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Red Rice For Diabetes: Benefits And Recommendations

We're all aware that regular white rice, brown rice, and even black rice are popular due to their nutritional benefits. However, have you ever heard of red rice? Is it good for diabetes? It isn’t a recent discovery; however, what is adding to the recognition of this rice is the excess health benefit it offers.

Is Red Rice Good For Diabetes?

It is a type of rice that is red because it has anthocyanin. It has high nutritional value and research states that it is good for people with diabetes. Rice has many minerals and vitamins which help our body to grow well and keeps our body healthy. This rice helps to reduce blood sugar levels and its gI score is less than 60, this makes this rice a great food item to include in your deit for diabetes.

Benefits Of Red Rice

Today the health problem among individuals is a major concern. So for that, a proper diet is very important. So, red rice is a great idea to add to your diet. Rice has so many health benefits and it prevents many diseases and keeps you healthy. So here we have listed down some of the benefits of this rice.

  • The rice is good for people who want a stable weight and it helps you with weight loss.
  • This rice has antioxidants, which help to remove the impurities from your body. The antioxidant also prevents premature ageing.
  • Cholesterol nowadays is a major concern for individuals. Eating this rice helps you to lower your cholesterol level.
  • This rice keeps your heart healthy and many experts also suggest that you eat red rice.
  • This rice has both soluble and insoluble fibre in it. So it is easy to digest. So those who are suffering from digestive issues can eat this rice.
  • It helps to build your metabolism. The presence of sufficient amounts of calcium helps to strengthen your bone health. It is recommended for older people for good bone health.
  • This mineral present in the rice helps to improve your breathing and keeps your lungs healthy.
  • The rice has a low GI score. This helps to reduce blood sugar levels and is good for people with diabetes.

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Benefits For People with Diabetes

  • Food that has a low GI score is a great food for people with diabetes. This helps to manage your glucose level and helps diabetes people.  
  • This rice helps to control the secretion of hormones in your body. The secretion of the hormone as per requirement helps to lower and manage the blood sugar level.
  • The rice helps to keep your heart healthy and helps it to function properly.
  • The mineral and the fibre in the rice help to control your weight. The rice reduces your craving and this avoids you from eating any junk food and managing to check your glucose level.

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How It Reduces Blood Sugar Level

The rice has a low glycaemic index score. A low gi score helps to lower and manage blood sugar levels. The rice helps to manage the insulin level in your body. Insulin secretion is very much essential for diabetes. It also has so many natural ingredients which check and manage your blood sugar level.  

Red Rice Preparation Method

Step 1 :

Wash the Red Rice 3 times and Soak in water for one hour

Step 2 :

Drain soaked rice and transfer to pan

Tip : It is recommended to cook Red Rice in a Pan rather than a Cooker.

Step 3 :

Add adequate fresh Water to the Pan containing the drained Red Rice till submerged

Tip : Ensure you follow the correct Ratio where One Cup of Red RIce requires 3 Cups of Water.

Step 4 :

Close the Lid over the Pan and let grains cook at a moderate flame for 30 mins

Tip : Red Rice should be cooked at a slow rate with a sufficient amount of water. The slow cooking of rice keeps the moisture and healthy nutrients in it, whereas fast cooking can sometimes cause some food to remain uncooked.

Step 5 :

Turn off the Gas and leave the Lid of the Pan on for another 5 - 10 mins to ensure complete cooking.


1. What are the Risks of overconsumption of red rice for diabetics?

If you consume more red rice than gas, stomach pain and bloating problems may arise.

2. How much Red Rice can a Diabetic eat?

If you are a diabetic person then you should moderately eat rice. Though the GI score is low in red rice, one diabetic person should eat 50 to 60 gm of red rice in his/her meal.  

3. What is the Best time to consume Red Rice for diabetics?

Red rice is light; so many people think of having it for their dinner. So eating red rice at night is not a great idea. So diabetics should eat red rice during the daytime.

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