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Is Brandy Good for Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease today. That being said, it is something that can be managed and controlled. Over the years, various studies and research have been made to determine the impact of various foods on the condition. Alcohol is one such substance, the impact of which has been studied on diabetic patients extensively.

People often wonder if alcohol, particularly brandy, can be consumed by individuals with diabetes. It is well-known that individuals with diabetes should not consume alcohol. This is because the cause of low blood sugar can be a consequence of drinking alcohol. However, doctors suggest that a small amount of alcohol may not be that harmful. Let us look at the impact of brandy on a person’s health in general and on diabetic patients in particular.

Whisky, or Brandy which is good for diabetes

Water is an absolute essential for people dealing with diabetes. Drinking water can help eliminate high levels of glucose through urine, thus, reduce sugar. A few other drinks that may prove to be healthy are herbal tea, unsweetened coffee, vegetable juice, low-fat milk, etc.

Brandy consists of varied forms of antioxidants. These work to eliminate the ill effects of free radicals from the body. Due to this mechanism, unhealthy cells cannot mutate in the body; thus, they bring about an overall improvement. As a result, the skin starts to look better, and eyesight and cognitive abilities are identifiable changes. 

How many calories are in brandy? - Whisky and brandy are both distilled beverages with comparable calorie and alcohol content. However, the effect on blood sugar levels varies according on the person, how much is taken, and whether or not there are other additives like mixers or sweeteners.

Is alcohol bad for diabetesIf you have diabetes and decide to drink, it's crucial to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels and talk to your doctor about what is safe for you. Aside from avoiding sugary mixers and snacks that can further raise blood sugar levels, it's crucial to drink a lot of water.

However, in the case of individuals with diabetes, one of the foremost criteria is to avoid calories. On the other hand, Brandy has around 210 calories in 100 ml. Hence, drinking brandy cannot help the body gain any benefits, only a few extra calories. To simplify, although brandy is considered beneficial on many fronts, researchers have not acquired enough evidence in this field. The half-known truth about alcohol and its ill effects often misguides people.

According to a larger consensus, drinking in moderation may be good. The so-called acceptable amount of alcohol usually stands at 30 ml. Yet, no one stops at a single glass. Binge drinking is harmful to both the mind and the body. Alcohol can create a hassle in one’s life. It is not an answer to your diabetic problems. Alcohol has a direct impact on blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that tasting this drink should be done after following expert advice. 

Is mansion house brandy good for health? - As an alcoholic beverage, brandy, including Mansion House brandy, should be consumed in moderation. While moderate alcohol intake may have certain health benefits, excessive alcohol use can have a number of detrimental effects on the body, including liver damage, high blood pressure, and an increased chance of developing some types of cancer.

Brandy Benefits for Diabetes

Brandy health benefits - Yes, brandy is good for health if consumed in moderation. The best part of this drink is its good taste, high alcohol content, and plenty of health benefits. Since it is prepared using a fruit mash, anyone can enjoy it as a late-evening drink or an after-dinner drink. Some people assume brandy is bad for health, but scientists have identified multiple health benefits related to brandy. If you have any type of diabetes and are planning to drink brandy occasionally, you may proceed with this decision. To give answers to your ‘is brandy good for health’ question, we have listed below some of its top health benefits.

1. Boosts Immune System

Brandy has been an effective drink for people with cold and flu. It contains antibacterial components, and the high alcohol composition helps lower cold, cough, and throat pain. The relaxing quality and warming nature of this drink has been a trusted and highly reliable source of maintaining a healthy immune system for hundreds of years.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

Why spend several hundreds of thousands of rupees on anti-aging treatments when you can get impressive results from a simple yet delicious alcoholic drink? Brandy is rich in antioxidant compounds essential for eliminating the effect of free radicals. It helps mutate healthy cells in our body faster. As a result, you notice a drastic reduction in skin wrinkles, poor vision, cognitive issues, and various aging symptoms.

3. Aids with Peaceful Sleep

The soothing and relaxing properties enriched in brandy make it an excellent after-dinner drink. It quickly induces a person to a peaceful, healthy, and sound sleep. If you have irregular sleep patterns or have difficulty getting to sleep on time, taking a few sips of brandy before going to bed can make a big difference. Just ensure you don’t take it when you’re preparing to sleep.

4. Helps Your Arteries with Inflammation Alleviation

Brandy is rich in polyphenolic compounds, which are proven to reduce inflammation in arteries. Even a few sips of brandy daily can help you lower your blood pressure levels. It is also considered a great drink that can help you reduce symptoms of cardiovascular problems. So if you were feeling guilty about getting brandy for yourself, now is the time to go ahead and get a bottle. However, we’d suggest consuming it in moderation.

5. Helps Reduce Cholesterol & Body Weight

Whether you have high cholesterol levels or have put up extra weight, brandy can help normalize these levels. How many carbs are in brandy? - Brandy has low cholesterol and fewer carbs, making it easier to control your weight and cholesterol levels. If you are wondering about the calories in brandy, a 100 ml bottle contains approximately 220 calories. Since brandy is rich in antioxidant compounds, you can also have this drink as an aperitif. The rich antioxidant compound in brandy enables it to remove bad cholesterol from arteries, making space for good.

Does Brandy increase Blood Sugar?

Brandy, in moderate amounts, has been known not to cause any ill effects to the body. However, excessive brandy consumption can cause a fall in your blood sugar level. Thus, hypoglycemia can be a complication if excessive brandy consumption becomes a part of your lifestyle.

The guidelines allow two units of alcohol consumption for women and three units for men. Therefore, people with diabetes should, at most times, refrain from drinking alcohol. However, it is understandable how alcohol may become a part of the addiction for many people. This, however, can lead to a life-threatening situation.

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What are the Side Effects of Drinking Brandy?

If you were wondering, ‘whisky or brandy, which is good for diabetes,’ we’d say brandy. However, overconsuming it can lead to severe side effects. Some common side effects related to over-drinking brandy have been shared below.

1.Increased Risk of Cardiovascular System Issues

100mg brandy contains approximately 14 grams of alcohol. So if you consume excessive brandy regularly, the high alcohol content can put your cardiovascular system under extreme stress. Overconsumption can lead to inflammation in your blood vessels. Your heart health and cholesterol levels can also be affected. Some long-term effects of excess brandy consumption include heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and an irregular heart rate.

2.Brain Damage & Mental Health Problems

Drinking excessive brandy for an extended period can lead to long-term brain damage. Wernicke’s encephalopathy and memory loss are severe brain conditions linked to heavy drinking. Continuous and excessive alcohol abuse can also lead to multiple mental health problems. The alcohol in brandy alters how neurotransmitters work in your brain, changing how it puts out feelings of reward and motivation.

Making your brain dependent on alcohol for its neurotransmitters can put you at severe risk of alcohol addiction. If you already have depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems, excess brandy consumption can worsen these conditions.

3.Liver Damage

Ethanol is an active ingredient in brandy, which is broken down in the liver. With time, the liver gets exposed more to alcohol than other body parts, placing it at a higher risk of damage. Prolonged alcohol abuse can lead to fatty liver disease, liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, and even liver failure.

If you don’t want to experience rapid blood sugar drops leading to hypoglycemia or want brandy to negatively affect your central nervous system, controlling your brandy consumption becomes essential. You can talk to your doctor to determine the ideal quantity you can consume daily based on your health goals and conditions. 

Nutrition Profile

Nutritional Profile of Brandy (One Serving of 42 grams or 1.5 ounces)

Nutritional Profile of Brandy (One Serving of 42 grams or 1.5 ounces)          
Fiber                                                                 0 grams  
Protein                                                               0 grams  
Sodium                                                                 0.42 mg  
Sugars                                                                 0 grams  
Alcohol                                                               14 grams
Fat                                                                   0 grams  
Carbohydrates                                                         0 grams  

One serving of brandy (approximately 42 grams) contains 97 calories. If you keep track of your daily calorie budget, ensure you include it after consumption.

Effects of Overconsuming Brandy

  1. Loss of balance
  2. Impairment
  3. Headache 
  4. Drowsiness
  5. Dizziness
  6. Brain damage and mental health problems
  7. Cardiovascular issues
  8. Liver damage

Brandy, along with its adverse effects and nutritional facts, does not give us as much evidence when it comes to the link between itself and diabetes. Studies have been conducted to determine if diabetic people may benefit from drinking brandy. The answer comes down as plain and evident that even if moderate brandy consumption might be helpful, excessive use of it is fatal to health.


Therefore, to sum it up, we can conclude that although brandy may have its list of benefits, it is not a suitable drink for individuals with diabetes. In addition, people with higher blood sugar levels have some jotted-down rules that state alcohol consumption is to be avoided. Also know about prediabetes diet.


1. Can people with type 2 diabetes drink Brandy?

Drinking brandy in moderation may not cause any adverse effects on individuals with diabetes. However, since there is not much evidence-based research on the same topic, therefore refraining from the drink is judicious.

2. Is Brandy good for Blood Pressure?

Brandy comprises polyphenolic compounds, which help reduce arterial inflammation and blood pressure levels. However, even though brandy is good in this perspective, it only needs to be consumed in restricted amounts.

3. Is Brandy good for your kidneys?

Drinking excessive brandy may dehydrate your body, leaving your kidneys impaired. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult your doctor before changing your diet and lifestyle.

4. Whisky or Brandy, Which is Considered Good for Diabetes?

Whisky is good for people with diabetes since it contains no carbs, no sugar, and no fat. But if you still want to drink brandy occasionally, ensure you consume it in moderation to prevent reaching unhealthy blood sugar levels.

5. What are the Side effects of Brandy?

The ill effects of brandy include abnormality in enzyme production, impairment in endocrine and digestive glands, dependency and reproductive issues.

6. What is the Benefit of Drinking Brandy?

Brandy is rich in antibacterial properties and antioxidants that help fight cold, cough, throat pain, etc., with ease. Moderate consumption also leads to boosting the immune system. Some other benefits of drinking brandy include inducing sound sleep, reducing skin wrinkles, alleviating inflammation of arteries, reducing cholesterol levels, and maintaining healthy weight levels.




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