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6 Thermogenic Foods That Can Boost Your Metabolism

Do you feel your diet is not optimum to reach your desired weight loss goals? Even if you might consistently work out your diet may lack certain food items that aid the fat-burning process. Certain thermogenic foods boost your metabolism eventually leading to fat loss and muscle mass preservation. You may be burning calories during exercise but these thermogenic foods help your body to burn calories while you are resting. Including such food will make you see the effects of your weight loss efforts much sooner. Thermogenic food results in the body undergoing a thermogenesis process which is responsible for burning fats. Also know about the weight loss plateau.

What Is Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis means heat production. The calories that we intake are used either for digestion, absorption, and metabolization of food, or the calories are burned as fats. It means the energy required for the breakdown of food to transform it into fuel. It is a process in which heat is produced as a primary product of metabolism. The thermogenic effect of the body can be improved by the consumption of certain metabolism-boosting food. The thermogenic effect indicates how many calories your body will be able to burn. Hence, if you have a healthy metabolism then the thermogenesis process of your body will burn more calories, eventually making you able to achieve your weight loss goals.

Best Thermogenic Foods That Can Boost Your Metabolism

If you are serious about your weight loss goals then you must include metabolism-boosting foods in your diet. Here is a list of foods that increase metabolism and burn fat, to make you get that lean body.

Chili Peppers- One of the best metabolism-boosting food is chili pepper as it contains a compound called capsaicin which boosts metabolism and makes you feel fuller. Capsaicin is not only responsible for spiciness but also increases your body’s ability to burn fats. If you love spicy food and weight loss is your goal then chili peppers should be included in your diet. Consuming chili pepper increases expenditure and lipid oxidation and reduces appetite which is essential for losing weight.

Lean Protein- Lean protein is a great option for foods that increase metabolism and burn fat. A perfect weight loss diet always includes protein-rich food. Proteins increase satiety Lean proteins are responsible for preserving muscle mass and burning body fat. Some of the best sources of protein include chicken, egg white, steak, salmon, protein powder, etc. If you are taking protein powder make sure it has minimum additives and sweeteners. Intaking lean proteins will improve the process of thermogenesis in your body resulting in more fat loss. Also know about high protein vegetarian foods.

Sweet Potatoes- The high fiber content makes sweet potatoes a good thermogenic food. The high carbohydrate content of sweets makes them a perfect fit for weight management diets. The immense amounts of soluble fiber present in sweet potatoes will make you feel full for long durations which eventually makes you consume fewer calories. Including sweet potatoes in your diet plan ensures that you achieve your body transformation goals as it will prevent you from munching on unnecessary calories by making you feel full.

Turmeric- Since ayurvedic times turmeric has had great significance to our health. It is one of the best thermogenic food when it comes to losing weight. Turmeric consists of a compound called curcuminoids that has anti-inflammatory properties along with many other benefits. Turmeric works best against preventing adipose tissue growth and increasing insulin levels. It has a therapeutic effect on the body. Researchers claim that the consumption of turmeric is good for managing weight due to its effective anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties.

Ginger- Ginger being a thermogenic fat burner must be included in your diet to get the desired fat-burning effects. Ginger is a go-to food for heat production. Consumption of ginger has positive effects on the body’s metabolic rate. Added to that, intaking ginger reduces not only blood sugar levels but also controls sugar levels. If you consider adding ginger to your diet you can reap benefits like the improved thermic effect of food and increased feeling of fullness for long durations. Overall, ginger is the perfect thermogenic food to promote weight loss.

Green Tea- A natural fat-burning drink, green tea consists of compounds that promote fat loss. Green tea contains catechins and epigallocatechin gallate which are responsible for triggering the process of fat oxidation and lipolysis. Intake of green tea causes an increase in the fat-burning hormone called noradrenaline which has a positive effect on the thermogenesis process. Green tea is available in pill and powder form. Consuming an optimum amount of green tea daily will deliver great results in some time. However, do not over-consume it as it may lead to ill effects.


Consuming thermogenic fat burners will boost your metabolism, raise your body temperature and ease out the fat-burning process for your body. Including such foods in your diet is a safe and natural way to aid the weight loss process without experiencing any side effects that generally people who intake synthetic supplements face. When you are putting effort to lose those extra kilos, each calorie counts. Thermogenic food is best to stay under your calorie limit and fulfill your weight loss goals. Including such foods won’t increase your daily energy expenditure but will burn extra calories by bettering your metabolism.

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What foods are high in thermogenic?

Thermogenic foods that are essential for boosting metabolism and stimulating the fat-burning process of the body must be included in your diet. Some of these foods are turmeric, chili pepper, green tea, sweet potatoes, and lean proteins like chicken, salmon, steak, whey protein powder, etc.

What fruit speeds up your metabolism?

Consuming fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, apricots, avocado, blueberries, etc. are great options to speed up the metabolism process of the body. Good metabolism will ensure that your body easily breaks down food, digests it, and turns it into fuel which is essential for weight management. Also read about the amount of sugar in watermelon




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