Plain Banana Smoothie or with Chia Seeds
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Smoothies are the best method to get a lot of nutrients in your diet while also keeping it tasty. Smoothies, have been a popular on-the-go option for many individuals in recent years, particularly dieters. It is wholesome because it is filled with a variety of important nutrients. While most smoothie recipes rely on milk and yoghurt to fill the gaps, vegan smoothies are just as good. Avocado and nut milk are common ingredients in vegan smoothies, high in beneficial fats and proteins. Contrary to popular opinion, vegan smoothies are nutritious, full, and taste just as good as any other. CGM is like a tiny sensor inserted under the skin, mostly on the arm or belly. The sensor is responsible for measuring glucose, a fluid found between various skin cells. Nowadays, CGMs can send information on tablets or smartphones directly.

Experiment Question

Should Banana Smoothies be consumed by themselves or with Chia Seeds?

Experiment Answer

Banana Smoothies with Chia Seeds!

Scientific Rationale

Adding soaked chia seeds in one's diet will increase total fibre intake of the meal, which in turn avoids a spike in sugar levels. Consume them before a high carb meal to get the benefits. Banana smoothie with Chia seeds is a nutrient-dense smoothie that may be used instead of a conventional banana smoothie. You'll learn to choose between a banana smoothie and a banana smoothie with chia seeds for improved metabolic health in this post.


Bananas have some fibre in addition to sugar and carbohydrates. This means banana sugars are digested and absorbed more slowly, preventing blood sugar spikes. It is not recommended to consume a whole banana in one go as this may spike your sugar levels. When you eat only a banana, the body immediately absorbs all the nutrients from it. If you want to slow down the absorption of sugar, you can pair it with other food items that do not have a high GI and are devoid of carbs like Chia Seeds.

Chia seeds or Salvia Hispanica are a form of edible seeds from a type of flowering plant originally belonging to the family of mint plants. Chia seeds are very nutritious and have a lot of uses in the medicine and health industry. They are highly rich in fibre, which helps reduce sugar in the blood of a person. Chia seeds have anti-inflammatory properties inside them and are also low in carbs.hence assist the body in keeping a healthy weight.

Benefits of Chia Seeds include

  • Highly nutritious
  • Supports weight loss
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Reduce blood sugar levels

Plain Banana Smoothie

Banana Smoothie contains 176 Calories

Carbohydrates comprise 37g

Proteins have 4.5g

Fats have 1.3g

Sugar content is 22g. 

Glycemic Index (GI) : 55

Glycemic load (GL) : 6.5

Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds

A Banana Smoothie with Chia seeds contains around 257 Calories

Glycemic Index (GI): 54

Glycemic load (GL): 5.5

Calories : 229.4

Fats : 8.3g

Carbohydrates : 34.6g

Proteins : 9.1g

Fibre : 8.9g

Sugar : 16.3g


Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds is a good alternative to a banana smoothie for improving metabolic fitness and blood sugar control. According to the experiment, drinking Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds has a low glycemic index and glycemic load.

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Do Banana smoothies spike blood sugar?

When mixed with the fresh fruit, too much sugar is included in most smoothies. Even though the sugar in fruit is "natural," rather than "added," it will increase blood sugar if consumed all at once without sufficient protein or fat.

Is a blended banana healthy?

Bananas and milk do not mix well and may cause major health problems. As a result, it is preferable to eat the banana and milk separately rather than blend them.

What type of sugar is in a banana?

Sucrose, glucose and fructose are the frequent sugars which are found in ripe bananas. 

Can I drink a banana smoothie every day?

Banana smoothies can be enjoyed as long as the amount of high-calorie, high-fat ingredients are limited and consumed as part of a balanced diet. The only people who should avoid banana shakes are those allergic to bananas.

What are the benefits of a Banana smoothie?

  • Abundant in vitamins and minerals
  • Works as an energy booster
  • Beneficial for healthy skin
  • A weight-loss supplement

How is a Banana smoothie healthy?

A banana smoothie is a fantastic nutritious breakfast or snack. Potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C are all abundant in bananas. Flax and Greek yoghurt add added fibre and protein to this smoothie.

Is a Banana smoothie good for weight loss?

Bananas have so much dietary fibre for weight loss. Banana shakes have nutrition and are considered as healthy beverages that may be used as a quick breakfast or snack.

Is a milk and banana smoothie healthy?

Both bananas and milk are high in a variety of nutrients. They can also be mixed and eaten as a healthy post-workout snack to aid muscle building and healing.


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