Is Duck Meat Good for Diabetes
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Is Duck Meat Good for Diabetes?

Humans consume various types of meat. Red meat includes beef, lamb, ham, and bacon; white meat includes turkey, chicken, and pork; seafood includes lobster, shrimp, fish, and Anatidae (fresh and saltwater birds), for example, ducks. In this article, we will discuss whether duck meat is good for diabetes and if it is, what are it's benefits. You can eat duck meat in moderation if you have diabetes. Ducks are rich in protein and fat. If consumed in excess, duck meat can lead to increased cholesterol levels. Thus, duck meat is suitable for people with diabetes if they avoid duck skin and fat.

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What is Duck Meat?

Duck meat is rich in protein and fat. Moreover, it has other nutritional benefits. The table below provides the nutritional content of duck.

       NUTRIENT                      AMOUNT IN DUCK              
       Total fat                         40 gm                  
    – Saturated Fat                       9.7 g                  
 – Monounsaturated Fat                  12.9 g                  
 – Polyunsaturated Fat                   3.6 g                  
        Protein                           27 gm                  
      Cholesterol                        118 mg                  
       Potassium                        286 mg                  
  Total Carbohydrates                     0 gm                  
         Fibre                           0 gm                  
         Sugar                           0 gm                  
       Selenium         29% of recommended daily allowance (RDI)
      Phosphorus                         16 %                  
         Iron                             15 %                  
         Zinc                             12 %                  
        Copper                           11 %                  
       Potassium                          6 %                  
      Vitamin B3                         24 %                  
      Vitamin B2                         16 %                  
      Vitamin B1                         12 %                  
      Vitamin B5                         11 %                  
      Vitamin B6                          9 %                  
       Vitamin K                          6 %                  
      Vitamin B12                          5 %                  
       vitamin A                          4 %                  
       vitamin E                          4 %                  
        Folate                            1 %                  

Duck Meat vs. Chicken Meat

There are various differences between duck and chicken meat.

  • Duck has a stronger flavour than chicken.
  • Chicken skin is thinner and does not have as much fat as duck meat, making it a healthier option.
  • Duck (120 calories) has fewer calories than chicken (165 calories).
  • Duck (52%) contains more water than chicken (60%), making it nutritionally dense.
  • Duck has high fat content, whereas chicken has more protein.
  • Ducks contain more vitamins than chicken. It is richer in vitamin B2, vitamin e, vitamin A, and folate. It has three times more vitamin B1 and two times more vitamin K than that in chicken. Ducks have high vitamin D content, which is absent in chicken.
  • Duck has lower sodium content than chicken.
  • A duck contains more iron and copper than a chicken.

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The Benefits of Duck Meat

  • Duck lowers low-density lipoprotein levels (LDL) in the blood, thereby preventing heart diseases.
  • Duck helps in preventing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Moreover, it reduces the risk of developing diabetes in pregnancy.
  • Duck contains low iron content; hence, duck intake reduces the risk of lung and colon (intestine) cancer.
  • Ducks are rich in selenium, a type of antioxidant. This helps improve the immune response and reduce inflammation, usually seen in individuals with diabetes.
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Preventive Measures while Eating Duck Meat for People with Diabetes

Meat consumption can be challenging for a person with diabetes due to the fat content in the meat, which can trigger high cholesterol levels and heart diseases. Therefore, one must consider the following preventive measures.

  • It is recommended to stick to lean meats like fish, chicken (without skin), duck, pheasant (without skin), and plant-based alternatives.
  • Avoid meats high in saturated fats, trans-fats, and meat with skin from chicken, duck, and pheasant.
  • Avoid consuming too much meat.
  • Avoid deep-fried meat as it can further increase blood sugar levels and may also lead to cardiac disorders.

How Does the Cooking Method of Duck Affect Diabetes?

Is duck meat good for diabetes? Duck meat can be suitable for persons with diabetes if it is cooked properly. The healthiest way of cooking a duck depends on whether you retain or remove the skin and the method employed for cooking. The following tips may help in cooking healthy duck recipes, particularly for persons with diabetes.

  • Prepare the duck traditionally. Avoid adding too much sugar, salt, or fat.
  • A roasted duck with vegetables is a healthier option.
  • Remove the skin as it is high in fat content, and can increase blood sugar and heart disorders.
  • Avoid frying and using too much oil. This can lead to an increase in fat content, which is detrimental to your heart and overall health. 

Essential Cooking Tips

The following cooking tips are useful to ensure that the duck is cooked healthily.

  • Remove the skin of the duck before cooking.
  • Avoid deep-frying ducks.
  • Resort to alternative healthy ways of cooking like grilled and baked duck.
  • Roasting or baking by using an oven rotisserie is another healthy option of cooking duck.
  • Poaching duck, in which moist heat is used to submerge the duck in a liquid and cook it, is a healthy option.


This article describes the benefits and adverse effects of duck meat consumption. Duck meat is not bad if consumed in moderation. The fat content of duck makes it a less healthy option. Moreover, there are other healthier options like chicken, fish, and turkey. A duck is good if consumed in moderation, following healthy cooking habits. Duck meat has unsaturated fats that reduce cholesterol levels in individuals with diabetes. However, one should consume duck only if the blood sugar is under control. One can opt for baked, grilled, boiled, or poached duck. Duck is rich in vitamins, minerals, and is good for the heart and suitable for people with diabetes if consumed in moderation. 




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