How to Use a Glucometer to Monitor Your Blood Sugar level?
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101 Guide -Glucometer and Its Uses

Dealing with the news that you have either prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes is understandably not the best news. But then, one has to chin up and face the situation, right? The first prerequisite is a positive attitude! There's nothing to worry about. Diabetes is reversible in many cases, and in the rest, it is possible to control it effectively.

What is a Glucometer?

It's a simple medical device that you can use to measure your blood glucose level in the comfort of your home, without bothersome lab visits. You can keep a check to see that your glucose levels are neither too high nor too low.

How does it work?

The Glucometer Device consists of

  1. A Lancet with Disposable Needles that will prick your fingertip to draw just a tiny drop of blood. This is a pen-like device with a button and a space to affix disposable needles that will be used for pricking your finger to take a small sample of blood each time you need to test your blood sugar level.
  2. Alcohol Swabs to maintain a clean surface and avoid any contamination or even possible infection.
  3. Test Strips on which you can put a drop of blood for testing. These are medicated strips that can quickly absorb a tiny drop of blood.
  4. An Electronic Measuring Device with a display screen and a slot for test strips.

The test strip is infused with chemicals that react with glucose in the drop of blood and estimates the amount of blood sugar you have at any point in time. This figure will be displayed on a tiny digital screen, often with a beeping sound. You may note it down on a log or wherever so that you can monitor and track trends on your own.

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How to use a Glucometer?

The first step to using a glucometer is to read the instruction manual that comes with this Over-The-Counter product. The procedure is very simple and painless too!

  • Wash your hands

            - Use a mild soap and dry thoroughly. This is to prevent any stray piece of food on your fingers that might affect the sugar value.

            - Use an alcohol swab to wipe the finger to be pricked, clean.

            - Even if soap or alcohol swabs are not handy when you test, wipe away the blood droplet from the pin-prick and prick again to get a clean blood sample for testing.

  • Insert your test strip

            - Take one test strip from the pack and insert it carefully into your glucometer.

            - It should be taken directly from its airtight container and used immediately since air and light damage its effectiveness.

            - Since the test strips have expiry dates, ensure they are valid to use. Keep track of this small but important detail.

  • Prick your fingertip with the lancet

            - Massage and relax your fingertip to pump blood and to relax the area.

            - Ideally, use your middle finger.

            - A quick press of the button and a tiny pin-prick happens. It's hardly noticeable.

            - Press around the point on your finger where it has been pricked to get a tiny drop out.

            - Alternate between your hands and also different fingers for testing your blood sugar for subsequent readings. In time, we assure you, you will be an expert at using a glucometer!

  • Place the blood droplet on the test strip

            - The drop gets absorbed immediately.

            - The reading /value appears after a couple of seconds on your glucometer's screen.

Bottom Line

That's your blood sugar value! Wasn't it super simple!? When you have diabetes, you are advised to take blood sugar readings every day, so do take good care of your glucometer. All the best to you! You can now plan any adjustment or intervention to manage very high or very low sugar episodes, in consultation with your doctor, of course!

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