CGM Experiment : Whisky with Ice vs Whisky with Mixer?

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Shifa Fathima

Experiment Question

Which of these Foods is the Better Choice? Whisky Cocktail v/s Whisky with Ice?

Experiment Answer

Whisky with Ice!

Mixers like cola have high quantity of sugars in them which will lead to a spike in sugar levels. It is preferred to have mixers like plain water or club soda instead to avoid glucose variabilities.

Scientific Rationale

Since whiskey is a grain-derived alcohol, it brings with it certain benefits. But the foremost thing to remember is that anything in excess is bad, especially if they tend to play with your senses. Some of the most surprising benefits of whiskey include weight loss, diabetes control, healthy cholesterol levels, and it is also linked to reducing stress. According to studies, one glass of whiskey is sufficient for the day. However, diluting this with ice or water will help you in two aspects: Your whiskey will taste better and diluted alcohol is good for health.

This is because the main molecule responsible for this taste, guaiacol, reacts better if the right amount of water or ice is added to whiskey. This means that addition of water will intensify the taste and smell of the whiskey at the same time.

Compared against beer, wine and other spirits, whiskey has a very low calorie count. It also contains practically no sugar. Of course that all changes once you start adding sour mix or coke, so stick with your whiskey neat and avoid putting on unnecessary weight. Whiskey also reduces the appetite. One drink towards the end of a meal ensures that you are not going to overeat your way out of that slim body.

If you are going to drink, you are better off to make it a whiskey neat. Compared with other alcoholic drinks, whiskey is the least likely to leave you with a hangover – depending of course on how much of it you drink. Not only that, it is one of the best drinks to have in terms of health

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