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The 8 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

If you are willing to put effort into achieving your dream body then you have to know about the workouts that help you to get a step closer to your goals. It is not necessary to become a gym rat to achieve a lean body. However, knowing the exercises that work best for you is important. If you are a beginner, you must be thinking what are the best exercises to lose weight that impact the calorie-burning process tremendously. Nobody wants their efforts to get wasted on exercises that do not impact much. Apart from following fad diets, exercising daily is a vital aspect of shedding extra stubborn fats.  Also know about yoga asanas for diabetes with pictures.

What are the Best Exercises for Weight Loss?

If you are a beginner you should start with exercises that are less stressful for your body. With time as you build strength, you can start doing high-intensity workouts. Initially start with easy exercises to lose weight as you become consistent start to incorporate the most effective exercises for weight loss in your routine. It is recommended to work out in intervals to reap the benefits of exercising. Such workouts have short breaks between two high-intensity exercises that result in a higher metabolism rate as the body takes much longer to cool down. Also read about are dates good for diabetes.

Here are the 8 best exercises for weight loss

You have landed at the right place to know everything about the best exercises to lose weight. Here are the top 8 easy exercises to lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals.

Running- A simple yet most efficient exercise to lose weight, running has many health benefits added to weight loss. A good way to run will be to fluctuate your speed as this will enable you to cover long distances quickly with ease. This exercise is one of the most convenient exercises to add to your routine as all you need is a good pair of shoes and you are all set to burn some calories. Make sure that you do not let your body adapt to the same speed of running every day. Keep pacing up and slowing down this will help your body to be consistent. Running is the best way to get rid of stubborn belly fat, also called visceral fat. Hit the road or use the treadmill, make sure to run daily to burn those extra calories. Also know about the best food for runners.

Cycling- This is to date a go-to aerobic exercise that raises body temperature to build strength, get rid of fats, and improve your cardiovascular system. Cycling one hour daily can help you to burn 600 calories per day. That sounds great! However, if you are a beginner start for fewer durations, and forcing your body too much exertion can lead to problems. If you cycle daily then you’ll reap benefits like increased fitness and insulin sensitivity, reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, etc. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that won’t cause any joint pain. It is an easy exercise to lose weight which can be performed indoors or outdoors as per your convenience.

Strength training- An excellent way to build muscles, strength training is optimum for getting a lean body. It is the best exercise to lose weight as muscles burn more calories than anything else. Whether it be dumbbells or kettlebells incorporating strength training in your workouts is essential if you desire to get a lean body. Strength training will enable your body to burn calories even while it's at rest due to increased metabolic rate. Added to that, strength training increases force production which enables our body to maintain shoulder, hip, and spine strength. Strength training is an impactful way to lose fat.

Swimming- A person who swims tends to lose weight much faster than an ordinary person trying to shed weight through ordinary exercises. Swimming is a fun exercise to lose weight and achieve your desired body. The way you swim will determine the number of calories your body will be able to burn. Several effective ways of swimming include breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, treading water, etc. If you want to be a little creative with your weight loss journey then swimming will be a great option for you. Get in shape with this best exercise for weight loss without hurting your joints because of its low-impactful nature.

Yoga- Full of physical and spiritual benefits, yoga is an excellent exercise to control cholesterol levels which impacts weight management. It is an ideal exercise that increases flexibility and strength. Incorporating yoga into your daily routine will not only help you to get a fit body but also a fit mind. You can also perform power yoga which is more impactful than ordinary yoga. Yoga asanas like vinyasa and ashtanga are the best exercises to lose weight fast. Pair yoga with a nutritious diet and you’ll be able to get a toned body in no time. Also know how can yoga help in preventing diabetes.

Pilates- One of the trendiest and most effective exercise for weight loss, Pilates is an easy exercise to lose weight as a beginner. Focusing on core muscles, performing Pilates can accelerate the fat-burning process of your body by increasing the heart rate. However, it does not have the same intensity as running, jogging, or cycling. People opt for Pilates as it adds a fun element to our daily exercise routine. Researchers claim that Pilates can have a good impact on the waist-stomach-hip ratio enabling you to achieve an hourglass figure. Pilates also increases endurance, flexibility, balance, etc.

Rope jumping- Jumping a rope is not just for kids, once you know how tremendously it impacts your weight loss process you’ll be eager to a rope for yourself. This exercise impacts your entire body by engaging your quads, glutes, core, arms, shoulders, etc. Added to that jumping a rope improves cardiovascular health and gets you a toned body. Jumping a rope daily for half an hour will burn up to 318 calories each day. This is a great and effective exercise to lose weight. Start with lesser durations initially and with time you’ll see the results it produces.

Walking – Though walking might sound like a simple exercise to perform it has quite a positive impact on weight loss. One of the best exercises to lose weight, walking exercise while performing daily chores increases non-exercise activity thermogenesis which enables the body to burn calories even if you aren’t conscious of it. Set a goal of walking 10,000 steps daily and you’ll start seeing how it proves to be beneficial for your body. To keep a better track of our daily steps you can use a smartwatch or download step-tracking apps.


Whatever exercise you choose to perform from the above-mentioned exercises, it is important to stay consistent if you want to get the desired results. Not only daily exercise can help you with weight loss but it has many other health benefits. Remember to be patient as you won’t see overnight results. However, if you persevere then nothing can stop you from achieving your dream body. These exercises are convenient yet impactful which makes them the best weight loss exercises.

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How long should I walk to lose weight?

It is recommended that walking one hour daily can improve the fat-burning process of your body. With time as you gain strength, you can increase the duration of your daily walk. Be conscious and track your daily steps.

How many steps should you take a day by age?

If you fall in the 6-11 years age group then you can go up to 13000 steps daily. For 12-19 years it's 10000 steps daily and for 20 plus years you can aim up to 7000 steps daily. However, everyone has different muscle strength. So, the capacity differs.

Is it better to walk faster or longer?

A longer walk provides the same benefits as a faster walk. Therefore, it is recommended to water longer than faster as it reduces the risk of developing joint pain. Longer walks also help to build endurance.




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