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How To Lose Back Fat: Most Effective Ways

Your back supports your spine and provides the needed stability and flexibility to allow movement. When it becomes weak, you may experience injuries, pain, and strain in the back area that would significantly interfere with your daily life. You may also experience back pain if you accumulate too much fat in the area. If you follow a sedentary lifestyle and don’t exercise often, back fat can develop pretty fast. But there are ways you can follow to lose back fat. We have curated the most effective exercises you can regularly follow to tone your back and shred all the extra fat. Also know about yoga exercise for diabetes

What Causes Back Fat?

Excess body fat generally makes its way to the back, increasing your clothing size and indicating you are at a significantly higher risk of being overweight. Though genetics, medicines, and medical conditions can be the reason behind the growing back fat, an unhealthy diet, and a sedentary lifestyle are the most common reasons.  

Exercises for Back Fat

Losing back fat can be easy if you follow some effective exercises consistently. Some of the best exercises based on your back level have been shared below. Also know about importance of warm up exercise.

Toning Exercises for the Upper Back

You can come across numerous exercises designed for toning your upper back, but not all are ideal for beginners. If you wish to begin your back fat loss journey, start by doing the following exercises:

  • Lateral Raises with Dumbbells

It is a form of weight training that is easy to follow. You can start lateral raises as they work on shoulder muscles to improve the definition around the back and shoulders. Beginners can start with lower weights. Start by holding dumbbells in both hands. Once you’re ready, raise the dumbbells sideways until your arms are parallel with the floor. With proper control, return the arms slowly to your body. Avoid shrugging while doing lateral raises.

  • Rowing

Most gyms have rowing equipment wherein you can mimic the motion of rowing a boat using a row machine. You just have to sit, keeping your back straight, and firmly grip the resistance band on both sides of the machine before starting. Now draw your arms and bend your elbows while pulling the band. You will lean in the process, following which you will return to the starting position. This should be repeated for at least a few minutes.

Toning Exercises for the Mid Back 

You can follow the exercises shared below to tone your mid back.

  • Bridge Position

This exercise aims to strengthen and tone your back, helping you maintain a good posture. You can start by lying on your back. Keep your knees bent, feet flat, and arms resting by the side. Now raise your pelvic towards the ceiling, squeeze your buttock, and hold this position for five seconds before lowering down. Repeat this exercise at least fifteen times for the best results.

  • Cobra Pose

People doing yoga must be aware of the cobra pose. It helps strengthen and tone the muscles around your spine. You can start by lying facing down on the floor. Keep the hands flat under the shoulder. Now lift your head and chest by engaging your leg muscles and buttock. Try to maintain a straight arms position during the entire process. Hold this posture for approximately ten to twenty seconds, then return to the original position. Repeat it for a few minutes daily for some results.

Toning Exercises for the Lower Back

You can lose back fat if you start doing the following exercise, designed especially for your lower back.

  • Reverse Hip Raise Using an Exercise Ball

This low-impact exercise can be done using a comfortable exercise ball. Start by lying your belly on the ball, eyes looking at the ground, palms flat on the floor, and both legs comfortably bent at the knee. When you’re ready, squeeze your glute muscles and try to balance on the ball while pressing your legs up. During the entire exercise, the ball should remain stable. You can hold this position effortlessly for a few seconds before lowering your legs. Repeat it for at least a few minutes. 

  • Side Jackknife

It is an effective and easy exercise that targets your love handles and lower back simultaneously. You can begin by lying on your right side with legs stacked over each other. Now gently place your left hand behind your head. The right hand can rest wherever you feel comfortable. Once ready, squeeze your obliques while drawing your left leg towards your left arm. Try to bring the bent left arm closer to your left knee. Repeat it several times for visible results. Also know about weight loss tips for women.

Diet Tips to Lose Back Fat

Besides regular exercises, you should also follow a balanced diet to lose back fat. Some timeless and practical ways to lose back fat include maintaining a calorie-deficit diet and eating nutrient-dense food. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat cuts, nuts, whole grains, and beans are some items that should be included in the diet. Avoid consuming sugar and saturated fat for the best results. Also know about vegetarian protein diet.

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Other Lifestyle Changes

You can choose to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but losing back fat would require more effort. One thing that deserves your attention is your sleep. Since your body rejuvenates during sleep hours, you shouldn’t deprive your body of this much-needed rest. When you get enough sleep and use stress relief strategies like practicing yoga, meditation, etc., you can expect better results. 


No one likes getting fat accumulated in any part of their body. Fat storage in the back means a dent in your desired lean body image. If you have tried many things to lose back fat but couldn’t get any visible results, now is the time to resume your fat loss journey. You can follow all the exercises and tips discussed above to reduce back fat significantly. The tips covered promote a steady and healthy back fat loss, so you can expect to witness good results. Also know about blood sugar normal level chart.


How Long Does it Ideally Take to Get Rid of Back Fat?

If you are following a calorie deficit diet and doing regular exercises, you can expect to lose around 0.9 kg to 1 kg every week. The weight loss will not occur at the back specifically, but with consistent efforts, you can start noticing the desired results. It is crucial that you follow a healthy diet during the entire process. 

Can Walking Reduce Back Fat?

Walking has always been an effective way of burning calories, but you cannot expect to reduce your lower fat by walking for a few minutes daily. Regular walking can help you lose overall weight, especially when paired with resistance training. Keeping your nutrition at healthy levels is also essential for visible results. 

What Causes Back Fat in Females?

Females leading a sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet, and no exercise routine can develop back fat. People who consume high sodium and sugar are also prone to developing back fat. But you can eliminate your body fat by switching to a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Is Back Fat Normal?

If most of your back fat is due to genetics, it can be viewed as normal. But if you have developed it over a period due to your sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, it should not be treated normally.


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