digestive issues. Also know about blood sugar normal range.




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