is ginger good for diabetes
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Is Ginger Good for Diabetics

People who have diabetes must take extra care of themselves since their bodies cannot produce insulin in the requisite amounts to fight the excess glucose in the blood. However, over time this imbalance between glucose levels in the blood and the insulin produced by the body leads to a condition known as diabetes. 

Diabetes is of three types- Type-1, type-2, and gestational diabetes. There are some severe problems related to diabetes, such as fluctuating blood pressure and heart conditions. Therefore, it is recommended for people with diabetes not indulge in fried, oily, and high cholesterol food. Such food substances put the body at the risk of severe ailments and are also a trigger in diabetic conditions. A person with diabetes should not take excess sugar substances such as sweets, chocolates, etc. 

The diet plan for people with diabetes is made with utmost caution as it is essential to count the number of calories, carbohydrates, fats, and sugars consumed not to trigger the glucose levels in the blood. So, the question is, is ginger good for diabetes? Ginger has a spicy flavour and brings a unique aroma to the dishes. It has many nutritional benefits and can be beneficial to consume in diabetes when eaten in moderation. Its carbs and fat content, benefits, and risks are critical to note.

Ginger and diabetes
Ginger and diabetes

Benefits of eating ginger for diabetes

According to a few researchers, 100 grams of raw ginger contains up to 80 calories, 1.8 g of proteins, and 2.8 g of fibre content. The people who consumed as much as 4g of ginger regularly in their diet noticed reduced amounts of A1c haemoglobin, apolipoprotein B, apolipoprotein A-1, and malondialdehyde. Certain studies have shown that ginger may be able to manage heart conditions caused by diabetes

There are numerous health benefits linked to the consumption of ginger. Can diabetics drink ginger water? Read along to find out!  

  • Promotes weight loss – having ginger water and lemon in warm water in the morning can help release toxins from the body, promoting weight loss. 
  • Decrease in glucose levels in the blood – consuming ginger water can help lower sugar levels in the blood, thereby risking complications due to diabetic ailment.
  • Increase in insulin production – some studies have shown that ginger can help increase the insulin levels in the body, which can help control diabetes.
  • Contains anti-oxidants – ginger contains anti-oxidants and can help increase the metabolism of the body if consumed in regulated amounts.
  • Improves cardiovascular health – ginger has many nutritional benefits, and It can help lower the cholesterol levels in the body, consequently improving cardiovascular health. 

Risks and Warnings

Is ginger bad for diabetes? - Ginger not only promotes good health and well-being; it also comes with certain risks and warnings that must not be ignored. Is ginger good for diabetes? Any food items consumed by people with diabetes must not trigger severe symptoms such as heart conditions. A few risks and warnings of using ginger are addressed as follows,

  • Although the consumption of ginger may be beneficial for a person with diabetes, it is essential to consider the risks and warnings related to ginger consumption.
  • It is advisable to not consume more than 4 grams of ginger in a day since there are cases of heartburn, diarrhoea, and stomach ache. 
  • If a person is pregnant, they should consume only 1 gram of ginger per day.
  • Ginger also has blood-thinning properties, so if people take blood-thinning medication, they must contact their doctor about ginger usage, as it may cause excess bleeding in the body.
  • Consuming ginger regularly can also lead to lower blood pressure. So, for people with diabetes, it is essential to take a professional's advice when consuming certain foods.

How to add ginger to your diet?

We have established in this article that ginger is beneficial as well as comes with a few risks and warnings. So, to answer the question of whether ginger is good for diabetes, we can say that it has its uses as well as precautions. If you are planning to add ginger to your diet, here’s how you should do it!

  • Always buy natural, good-quality herbs from the market and avoid processed products. You can add ginger to food such as drinks, salads, sweets, and vegetables.
  • You can prepare a ginger iced lemonade as it beats summer and gives the nutritional value of ginger as it is healthy and refreshing.
  • Consume regulated amounts of ginger, and seek a medical doctor if there are cases of heartburn or diarrhoea. 
  • Studies have shown that ginger might be a good remedy for treating sore throat, nausea, and ingestion. You can drink ginger lemon water to see fruitful results in a few days.
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This article is a one-stop guide for curious people who want to know whether or not ginger is good for diabetes. Long story short, ginger might be good for people with diabetes when consumed in regulated amounts. However, it also contains certain risks and warnings that should not be ignored. Is ginger good for diabetes? The answer is that it is beneficial for the body when used in controlled amounts. Diabetes cannot be cured completely, but it can surely be managed if the person follows a strict diet regime. It is important to follow healthy body habits such as a balanced diet, physical exercise and workout, and a good sleep. Diet is vital as it can help manage the diabetic ailment over the long run.




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