Weight Loss Tips for Women
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Weight Loss Maxims for Women

Weight of the body is related to the overall health of the body in many ways. People who gain weight often start facing health issues that make weight loss further difficult. When you are looking for ways to reduce your weight, it is essential to not compromise on the needs of the body. You can consciously make changes in your diet and regime but it isn’t healthy to starve your body or put it in a state of shock in order to lose weight. Here are some weight loss tips for women that will aid you on your journey to weight loss.

Weight Loss Maxims for Women

1. Hydrate Yourself

Hydration is a key step in ensuring you lose weight in a healthy manner. It ensures you feel full while flushing out the toxins from your body more frequently along with the free radicals. It also ensures that your body retains less water and does not bloat. According to various studies, 500 ml of water can increase the calories burned by 30 percent after 30 to 40 minutes. Drinking water before a meal can help in weight loss as well. 

2. Eat right

It is no surprise that carbs make you feel hungrier and you tend to eat more and the number of calories consumed automatically increases. At the same time increase in fiber intake can keep you satiated for longer. Even when you are picking up a snack between meal times, ensure it is not something that is going to add calories but no nutritive value to your body. This is one of the best ways to lose weight. Also read about benefits of dates for diabetes

3. Keep walking

20 to 40 minutes of cardio every day makes a lot of difference. You can make a 7-day plan for the week to ensure you are getting cardio in various forms. You can opt for dance, jogging, power walking, and many other cardio exercises that can burn extra calories. 

4. Eat slowly

There are many reasons why you were asked to chew your food for a long time. Allow your brain to receive the signal that the stomach is full. You may not have the same appetite every time. Enjoy the food with all your senses and avoid sitting in front of the TV. You can start with smaller portions and take more if you feel hungry. 

5. Be active

A lot of times, you don’t have the time to squeeze in a workout. At such times it is essential to find smaller opportunities and take them. Take the elevators instead of stairs, walk around when you are on the phone, go to the local shops around your house on foot, and try to commute by bicycle or walking if the distance is less. Being active throughout the day can help you complete your goals for the day. 

6. Labels may lie

There may be some ambiguity when it comes to the nutritional labels on food items. They may have undisclosed ingredients or they may not have disclosed them in a proper manner. Either way, it is not wise to trust the labels of packaged food completely. A particular item may claim to be healthy however check the sugar, fat, trans fat, and sodium levels in that item. 

7. Eat protein

There are studies that mention that increasing the amount of protein in your diet by 15%, decreases your calorie intake by 441 calories and can reduce your weight up to 5 kgs. Meat, eggs, dairy, poultry, seafood, and legumes are a vital part of your diet. Proteins can make you feel full, cut down on cravings between meals, and boost metabolism. The best way to consume proteins is to spread out the consumption throughout the day in various meals. For example, you can start the day with eggs and have chicken for lunch and dinner. This may be the best way to lose belly fat for women. 

8. Eating rules

Rules for eating are different for everybody based on their current position and their ultimate goals. It depends on your age, weight, height, gender, and many such factors. The most basic rule to remember is to not eat because your timetable says so. Listen to your body carefully and if a particular dish, ingredient, or even time of the day is not suiting you, make the necessary changes. Make your own rules like no sugary food items, or no refined and packaged foods. You can also add a few rules for exercising to ensure you stay motivated. 

9. Eating out of boredom

Every time you are bored, you end up opening the fridge and looking for something to eat. Although you may feel hungry between meals and it’s important to avoid eating when you have nothing else to do. This can be detrimental to your progress. When you turn to mindless munching, you rarely count the calories you are taking in. 

10. Avoid stress

One of the things that can cause consistent weight gain or difficulty in dropping extra weight is high levels of stress. Stress alters your eating habits, portion size, metabolic rates, and so on. If you are stressed out, find ways that will help you regain mental balance while on your journey to weight loss. It can cause blocks in the way of the best way to lose weight fast as well. 

11. Everything you need is within you

Most of us think about high-end products when we think about going to the gym. Fitness is about what your body can do and what you can do for your body. You need not join gyms or fitness clubs to ensure you are fit. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that will remain comfortable after you sweat. What you need is the will to exercise and become fitter and healthier. 

12. Ensure a regular sleep schedule

A lot of people forego this requirement in order to squeeze in more time exercising. Ironically, studies suggest that sleep is just as important for weight loss as exercise. A study also shows that women who sleep for 8 hours at night and improve the quality of their sleep have a higher chance of losing weight by 33%. This is one of the easy ways to lose weight. 

13. Measure calorific intake

It is advisable to keep a journal or an app handy to measure the calories you are consuming throughout the day. This will allow you to plan your meals and exercise regime better. 

14. Set possible goals

When you are just starting out, start slowly and increase the intensity of your efforts. For example, don’t try to run 5 km on the first day. Start with 500 mtr and then slowly progress. If you set possible goals, you are not adding stress to your day and treating your body right. 

15. Understand diets and fasting

You can benefit a lot from experimenting with intermittent fasting. At the same time, there are various types of diets that you can use to ensure you get the maximum out of your efforts. Don’t haphazardly try to fit in a diet and intermittent fasting after listening to random fat loss tips. Do your research about which goes together with what.


How fast will you lose weight?

The amount of time it takes someone to lose weight depends on their body type, their weight, the kind of lifestyle they lead, the kind of food they eat and their genetics. Whether a person exercises everyday or not also makes a huge difference when it comes to losing weight fast. 

Regular and consistent exercise, along with a balanced nutritious diet will go a long way in helping you shed extra kilos. If you only focus on working out or only focus on dieting, losing weight will end up becoming a long and drawn out process as these things need to go hand in hand for fast and healthy weight loss. It also depends what a person weighs and how much body fat they have when they have begun their journey of weight loss. 

What is the fastest but healthy way for weight loss?

There is no one exact way to lose weight quickly as every body type is different and different factors affect the process of weight loss. Consulting a physical trainer and a nutritionist is a good way to kickstart this journey as they can help you achieve your goals in the fastest way possible. Other than that, there are ways that one can lose weight fast and still remain healthy:

  • Increasing protein in your diet and cutting out sugar and fried food is a good way to manage your diet.
  • This will help you lose fat faster and build more lean muscle when paired with exercise.
  • Regularly working out or working out 5 times a week at a moderate level for at least 40 minutes will also help you lose weight without straining yourself or harming your body.

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