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Glucometers Available in India

With the increased prevalence of diabetes in India and all across the world, scientists, researchers, and other experts are striving to make the overall life and quality of living easier and better. In general, the life of a person with diabetes is not like a walk in the park. The daily struggles that they may have to go through and the changes that occur in their life as a result of this diagnosis can lead to a lot of physical and mental distress. 

The advancement in science and newer technological discoveries are looking for ways to ease the distress caused due to diabetes. This can be in terms of better testing and accurate diagnosis, better insurance and medical policies, newer devices, better ways to inject insulin, more nuanced medications, etc. From applications for counting carbs to booking an appointment with expert endocrinologists, all of these aspects need to find a way to automate themselves for better management of a T1D or T2D’s life.

5 Most Popular Glucometers in India?

Self-monitoring of blood sugar levels becomes routine in the life of a person with diabetes. For both, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the daily monitoring of sugar levels using different devices available on the market is something that is recommended by all doctors. Owing to the erratic nature of diabetes and how different stimuli can affect blood sugar levels, the only way to keep these levels under control would be with the help of a sugar measuring device at home. You cannot always go to the lab to get some blood drawn from the veins to measure your blood sugars. Therefore, you need to have your glucometers at home at your disposal so that you can get your blood sugars checked whenever you feel like you need to. 

A lot about the management of diabetes would depend on how your sugar levels remain throughout the day and during stressful times. Imagine not having a way to check these levels and understand how your body is responding to different foods or situations. Secondly, imagine having a device but not being able to fully rely on it as it is prone to giving faulty readings and inaccurate analysis. Both these situations can be misleading and can add to the stress. Therefore, investing in what would be the best blood glucose meter in India would be advisable to avoid any kind of additional and unnecessary stress.

Freestyle Libre

This is called a continuous glucose monitoring system device or a CGM. There are different components to it – a sensor, a reader, a pricker, and the manual. This device can be used mainly by T1Ds as they can make use of the continuous readings this device offers. The sensor needs to be pricked on the arm or any other body part. You can then calibrate the reader by tapping it against the sensor and can get real-time readings. It is a slightly more expensive form of glucometer, however, is the most helpful during times of uncontrolled sugar levels or recent diagnosis.

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Accu Chek

Accu-chek is one of the most popular brands when it comes to supplies related to diabetes. If you are looking to buy the best glucose meter in India, one of the names that you will come across worthy of being on the list would be the one from this company. On the internet, among doctors, and even among people with diabetes, Accu-check is renowned and sought-after. The company is registered and meets the global standard for accuracy with the ISO number – 15197:2013. 

An added advantage of using this glucometer would be that it has a memory of 90 days. This means that you can go back to the settings of the meter and access data for almost 3 months. You can record your pre and post-meal data before going to the endocrinologist. It is relatively easy to use and comes with a manual that is not tedious to decipher. Young and old people can find it ergonomic. All the alerts are displayed on the screen. 

In case the blood is not applied to the strip properly, this glucometer gives you an added 10 seconds to do so thus preventing any wastage of strips. You will find a glucometer, a lancing device, 10 lancets, and 10 strips in the box along with the manual.

Dr. Morepen

One variant of glucometer from this brand is the BG-03 Gluco One. Within a short span of 5 seconds, this device produces accurate results in terms of blood sugar readings. Only 0.5 microlitres of blood would get the job done. Reap the benefits of the 300 readings that this glucometer can store as you can go back and check/analyze the readings to identify any spikes or patterns. 

The brand created this device keeping in mind the different needs of the population. The display is large so that it is easily readable by the older population or people with eyesight difficulties. There are only 2 buttons that make it less complicated to understand and use. With 50 testing strips that accompany the device, you can get the readings for a long time after your purchase. 

Easy to use and lightweight – these are the properties that make it a good buy. 

One Touch

OneTouch is a famous brand that is associated with diabetes and diabetes care. It manufactures several appliances that can be used in the proper management of this condition like a blood sugar calculator. Truly considered to be one of the most reliable companies for the same, the glucometer gives timely results and is primarily accurate. Get your readings quickly within seconds with the help of this device. A pocket-friendly device that consists of 10 lancets so that you can start testing as immediately as you receive the device would be possible 

The mechanism to work this glucometer is the same – insert the strip into the slot of the glucometer and prick your fingertip. As the strip soaks the blood (minimum 1mg/dL), within a few seconds, the reading will be displayed on the screen.

With a proven accuracy of more than 5 years, it is easy to use and can be carried to different places with ease as it is compact and lightweight. Keep replacing the lancets to make the process pain-free. This company has different types of glucometers that you can purchase depending on your need.


Make full use of technology if you purchase this sugar measuring device as BeatO CURV can be connected to your smartphones. Check your blood sugar readings whenever you want as it uses the screen of your smartphone to display the results. Even for people who may not be tech-savvy, it is easy to use

  • Insert the device into the USB port of the phone using the Type-C connector
  • Insert the strip and apply the blood
  • Get the readings on the display of the phone.

The app that you will install will have a record of all the results even in a graphical form so they are easy to interpret. You can even make use of the emergency alarms for highs or lows. This device is one of the lightest and smallest ones and is high in the use of AI and technology and is also affordable.


A glucometer is an important device for a person with diabetes to have in their homes. Depending on their treatment regime and the recommendations of their doctors, a person can choose which one they would like to buy that would be most suited. Depending on the price range, accuracy, cost of the strips, etc, this decision can be made.


What is the Cost of a Glucometer in India?

A glucometer comes in a wide range of services and prices. If you are looking for the best glucose meter in India, it might cost you around 10.000 rupees. Others would range around 800-1000 as well. Different brands will offer different prices based. 

What is the Difference between a Glucometer and a Lab Test?

A glucometer can be used by the person at home by pricking their fingertips to get a real-time reading of their sugars within 5-10 seconds. A lab test would require blood drawn from the vein and would take a few hours for the results. 

Are Home Glucometers accurate?

Yes, a blood sugar calculator from a reliable and authentic brand would be accurate. You can still calibrate them once every 6 months by comparing the readings to the lab readings.

Can we trust Glucometer readings?

Glucometer readings can be trusted. You can look at the company and its reliability before investing in one. 


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