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Which One is Worth A Shot : Beer v/s Breezer


1. Beer

2. Breezer


Q : Which One is Worth A Shot, Beer or Breezer?

A : Neither, both have the same impact!

Both Breezer and beer are alcoholic beverages. Breezer is an alcopop that has a liquor base (usually white rum) and is artificially sweetened or flavored with fruit juices before bottled in carbonated form. On the other hand, beer is a naturally fermented beverage made from barley or a combination of grains, yeast, and hops. There is not much difference between the alcohol content of a Beer which is 4.8% alcohol and a Breezer with a 5% ABV.

Scientific Rationale

If the ABV is similar for both kinds of drinks, what exactly is the difference? The contents, including sugar, calories, and flavourings, are different in both the beverages.Check the labels to make a better choice, as the components found in each may differ depending on brand and type:  

Count your Calories 

A 330 ml bottle of Bacardi Breezer releases around 270 calories, while a pint of packaged beer with 5% alcohol contains between 140-150 calories. 

Sugar Rush 

Breezer or alcopop mixers are usually made with fruit syrup or are laced with fruit juices. That is why there is high sugar content in them. For example, a Breezer bottle contains 9 1/2 teaspoons of sugar. Standard beer, on the other hand, is practically sugar free. That’s because the sugar has been converted into alcohol during fermentation. Read more to know about what level of blood sugar is dangerous?

 Artificial v/s Natural Sugar

Beer wins this round, hands down. Beer is made from fermentation, an organic process. In contrast, most alcopops and mixers are made from a distilled spirit and are a concoction of sweeteners, sugar-heavy syrups, and carbonated water. 

The alcohol and sugar content of Breezer varies from one flavour to another. It is recommended to check the food label for the exact amount of carbohydrates. But if we dig deeper, then Beer can generally make a better choice than Breezer, whether you drink occasionally or regularly. 

A cursory glance at the nutrient profile of beer and Breezer will reveal that beer is healthier than Breezer as an alcoholic beverage. It has fewer carbs and calories than similar servings of a rum cooler such as a Breezer. The plus factor here is that it has practically zero sugars. However, both come with an inherent risk of addiction and escalation in consumption because of alcohol. Also, beer and Breezer are high Glycemic Index foods. So, bingeing on either of them is going to trigger a spike in your blood sugar! 


Well, for all those noobs who don’t tire of bragging about Breezer raves, here is some food for thought: Beer is better when choosing between two alcoholic beverages. Beer is made through a natural process, while Breezer is a spirit-based drink laced with syrups, juices, aerated water, and enhancers. Yes, beer has a taste enhancer called hops, which is a natural product. The best thing about beer is that it has virtually no sugar, while a Breezer bottle has almost as much sugar as a can of cola. Also, beer has been linked to lower cholesterol levels, better appetite, and reduced heart attacks. That being said, the thing to remember is that moderation is the best policy, like all alcoholic drinks. 


Does beer have sugar in it? 

No. A well-fermented beer has practically zero sugar. 

Can I swap my beer for a Breezer? 

Never mix your drinks. The same is true for beer and Breezer, although they have similar alcohol content. This is because they contain vastly different types of alcohol. 

Is Breezer an alcoholic drink?

Yes. Breezer is an alcopop made with carbonated water, has a fruity base, and is spiked with rum (4.8% ABV). 

Will beer make me fat?

Bingeing on any alcoholic drink will release carbs and sugars, which means extra calories. The body will store these calories as fat. With beer, the chances are more, as its carbs content is higher than hard liquor.  

Which has more calories: Beer or Breezer? 

Breezer has far more calories than beer (See Chart).

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