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Glucometers Available in India

With the increased prevalence of diabetes in India and all across the world, scientists, researchers, and other experts are striving to make the overall life and quality of living easier and better. In general, the life of a person with diabetes is not like a walk in the park. The daily struggles that they may have to go through and the changes that occur in their life as a result of this diagnosis can lead to a lot of physical and mental distress. Also know about diabetologist.

The advancement in science and newer technological discoveries are looking for ways to ease the distress caused due to diabetes. This can be in terms of better testing and accurate diagnosis, better insurance and medical policies, newer devices, better ways to inject insulin, more nuanced medications, etc. From applications for counting carbs to booking an appointment with expert endocrinologists, all of these aspects need to find a way to automate themselves for better management of a T1D or T2D’s life.

How to Choose Glucose Monitors and Meters?

Choose Right Glucometer

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will require a diabetes checking machine to regularly measure and display the sugar (glucose) levels in your blood. Every activity, from stress to exercise, eating food to taking medicines, influences your blood sugar level. So checking it daily is crucial to managing your diabetes better. If the many glucometer options in India confuse you, consider following the below-mentioned steps to pick the best option.

  • Ease of Use
    Since you will be using it every day, getting a glucose reading machine that is easy to hold and use is essential. Some glucometers are easier to use than others. While evaluating your shortlisted options, check how easy it is to see the numbers on the screen, whether the strips and meter are comfortable to hold, how much blood will be required to test the glucose levels, and how easy it is to get blood on the strips. These are some questions you can ask yourself before buying any glucometer.
  • Look for Special Features
    If you have any specific feature requirement, ensure the shortlisted glucometer fulfills it. Large and easy-to-handle buttons, an illuminated display, and a glucometer with audio function for people with impaired vision are some special features one may look for while buying a glucometer.
  • Information Storage & Retrieval
    While buying a blood sugar test machine, check how the meter stores, displays, and retrieves information. Some glucometers are designed to track the date and time of the test, the result, and glucose trends over time. Some modern and advanced versions offer the option to share your glucose readings in real-time with your doctor through a smartphone app. Certain meters may allow you to download your glucose readings, which can later be emailed to your doctor. The information storage and retrieval features vary from one meter to another, so look for an option providing the most advanced features.
  • Support
    All top glucometers from well-known brands offer a toll-number number that people can dial for assistance. Although glucometers come with proper manuals to help you understand the best practices to use, you may still require the manufacturer’s help to understand certain functions. So always invest in a glucometer from a brand known to offer excellent customer support.

You can also consider the cost of the meter while filtering glucometers. Don’t forget to factor in the price of test strips compatible with the meter since it will be a significant recurring expense in the long run.

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Tips for Using Glucometer Devices

Once you’ve bought the best sugar testing machine using the tips shared above, it’s time to start using it effectively. If you are using a glucometer for the first time, the following tips will help you use it correctly.

  • Wash your hands properly before using a glucometer. Ensure you let your hands dry completely before pricking the finger to collect a drop of blood.
  • Before pricking the finger, the strip should be properly inserted into the meter slot.
  • Always use a clean lancet to prick the finger. You can prepare the lancing device by 
  • twisting and removing the cap from the device. The lancet then needs to be correctly inserted into the holder. You can then reattach the cap and adjust the meter according to your skin thickness.
  • Now prick the fingertip using the lancet and let the strip collect a blood drop.
  • You can then place a cotton pad on the prick site to prevent further blood flow.

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10 Best Glucometers in India

Finding the best glucometer in India can be challenging, considering the number of options available. Hence to make your buying decision easier, we have listed below the top ten glucometers in the Indian market that are considered the best by medical practitioners and diabetes patients. So let’s quickly explore the top ten glucometers shared below.

Best Glucometer in India

Finding the best glucometer in India can be challenging, considering the number of options available. Hence to make your buying decision easier, we have listed below the top ten glucometers in the Indian market that are considered the best by medical practitioners and diabetes patients. So let’s quickly explore the top ten glucometers shared below.

1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu-Chek is a well-known brand in the Indian space and is known to provide authentic glucometers at reasonable price points. Its MRP is Rs.999, but you may find it at a discounted price online. This glucometer is easy to use, travel-friendly, and allows you to double-check the display result for better accuracy. You can only use Accu-Check active test strips with this device. You can check its pros and cons to take an informed decision.


  • 8 seconds re-dose option
  • Visual double-check
  • Easy to use
  • Gives accurate results
  • Two-button intuitive handling


  • Expensive
  • Not rechargeable 

2.  Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

Another excellent glucometer from Accu-Chek, this device comes with effortless wireless synchronization and gives accurate blood sugar readings. This glucometer promises visual reassurance with a target range indicator, decent memory capacity, 4 seconds of testing time, and a good warranty. The MRP of this device is Rs.1,549, but you may find it at a discounted price online. You can check its pros and cons to understand the device better.


  • Faster test time
  • USB transfer support
  • Easy-edge testing strips
  • Good memory capacity
  • No set-up required


  • The test accuracy is moderate and can be improved

3.  Dr. Trust Blood Sugar Testing Machine

A fully automatic glucometer, this device gives you accurate blood glucose readings within seconds. What makes this glucometer different from others is its alarm function. The glucometer lets users set the alarm to remind them to take the measurement.

It even avoids potential interference from blood oxygen variations, maltose, and galactose from influencing the glucose reading. Although the glucometer price is Rs. 1,800, you can find it at a discounted price online. The pros and cons of this device are listed below.


  •  LCD display with backlight feature
  • GDH-FAD-based test strips
  • Three modes (General, AC, and PC) for ease of use
  • Early warning feature for rising ketones
  • Alarm function


  • The warranty period is less
  • Test results are moderately accurate

4. MOREPEN Blood Glucose Level Monitor

This glucometer has a compact and beautifully-designed lightweight body, making it easy to use. The large LCD makes reading the results easy, and the built-in strip ejector ensures you don’t have to touch the used strips. You generally get 25 test strips and a lancing device with the glucometer, so you have everything to start reading your blood glucose levels instantly.

This device generates results within 5 seconds, and you also get an extended warranty. The sugar testing machine price is approximately Rs. 1,490 for this device, but you can mostly find it at a discounted price online. You can check this device’s pros and cons to make an informed buying decision.


  • Large LCD for better result display
  • Reasonable price
  • Built-in strip ejector
  • It comes with a lancing device
  • Beeper alert
  • Ergonomic model


  • Test strips have quick expiry dates
  • Missing backlight on the display
  • Very few service centers

5. Beat O Smart Glucometer Kit

This compact, easy-to-carry glucometer comes with 50 strips and gives faster, accurate blood glucose reading results. You can also use the BeatO app to track your blood glucose levels, get reminders, and set goals. The device comes in a neatly packed carrying case, so you can easily take it wherever you want.

This glucometer is clinically approved for its accurate readings and is ISO certified. You can easily connect this device to your smartphone with its 3.5 mm audio jack. The MRP of this device is Rs. 1,900, but you can easily find it at discounted prices online. Check its pros and cons shared below to make informed buying decisions.


  • Long battery life
  • It can be directly connected to your smartphone using a 3.5mm jack
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to carry while traveling


  • The test accuracy can be improved
  • Warranty is lesser compared to other similar devices


6. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

This glucometer is all you need if you are looking for pain-free glucose testing. This easy-to-use diabetes checking machine has a large display, and the test strips are comparatively easy to insert. All the strips that come with this device are color-coded, so inserting the strips correctly in the right direction won’t be a problem.

This glucometer meets the international standards of EN ISO 15197:2015 for accuracy. You can only use OneTouch Select Plus test strips with this device. The MRP of this device is Rs.1,147, and you can easily buy it at a discounted price online. You can also check its pros and cons to make better buying decisions.


  • It comes with a beep and color alert system
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Large display to read test results
  • No set-up required
  • Pain-free testing


  • Cannot keep track of past and average blood glucose levels
  • Test accuracy can be improved

7. OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

If you are looking for the best sugar testing machine in India, consider getting a OneTouch Verio Flex blood glucose monitor. This glucometer offers a simple 2-step testing feature and accurate glucose testing results. You can also use the OneTouch Reveal app and this glucometer to track your glucose level records. The device features a compact and ergonomic design, so using it becomes incredibly easy and simple.

It also offers a logbook that transforms your collected data and presents it in beautiful snapshots so you can better understand the details. This device has an MRP of Rs.1,262, but you can easily find it at a discounted price online. You can also check its pros and cons shared below.


  • Easy sync with the OneTouch Reveal app
  • Quick testing time
  • Accurate test results
  • Bluetooth smart feature
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Pain-free testing experience


  • Faulty packaging (in some cases)
  • Slightly expensive

8. Beat O CURV Smartphone Connected Glucometer

This blood sugar test machine is compact, easy to carry, and provides real-time accurate glucose readings. Using this glucometer and app, you can monitor trends and analyze past readings via graphs and other beautiful visual representations. You can also connect this device to your smartphone or use its feature-rich BeatO app for the best experience.

This glucometer also quickly shares readings with your family, doctor, etc., via the app. With this glucometer, you get 50 strips, a free waterproof pouch, fifty lancets, and one lancing pen. The MRP of this device is Rs.2,300, but it can easily be found at a significantly discounted price online. You can also check its pros and cons for better clarity.


  • Battery-free
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Color-coded results
  • Auto-save and result-sharing features


  • The warranty period is comparatively lesser
  • Test results are moderately accurate

9. Accusure Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Looking for the best glucometer in India? You might want to check out AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This device is easy to use and shows test results within 8 seconds. This kit has a glucometer device, carry case, 10 lancet needles, a user manual, 25 test strips, and a pricker needle gun. This device is lightweight and features an ergonomic design. The MRP of this glucometer is Rs.700, but you may find it at a discounted price online. Consider checking the pros and cons of this glucometer for better understanding.


  • Easy to use
  • Long warranty period
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Result in 8 seconds


  • Accuracy isn’t too high
  • Test strips are expensive

10.  AMBITECH Elizy Blood Glucose Meter Kit

A simple, easy-to-use, and compact glucometer, this device is the best you can currently get at a low to medium glucometer price point. This kit has everything you would need to start taking your blood glucose readings instantly. A lancing device, 25 test strips, a lightweight glucometer, and a control solution are included in the entire kit. This glucometer is easy to use and shows fast yet accurate test results. The display screen is big enough to show the numbers bigger and better. The MRP of this kit is approximately Rs.1,688, but you can get it for a much-discounted price online. You can also check its pros and cons before buying the device online.


  • Longer warranty period
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Pain-free testing experience


  • Test strips quality can be better
  • The blood sample range needs improvement
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A glucometer is an important device for a person with diabetes to have in their homes. Depending on their treatment regime and the recommendations of their doctors, a person can choose which one they would like to buy that would be most suited. Depending on the price range, accuracy, cost of the strips, etc, this decision can be made. Also know about normal sugar level.


What is the Cost of a Glucometer in India?

A glucometer comes in a wide range of services and prices. If you are looking for the best glucose meter in India, it might cost you around 10.000 rupees. Others would range around 800-1000 as well. Different brands will offer different prices based. 

What is the Difference between a Glucometer and a Lab Test?

A glucometer can be used by the person at home by pricking their fingertips to get a real-time reading of their sugars within 5-10 seconds. A lab test would require blood drawn from the vein and would take a few hours for the results. 

Are Home Glucometers accurate?

Yes, a blood sugar calculator from a reliable and authentic brand would be accurate. You can still calibrate them once every 6 months by comparing the readings to the lab readings.

Can we trust Glucometer readings?

Glucometer readings can be trusted. You can look at the company and its reliability before investing in one. 

Which are the best Glucometer machines in India?

The Indian market offers a wide range of glucometer machines. You can pick the glucometer that matches your budget and specific requirements. Some of the best glucometer machines include Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Glucometer, BeatO Smart Glucometer Kit, AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitor Kit, OneTouch Select Verio Flex Glucometer, and BeatO CURV Glucometer Kit.




This website's content is provided only for educational reasons and is not meant to be a replacement for professional medical advice. Due to individual differences, the reader should contact their physician to decide whether the material is applicable to their case.