Ayurvedic Medicine for Cholesterol
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Best ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol

Ayurveda is one of the most trusted forms of medication since ancient Indian times. While the evolution of modern medicine has helped significantly with many scientific discoveries and provided great results, many still rely heavily upon ayurveda for the issues that they may be facing. Whether it is a cough and cold, diabetes, hair fall, or any other illness, the primary cure and remedy that people seek are often related to the natural ayurvedic ones.

Even for issues like heart problems, many people commonly turn to ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol. This is due to the deep trust and proven results that people have seen with the help of these medications.


The cholesterol ayurveda treatment is not unusual. Cholesterol is naturally present in the body as it is produced by the liver. The function of this waxy substance is to create certain hormones and vitamin D. The right amount of cholesterol in the body can help its proper functioning. The problem arises when people begin to consume a diet that has an ample amount of fat in them which can lead to an even greater production of cholesterol in the body, most of which is harmful. One of the main reasons for higher levels of cholesterol and fat in the body would be a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Since the other method of cholesterol entering the body would be diet, it is important to keep a check on that.

High cholesterol levels in the body are one of the leading causes of atherosclerosis. This can be understood as the hardening of the arteries due to plaque build-up as a result of the extra cholesterol and fat in the body. This condition is one of the leading causes of death as it leads to restricted blood flow to the heart, brain, and peripheral parts of the body. Additionally, the chances of stroke and heart attack are also common due to higher levels of cholesterol in the body.

While multiple people rely on medicines like statins, research has proven the efficacy of ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol. Being one of the oldest medicinal systems in the world, ayurveda uses a combination of diet, supplements, behavioral modification, detoxification, etc to help individuals reach their optimal level of health and prevent diseases.

Best ayurvedic medicines to reduce cholesterol

Research and studies have supported the use of ayurveda to reduce complications and alleviate the symptoms of high cholesterol in the body. Since ayurveda is not only limited to supplements and medication but uses a holistic approach, a huge emphasis is laid on a proper diet and lifestyle changes for fast and sustainable treatment.

The role of a proper diet and a good lifestyle is stressed. Ayurvedic practices involve certain specific dietary modifications to reduce cholesterol levels within the body. This diet would be low in fats and calories. This school of medicine sees the promotion of whole, unprocessed foods, with a major focus on plant-based foods. Restricting the intake of processed foods will cut calories, which is one of the most effective ways to lower cholesterol levels. Additionally, there is a focus on stress reduction, exercise, mindfulness techniques, yoga, breathing, etc that may help reduce the total LDL in the body.

The most effective ayurvedic medicine to reduce cholesterol will be a combination of some common herbs and herbal mixtures. Specific practices of ayurveda might create their own concoctions that will be the best remedy for higher levels of cholesterol. Shilajit, ashwagandha, etc are some of the widely used ayurvedic treatments for high cholesterol levels. The exact mechanisms behind this treatment form may not be clear. However, these herbs are known to be loaded with plant compounds that have properties that work to lower the cholesterol levels in the blood. This is often done by breaking down cholesterol in the body.

The reason why ayurveda is highly effective is that they use treatments and approaches that are tailor-made and specific to the individual needs of a person depending on their levels, history, medications, etc. A variety of different techniques are combined that consider various aspects of health and well-being (physical and mental) to ensure that a person is reaching their optimal levels.

The best ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol is also in the form of supplements. These supplements have herbs like garlic, guggul, and arjuna, among many others that are used to treat the possibly-fatal problem of cholesterol. While it is possible to use these herbs alone, they are often used combined with other popular ayurvedic herbs and added to concoctions. One of the most attractive parts of ayurvedic medicine is that the ingredients are common and can also be found in Indian households. Turmeric, ginger, shilajit, licorice, etc are just a few of the ingredients that are combined to make a mixture that can help you get rid of certain medical issues. However, you may not always be able to prepare these at home. Since ayurveda is also a science, it will be vital to ensure that the mixture is made with the specific ingredients in specific amounts for it to show the maximum results.

The consumption of ayurvedic medicine can happen in different forms – juices, powders, tablets, extracts, decoctions (concentrated herbal preparations, etc)

Ayurvedic Treatment for High Cholesterol and Triglycerides

If you are looking for ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol and triglycerides, you will be able to find a lot of options that can help you achieve great results. Many proven remedies can help you lower cholesterol levels in the body and return your health to its normal functioning. Here are a few things that you can use:

1. Medicago Satina

This is one of the best remedies found in ayurveda for higher levels of cholesterol in the body. Better known as alfalfa, the properties and compounds in this plant is to be able to deal with any artery-related disease. This remedy can clear the arteries of any congestion related to cholesterol. One can consume this daily as a whole or also by mixing them with juice.

2. Arjuna

Another one of the very powerful ayurvedic herbs that are proven to be highly effective in dealing with any kind of cardiac condition. Heart issues like heart attacks, etc can be treated with the help of Arjuna. The bark of the tree is taken and can be consumed in powder form. It works as it can dissolve the cholesterol in the body and prevent heart blockages. Consume this early in the morning, before breakfast – it is usually had with lukewarm water

3. Coriander

Coriander is one of the best herbal diuretic agents. The function is to revitalize the kidneys and enhance their overall performance in terms of better excretion of waste. This will help the kidney flush and remove any excess cholesterol in the body. Coriander can be consumed daily with food as well.

4. Garlic

This ayurvedic medicine for high cholesterol has been popular since ancient times and is known for its multiple health benefits. For people with high cholesterol, two cloves of garlic daily can be extremely beneficial as it completely neutralizes the effect of high cholesterol in the blood. It also frees up the arteries.

5. Guggulu

This herb is also very popular in dealing with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels in the blood. It contains guggulsterone. This is a compound that is an active blocker of bad cholesterol that enters the blood. Even 25mg of this compound is effective enough to make a person completely get rid of high cholesterol. Consume this after any meals.

6. Holy basil (tulsi)

A tulsi plant is commonly seen in most Indian households. It can be used to treat people with high cholesterol levels in their bodies. Tulsi can help the kidneys perform their function better and assist them in eliminating excess cholesterol. Tulsi is also used to prepare multiple medicines and it is a proven medicinal herb. Since it disintegrates cholesterol, 2-3 tulsi leaves can be consumed every day.

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Risk factors of Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol

Ayurvedic medicine may not be associated with any outright risk factors. This is because the medicines are primarily herbal and not chemically produced. However, some herbs may not be suited for everyone. Studies have shown that at times, ayurvedic herbs can be associated with certain side effects and risks like diarrhea, cramps in the abdomen, weakness, skin rashes, etc. Secondly, some plants are known to interfere with prescribed medications like blood thinners, antibiotics, and blood pressure medications.

It would, therefore, be important to not only consult an ayurvedic specialist but also your doctor before you start following any treatment plan

Benefits of Ayurvedic medicine to reduce cholesterol

The best ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol can come with multiple benefits:

  1. It can lower cholesterol levels by promoting faster breakdown. This will ensure that they do not settle and clog the arteries.
  2. They can eliminate cholesterol from the body by enhancing kidney functions.
  3. These medicines can help manage body weight and prevent obesity. Obesity and being overweight are also linked to higher levels of cholesterol in the body.
  4. Ayurvedic diet can help reduce LDL levels and you can consume more foods that will increase the good cholesterol levels.
  5. These medicines are readily available in the Indian scenario as well.


Resorting to treatments and ayurvedic medicine for high cholesterol and triglycerides would be advisable as they are known to be effective. The multiple herbs, mixtures, and concoctions prepared using these techniques work for multiple issues and have their way of dealing with cholesterol by breaking them or helping in their fast excretion. With minimal to no side effects, ayurveda is found to be beneficial for people with high cholesterol in their bodies. Choosing this method will give you a holistic approach to dealing with many medical conditions.


1. Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for high cholesterol?

Several treatments from the school of ayurveda are doing well to help people get rid of high cholesterol. Common ingredients found at home like Tulsi, garlic, turmeric, etc are also used to lower cholesterol levels and help a person reach their optimal level of functioning. Using the help of a professional trained in ayurveda will give you a better result. 

2. What is the best herbal medicine for cholesterol?

Ayurvedic schools of medicine provide the best herbal treatment for people with high cholesterol. It uses a combination of multiple techniques to ensure that a person is getting all-around and holistic care for their symptoms. Additionally, this school tries to make the treatment plan specific to what a person might need.

3. How can I reduce my cholesterol in 7 days in Ayurveda?

The best ayurvedic medicine for high cholesterol combined with a diet that will not increase any fat or cholesterol-inducing aspects would be ideal. Avoid fatty food, cheese, processed foods, high-fat milk products, sugar, etc and keep your ayurvedic treatment going on along with regular exercise to reduce cholesterol levels.

4. What reduces cholesterol quickly naturally?

Foods with omega-3 fatty acids are known to increase the soluble fiber content in the bloodstream. This can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the blood. Having foods like oatmeal, kidney beans, apples, etc can help reduce cholesterol. Diet, exercise, and consumption of ample water can help reduce cholesterol naturally.


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