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Fat burner supplements that will help you lose weight

People can have a hard time losing weight because certain characteristics, traits, medical conditions, genetics, food habits, lifestyle, etc influence weight loss and weight gain. Many people feel like they do everything right, however, they do not end up losing the desired inches or kilos. This process can be more intricate than simply exercising or not eating sugar. Therefore, people might often need to take help from additional fat loss supplements that will help them reach their goal faster. These supplements can be helpful in certain cases where weight loss becomes absolutely essential. In certain cases of thyroid, PCOS, etc, one cannot seem to lose weight naturally and might end up gaining more! This can also aggravate the symptoms of the medical condition they are dealing with in the first place. This can turn into a vicious cycle that may need external support to break. Also know about the body fat percentage.

How do Fat Burner Supplements work?

Weight loss supplements work as they increase the resting metabolic rate of your body. The active ingredients in these supplements ensure that your body is working hard to get rid of the body fat that is not resolving itself. There is a significant amount of research that goes into the support of how well these fat-burning supplements may work, however, several different angles need to be explored to still come up with a holistic picture of what these would look like in various conditions. The effectiveness of these pills may, sometimes, be put into question, even though they are commonly used. The makers and companies claim that the best supplements for weight loss actually work to block the fat from building up, restrict carbohydrate absorption within the body, curb your appetite, and also speed up the metabolism. It is vital to take precautions while using these supplements especially if you are dealing with any comorbid condition. Also know about the weight loss plateau.

List of fat burner supplements for weight loss 

  1. Green coffee bean extract – Coffee beans that have not been roasted can be very effective weight loss supplements. The two compounds that they have – caffeine and chlorogenic acid work very well to get the desired results. Caffeine can increase the overall burning of fat and chlorogenic acid slows the breakdown of carbs in the gut making this one of the best supplements for weight loss.
  2. Caffeine – The most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world can act as one of the weight loss supplements for women and men. It is found naturally in coffee, green tea, and dark chocolate, and can also be added to many processed foods and beverages. It boosts metabolism and regulates body weight as it can burn more calories with the help of increased heat production. 
  3. Raspberry Ketones – This compound is found in raspberries and has a distinct smell. They are sold as weight loss supplements in the market as it increases the breakdown of fat and the production of a hormone – adiponectin. Studies have shown that it can be some of the best weight loss supplements for men and women and can depict up to 2% weight loss.
  4. Green tea extract – This is another popular substance found in many weight loss pills. The main antioxidant, EGCG assists in the process of hindering enzymes like pancreatic lipase that can have an effect on overall fat absorption and is a good way to treat obesity as fat-burning supplements.
  5. Conjugated linoleic acid – This is one of the most highly-used compounds in the best supplements for weight loss. Being a healthy trans fat, it is found naturally in cheese and butter and it can reduce appetite, boost metabolism, and can hasten the breakdown of body fat.
  6. Forskolin – This is a plant extract from the mint family. It works by increasing the level of a compound called cAMP that can stimulate fat burning. Studies showed that it is one of the best weight loss supplements for men but may not be very effective for women.
  7. Bitter orange or synephrine – This is a type of orange that contains the compound synephrine. Related to ephedrine, synephrine is an ingredient used in weight loss supplements. It can help to reduce appetite and increase the burning of body fat. 

Capsules – Several capsules that combine these ingredients are also popular in the Indian market. These best weight loss supplements for women and men of different ages should only be taken upon the advice of a doctor. Multiple supplements are present to choose from:

  1. Sinew Nutrition Natural Fat Burner 5x – This is one of the popular fat loss supplements in India containing a combination of green tea, green coffee, and Garcinia Cambogia extracts. The components are used in many natural fat-burning supplements owing to their efficacy in giving the desired results. They keep a check on the appetite and therefore, help manage the overall weight. The antioxidants present also energize the body and keep it refreshed and active. 
  2. HealthVIt Keto Fat Burner Capsule – Based on the keto mechanism, these can be considered some of the best supplements for weight loss as they have an effective mechanism to burn your body fat using natural components. It is a soy and gluten-free product making it healthy even for people who are allergic or living with diabetes. 
  3. Himalayan Organics Plant-based CLA 1000 fat burner supplement – For plant-based fat loss supplements, choose this one to burn body fat. It is derived solely from plant sources and therefore, may not cause side effects. Along with being good weight loss supplements for women, they can also boost your energy as it enhances metabolism. 


If you are looking to lose weight and are finding it tough to do it naturally, you can give fat loss supplements a fair chance. These can play an important role in making your body more conducive to losing weight when it is getting difficult for the body to achieve the goal by itself. Choose supplements that will have the least side effects if any. Choose between natural ingredients or a combination of them in the form of supplements. Make sure to consult your doctor, specialist, or your team of healthcare professionals before you begin taking these supplements regularly. 

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Do fat burners work?

While there is no concrete evidence that even the best weight loss supplements for women or men may work in their entirety, they still do not contain substances that would put a person in harm’s way. They may not be 100% effective but they may not be dangerous. However, exercise caution and consult your doctor before you begin them.

What is the strongest fat burner?

Fat-burning supplements that focus on belly fat can be considered the strongest. Several combinations are available in the market to choose from and you can select the ones that you think will be suited to your needs

Do fat burners work without exercise?

Yes, fat burners can work even without exercise, but the progress may be slow and not sustainable. However, if you pair these supplements with an ample amount of exercise, the increase in metabolism would be much faster. The energy boost you may receive upon the use of fat burners can be used in the form of exercise for increased effects. Also know about the progressive resistance exercise.


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