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How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

One of the most common types of diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes or T2D. It does not matter if you have just been diagnosed with it or have been living with it for a while, every day is a new journey with this disease. Every day you may find yourself hoping for ways and trying out new methods regarding how to reverse diabetes or get freedom from diabetes. You must read books, go online, look for YouTube videos, success stories, try out yoga, and many other things. The truth is that the symptoms and effects of T2D can go back quite a lot if you follow certain patterns and behaviors that are healthy and helpful.

If you have been newly diagnosed, you must take some time to understand what exactly diabetes is. It is much easier to be able to deal with and effectively manage the symptoms once you know what is causing it and the changes that your body is experiencing. Type 2 diabetes occurs in an individual when the body does not use insulin properly. When insulin is produced by the pancreas, due to some reason, either it isn’t sufficient or it is unable to bind with the carbs and glucose rendering it ineffective. 

Several causes lead to the onset of T2D – 

  1. Insulin resistance – The cells within the body do not respond well or interact normally with insulin
  2. The inability of the pancreas to produce insulin
  3. Sedentary lifestyle 
  4. A high weight and large body fat
  5. Unhealthy eating and sleeping habits
  6. Excessive stress and lack of proper coping mechanisms
  7. Genetic predisposition 

Can You Reverse Diabetes?

Diabetic patients often ponder on how to reverse type 2 diabetes? These symptoms are manageable if you begin this journey early, perhaps at the prediabetes stage. With proper diet and weight control, you will be able to see significant changes in the control of blood sugar and normal HbA1c levels. While you will still have to exercise control, insulin resistance will lessen and your body will be able to use some of the naturally produced insulin. Even if you have been diagnosed for a while, do not feel disheartened. You can learn to alleviate the symptoms and your sugar levels and be able to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ways to reverse diabetes

Essentially, diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the health of the person as the sugar levels in the bloodstream rise significantly. Usually, when you eat something, the signals are sent to your pancreas to release insulin. 

If you are a diabetic, your body will lack the cells to make insulin entirely. If this is the case, you will be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This type is primarily an autoimmune disease as the symptoms develop very quickly. Currently, there is no method regarding how to reverse diabetes of this type.

If you have T2D, your body may not be able to use the insulin well which results in high blood sugar levels. Usually, external medication or a low dose injection works well for T2D. It is primarily diagnosed in adults and the symptoms often build-up to lead to the onset.

 It is often preceded by prediabetes – this is a condition where the blood sugar levels are high but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. If you are looking for how to reverse diabetes permanently, starting at the prediabetes stage would be the ideal option as it is highly likely that you will be able to see lasting changes at this level. 

There are a few methods that you can adopt into your routine and lifestyle to be able to see this change:

1. Switch to Low-Calorie Diet

The effects of sticking to a low-calorie diet among people diagnosed with diabetes are huge. You can try it out yourself: test your blood sugar levels before and after a low-calorie and a high-calorie meal. You will be able to see the difference right there. This works also when you are looking on how to reverse diabetes naturally. Restricting your meals to lower calories and carb counts will also result in a need for lesser insulin – following this diet plan has another major advantage – weight loss. You know the effects of lesser weight when it comes to a diabetic. Not only is the insulin absorbed properly but also the requirements are lesser. Normal blood sugar levels are maintained largely when you are on a low-calorie diet plan. 

Suggestions: Food categories that are low in sugar content like candies, cakes should be avoided. Next, maida, biscuits, starchy foods like potatoes and rice should be restricted from the diet plan.

2. Physical Activity & Exercise

The first suggestion that may pop up when you google ‘how to reverse diabetes’ would be exercise. It plays a wonderful and important role in reducing the overall sugar levels in the body as it helps to break down the glucose molecules that enter the bloodstream. Especially if combined with a proper and controlled diet, the effects and changes seen would be much faster and more drastic. If you want to be on the path of remission, couple these two methods and see how far you can go. Exercise leads to weight loss which is a highly important aspect of managing and/or reversing the symptoms of diabetes.

Suggestions: Exercise need not be hardcore since day 1. You can take it slow – start with a 20-minute brisk walk and move that up to more complex workouts like running, yoga, aerobics, etc. Exercise also plays a very important role in mental health as it releases endorphins (happy chemicals in the brain). Endorphins are responsible for us to feel good and happy.

3. Bariatric Surgery

This is the kind of surgery that would help you lose weight. The result would be that the digestive system will be altered along with your stomach – this will limit and restrict how much you will be able to eat. Many people consider this surgery as a plausible method regarding how to reverse type 2 diabetes while others find it risky. Researchers have been singing praises for the 75% success rate of this surgery as 3/4th of the people see a reversal in their symptoms

Suggestions: This surgery can be considered if you have a BMI of 35+ Additionally if you have just been recently diagnosed, consulting your endocrinologist before any such step would be potent.

3. Fasting

While fasting is a good option, it has certain limitations. As a diabetic, your fasting would have to be calculated since you might run the risk of hypoglycemic symptoms. However, it is a good way to know how to reverse diabetes naturally. Since fasting would eventually mean lower calories and carbs, it will lead to a reduction in weight. However, ensure that your meals have enough fiber and vitamins so that you do not lack energy. 

Suggestions: Any fasting plans or meal plans should be made by taking into account the insulin levels you take (on the pump, your basal settings will have to be reduced, and on the injection, you will have to check with your doctor to lower the long-lasting insulin dose)


Are you someone who is diagnosed with T1D or T2D? Do you know someone who is a diabetic? The answer to at least one of these questions would be ‘yes’. If you are looking for ways how to reverse diabetes or freedom from diabetes, there are several methods that you can adopt: Eating a low-calorie and low carb diet, losing weight via exercise and a proper meal plan, drinking a lot of water, fasting under the guidance of your dietician, bariatric surgery, etc could be options that you can consider. You understand the difficulty of the disease as you are living with it, reduce the effects of it by practicing these steps for a long and healthy life.

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