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Madhunashini Vati

What is Madhunashini Vati?

Madhunashini Vati is a medication formulated with ayurvedic ingredients and used to treat diabetes. This ayurvedic medication helps to maintain blood glucose levels, ultimately managing diabetes. This medication is very effective in curing and preventing diabetes-related complications. 

However, there are a lot of people who might ask, does Madhunashini cure diabetes? The answer to this question is No. By consuming this medication, you can control diabetes to a great extent. Many doctors have prescribed Divya Madhunashini Vati for diabetes, and many people have benefited from it. Read this article to have a complete idea about this medication. Read more about medications for diabetes.

Ayurvedic Ingredients Of Madhunashini Vati

Madhunashini Vati is made of three significant components: Aqueous Extract, Powdered Herbs, and some added excipients. The ingredients help stimulate the immune system and also promote liver function. Apart from these benefits, it can also cure and prevent diabetes. 

Under each component, various ingredients are used to make this Vati. Let’s understand what these ingredients are and how they can help in diabetes:

1. Aqueous Extracts

|   Common Name                         | Scientific Name               ||---------------------------------------|-------------------------------|| Bilva or Bael                         | Aegle marmelos                || Haritaki or Harar Chhoti              | Terminalia chebula            || Kachur or Zedoary                     | Curcuma zedoaria              || Amalaki or Amla                       | Emblica officinalis           || Gokshura                              | Tribulus terrestris           || Saparangi                             | Salacia chinensis             || Giloy or Guduchi or Indian Tinospora  | Tinospora cordifolia          || Bibhitaki or Bahera                   | Terminalia bellirica          || Bargad or Vat Jatta or Indian banyan  | Ficus benghalensis            || Gurma                                 | Gymnema sylvestre             || Chirayat                              | Swertia chirata               || Ashwagandha                           | Withania Somnifera            || Neem                                  | Azadirachta indica            || Kutaj                                 | Holarrhena antidysenterica    |

2. Powdered Herbs

| Common Name       | Scientific Name         ||-----------------------|-----------------------------|| Shuddha Shilajit      | Ashphaltum                  || Jamun (Java Plum)     | Syzygium cumini             || Vasaka                | Adhatoda vasica             || Kutki                 | Picrorhiza kurroa           || Babul (Kikar)         | Acacia arabica              || Kali Jeeri (Kalijiri) | Centratherum anthelminticum || Haldi (Turmeric)      | Curcuma longa               || Methi (Fenugreek)     | Trigonella foenum-graecum   || Shuddha Kuchla        | Strychnos nux-vomica        |

3. Added Excipients

Madhusnashini Vati comprises excipients such as Talcum, Aerosil, M.C.C., Gum Acacia, and Magnesium Stearate. 

These ingredients are helpful in diabetes because of the following:

  • Bitter and astringent properties help in curing diabetes.
  • Kapha-Pitta doshas are also balanced with the consumption of these ingredients.
  • Gurmar helps in preventing and treating diabetes. This ingredient also manages blood sugar levels. 
  • Jamun also helps in regulating blood sugar levels.
  • With the consumption of Chirata, you can manage excessive blood sugar levels.

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Health Benefits of Madhunashini Vati

The health benefits of Madhunashini Vati are not limited to curing diabetes. It has several other benefits as well. Some of the benefits of consuming this medication include the following:

1. Controlling diabetes

The primary benefit of this medication is that it helps control diabetes. The Divya Madhunashini Vati for diabetes helps regulate the metabolism and maintain the function of the pancreas. Madhunashini Vati also helps in stimulating the secretion of insulin in the body. It has antiglycemic properties that promote low blood sugar. It also regulates the extra glucose in the blood by converting glucose into glycogen. 

2. Helps in Weight Loss

Madhunashini Vati has flavonoids and alkaloids that lead to faster weight loss. It promotes the removal of undesirable body toxins and satisfies hunger pangs. It also prevents overeating. If you consume this medication on an empty stomach, it can easily promote weight loss. 

3. Better Digestion

Madhunashini Vati also possesses appetising properties that lower the chances of gas formation in the alimentary canal. It prevents abdominal distension, flatulence, and bloating. It further helps in effective nutrient absorption. 

4. Managing Stress 

High stress and anxiety can also increase the blood glucose level. Madhunashini Vati has stress-boosting properties, which help to manage stress and anxiety. Regular consumption of this medication can clear the toxins in the brain, improving your cognitive abilities. 

5. Purifies Blood 

Madhunashini Vati possesses detoxifying properties that help purify the blood. It removes the toxins from the bloodstream and enhances blood circulation. 

6. Slow down the Aging process 

Madhunashini Vati constitutes herbal ingredients with regenerative properties. With such properties, this medication helps in regeneration and tissue repairs, and also protects against cellular damages, ultimately slowing down the ageing process. 

7. Controls Sugar Cravings 

People with diabetes often have major sugar cravings, which complicate the curing process. Many scientific pieces of research suggest that using ayurvedic medications controls sugar cravings, and Madhunashini Vati effectively diminishes sugar cravings helping you to live a healthier life.

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Madhunashini Vati Dosage

The medication dosage varies from person to person because every individual is different and their diabetes complications also vary. The dosage of Divya Madhunashini Vati for diabetes depends on your age, body strength, the severity of the condition, effects on appetite, and the actual state of diabetes.

Generally, the dosage recommended by doctors is once or twice a day for adults. But it is vital to consult a doctor before starting medication. The doctor will analyse each health factor and recommend a suitable dose of this Vati as per an individual. Know about Indian breakfast for diabetes .

Madhunashini Vati Side effects

Madhunashini Vati is an ayurvedic medication that makes it safe for consumption for every individual. However, before taking any medication, it is necessary to understand its potential side effects on the body. 

Also, if you consume synthetic medicine to cure diabetes, it is advised not to consume this medication. It is because a combination of the medicine and Vati can lead to a high dip in the blood sugar level, which can be life-threatening. Pregnant women should avoid taking this medication because there is no proper study about its impact on them.

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Diabetes is a problem that can become life-threatening if not controlled properly. Moreover, it is better to go for ayurvedic alternatives than synthetic medicines because of the possible side effects on the body. Madhunashini Vati has proven to be an effective medication in curing and preventing complications of diabetes. However, one should take their doctor's advice before consuming any dosage of this medication. 


1. Does Madhunashini cure diabetes? 

Regulating and curing diabetes with ayurvedic medications is an old practice. The primary beneficiary of medication in Ayurveda is Madhunashini Vati. It is very effective in controlling diabetes as it possesses various properties that help regulate blood sugar levels and purify the blood. Therefore, you should consume Divya Madhunashini Vati for diabetes prevention and cure. Also know how to reverse diabetes.

2. Is Madhunashini Vati effective for type 2 diabetes? 

Curing type 2 diabetes with allopathy medications may not control the blood sugar levels. But with ayurvedic medicines, you can control them. The most effective ayurvedic solution for it is Madhunashini Vati. It has properties that are effective in preventing the complications of type 2 diabetes. In addition, one should also do yoga with the consumption of this Vati to get faster results. 


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