Fitness & Nutrition Pointers for Women
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Fitness & Nutrition Pointers for Women

Fitness & Nutrition Pointers for Women

Juggling to manage everything well like family, career, kid’s studies and a societal compulsion to look good, sooner or later poses to be very frustrating for women. Doing all of this, women generally don’t take care of their health. But, health must hold the utmost importance when your life requires you to play so many roles simultaneously. This is because you can take care of people only when you keep healthy. So, below you will find all the details about how to keep fit, nutritious and maintain a Healthy Weight!

Fitness Tips for Women

Read along to know what measures you women can take to

1. Do not Skip Breakfast: This is the best way to start up your metabolism and provides you with ample energy to deal with the day. Take some time-out, prepare something healthy for yourself and enjoy the day!

2. Keep Hydrated: Drink on the magic drink throughout the day that is water. It keeps you Fit inside-out.

3. Maintain a Healthy Weight: Please don’t let stress eating make you overweight. Also, there are other ways to Gain Weight. Try to maintain a Healthy Weight because excess weight leads you to various Chronic Illnesses and affect your life. The best way to avoid this is by doing mindful eating, maintaining a sleep Cycle and exercising regularly.

4. Exercise: Make sure you exercise regularly. Daily 30 minutes of aerobic exercises like cycling, jogging, walking, running or dancing can keep the heart healthy and ensure Women's Fitness. Any form of physical activity throughout the day is a must!

5. Eating Healthy: Women are seen neglecting their dietary needs in front of others. This is because either you put your family first or do not have time to follow a healthy diet. But it is important to get all the nutrition that your body requires. Include fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, meat, toned dairy products and nuts in your diet. After a particular age, women become calcium deficient. This can be added by eating grains, green leafy vegetables, tofu, cabbage and dairy products.

6. Create a Support System: Do make a good circle of friends that stand by you, both in times of happiness and sadness.

7. Do not overburden yourself with work: Do not take all the work on your head. It is sometimes good to say NO to a few things or ask for help from other family members if you can’t do it alone. You do not have to prove something to someone!

8. Do not take Stress: Juggling between a variety of things is a part and parcel of a Woman's Life. But to maintain a balance, it is important to take out time and relax, so that you are prepared for the next and do not stress over things.

9. Regular Health Checkups: Schedule health checkups once a year to keep a track of your body.

10. Sleep Cycle: Maintaining at least 6 to 8 hours of the Sleep Cycle, is essential to function properly throughout the day.

11. Love Yourself: Above all, just love yourself. Spend a few minutes with yourself. You are your biggest cheerleader!

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Nutrition Tips for Women

Following are the essential nutrients you should include in your diet to avoid Chronic Illnesses:

1. Two important Minerals: Zinc and magnesium are the two most important minerals necessary to maintain Women Nutrition. Zinc keeps the immune system healthy and Magnesium maintains sleep cycle, boosts bone health and relieves premenstrual symptoms like headaches and anxiety.

2. Munch Calcium: Calcium deficiency can lead to anxiety, depression, irritation and sleeping difficulty Issues in Women. It keeps the bone and teeth healthy too. After a certain age, a woman's body craves for calcium to remain fit!

3. Include Vitamin D: The amount of calcium you eat is put to proper use only by eating Vitamin D. Add it to your diet by sitting in the morning sunlight and consuming dairy products like milk and eggs.

4. Promise to be an Ironwoman: Women experience blood loss every month. So it is important to make up for the loss of iron during menstruation. Because iron deficiency or anaemia can cause Issues in Women. and makes you feel exhausted, lethargic and impose depression symptoms. So include iron in your diet by including whole grains, nuts, sunflower seeds and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

5. An adequate amount of Vitamin B: Folate or Folic acid is an essential part of Vitamin B. It helps in fighting heart diseases and cancer. Folic Acid is an essential requirement in a woman's life that is trying to conceive or are pregnant. Foods that contain folic acid are Cereals, Nuts, Pasta, Bread, Kale, Peas and Beans.

6. No Unhealthy Fats: Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the two Essential Fats your body requires. They keep your skin, hair and nervous system happy! But you should avoid unhealthy fats like saturated fats. Some food rich in healthy fats is Tuna, nuts, salmon and leafy vegetables. Eat less but smaller portions: Do not tend to overeat between the times of meals. This may lead to Weight Gain. Instead, eat a little portion from time-to-time!

7. Eat your Multivitamin: Try including multi-vitamin in your diet. You can also take a multivitamin tablet as an add-on!8. Reduce your Caffeine & Alcohol intake. Having two cups a day is sufficient. Excess caffeine will dehydrate you and affect your bones! Daily intake of alcohol affects your health badly. Occasional drinking is fine though!

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