White Rice vs Brown Rice
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By Shifa Fatima, MSc.,

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Apoorva T, MHM.

Reviewed: June 7, 2022

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Keeping your body fit is essential if you want a good personality or to impress someone. Fitness is not limited to having a healthy body, but it is acquainted with metabolic health and metabolic fitness, which starts from inside of our body. For any normal person or an athlete to boost his Athletic Endurance and Athletic Performance, it is essential that he knows his body. If the person has a problem with sugar, he must go for CGM installation since that will help him to keep his glucose in check and stay fit. Also, it will help him in reducing his body weight if he is obese. 

Experiment Question

Which is the better choice between White and Brown Rice?

Experiment Answer

Brown Rice!

Brown Rice has a Glycemic Index of 50 which is much lower than White Rice which has a GI of 72. Brown Rice is also rich in dietary fiber, and together ensure a much lesser spike in glucose levels when consumed.

Scientific Rationale

There are several reasons based on which, a food or activity or behaviour is deemed as being good for metabolic health. One of them is to Choose Foods which have a Low Glycemic Profile. (Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load). It is recommended to have foods low in calories or low glycemic indices and rich in other nutrients like Proteins, Healthy Fats and Fibre.

Glycemic Index (GI) is rating system for foods containing carbohydrates, which indicates how quickly the food can make your blood sugar levels go up. The higher the food's glycemic index, the more pronounced its effect on your body.

Foods are categorized as High, Moderate and Low based on their Glycemic Index.

  • GI of 70 or More : High GI
  • GI between 56 - 69 : Moderate GI
  • GI of 55 or Less : Low GI


White Rice

Has very few essential nutrients, processing and polishing takes away the outer husk and fibrous bran leaving behind`just calories. It is a high source of carbohydrates and a GI of 72, hence causing an increase in the rate at which blood sugar levels rise. The High GI means that carbohydrates are digested and absorbed faster into the bloodstream. This increases the body's blood sugar level leading to weight gain. 

Brown Rice

Is a whole grain that is unprocessed, unpolished and containing all parts of the grain - fibrous bran, nutritious germ, and rich endosperm. compared to white rice. It has a Glycemic Index of 50 which making it a Low GI food. Brown rice is also a rich source of dietary fibres and proteins which ensures the rate of carbohydrates being absorbed and consequent release of sugars into the bloodstream happens at a slower pace.


It is observed that brown rice is richer in dietary fibres than that white rice. It also has less GI index compared to white rice. Thus, it is better to consume brown rice than white rice. Switching white rice with brown rice can be one of the biohacks towards a healthy life. 


1. Is brown rice good?

Yes, brown rice is good since it has fibrous bran, nutritious germ, and rich endosperm, which make it nutritious. 

2. Should I eat brown rice for dieting?

Yes, brown rice is better to eat when dieting than white rice.

3. Will white rice increase my weight?

Yes, eating too much white rice may increase your weight since it has a high GI. 

4. Why does brown rice take more time to boil?

Brown rice is harder than white rice, and that is why it takes more time to boil.

5. Can I eat rice if I am trying to lose weight?

You do not eat rice, but if you want to, then eat only 2-3 spoons of rice.

6. Can brown help me in weight loss?

Yes, brown will not help you in weight loss to some extent. 

7. Does brown rice have carbs?

Yes, brown rice has carbs, but they are low. 

8. Is it ok to eat brown rice regularly?

It is better to eat brown rice at some intervals since it has a trace amount of arsenic that may harm your body.

9. For how many days brown rice stays good?

Brown rice can stay good for 6 months. 

10. Can brown help me with constipation?

Yes, brown rice is good for relieving you from constipation. 





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