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Reviewed: June 1, 2022

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While many people consider potatoes more healthy than sweet potatoes, this is not true. They contain a low glycemic index and are ideal for metabolic health, which makes them better than potatoes. 

Experiment Question

When should Carbs be consumed? Before OR After Fiber?

Experiment Answer

Before Fiber! Have a Bowl of Salad followed by Beer

Beer is a high source of carbohydrates and having some salad as a fibre before the beer can reduce the spike in sugar levels.

Scientific Rationale

It is not recommended to consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Instead eat something other than caffeine and salty food before consuming alcohol. Because of the water content of the diet, it weakens the alcohol you drink afterwards. Proteins, lipids, and fibre then help bring down the absorption rate of alcohol. It also replenishes vitamins and nutrients that have been depleted by alcohol. 

Alcohol can also unintentionally cause you to overeat because alcohol stimulates hunger. So just drinking beer with a meal will raise blood sugar levels and may lead to weight gain and poor metabolic health. 

When people drink on an empty belly, they probably consume more alcohol. It can make the liver's role of releasing glucose into the bloodstream more difficult, leading blood glucose levels to fall. Hence, it's good to have some fibre and healthy fats before drinking beer to maintain metabolic fitness.


Only Beer

Glycemic Index : 100

Glycemic Load : 7.5 

Alcohol causes insulin resistance by releasing too much insulin from the pancreas. Beer includes carbs, which are easily absorbed into the body, resulting in elevated glucose levels. Increased blood sugar is observed mainly after drinking alcohol, affecting your metabolic health.

Blood glucose can also be lowered by consuming a lot of beer. When people consume alcohol on an empty stomach, a large portion of the alcohol they consume travels swiftly from the stomach and into the small bowel, where the contents are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Blood alcohol content peaks one hour after intake on an empty belly, based on the quantity consumed; it then falls in a somewhat linear fashion for the next 4 hours.

Salad Before Beer

Drinking alcohol when eating food, particularly fat, protein, and fibre, slows absorption, whereas fizzy alcoholic drinks are absorbed faster. Before drinking alcohol, eat protein-rich meals like salads with egg and fish to aid slow the draining of your gut and prolong alcohol absorption.

Salads are a convenient snack to keep on hand prior to drinking to decrease the absorption of alcohol into your circulation. Lettuce and greens with high water content, when used in salads, help stay hydrated.

Meat and avocado in salads are high in protein, which may aid in the slowing of alcohol absorption. Because fat takes longer to break down than protein or carbohydrates, it can help reduce the absorption of beer into your circulation. Since having a salad void of refined fat and sugars slows down the breaking down of alcohol, it's ideal for regulating blood glucose levels without expecting fluctuations, thereby ensuring peak metabolic fitness.


Results of this experiment done in the past have shown that eating a salad rich in healthy fats and fibre before beer makes a tremendous difference in regulating glucose levels, slowing down alcohol absorption, and controlling levels of food consumption when compared to drinking only beer or drinking beer before eating a salad.  


Is it OK to drink beer on an empty stomach

Drinking beer on an empty stomach can contribute to fluctuating glucose levels and unpleasant side effects with an aggravated hangover.

What happens if you drink only beer?

Beer's nutritional composition doesn't have protein, fats, and vitamin c. Hence, it's evident that there will be problems associated with muscle development if you constantly replace meals with beer.

Should you drink beer on a full or empty stomach?

Never drink on an empty stomach. Eating foods like salads before beer acts as a buffer to regulate blood glucose levels and reduce alcohol absorption. 

Can you eat a salad before drinking?

While picking a salad, including fish, eggs, avocado, and grilled meat can help slow the absorption of alcohol, reducing the chances of you getting sick or having a bad hangover.

How do I prepare my body for alcohol?

Make sure that you have a nutrient-rich meal with proteins and fats to compensate for the effects of alcohol. Drink enough water to stay hydrated.


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