Sugar Fit Reviews: Somana's Transformative Diabetes Reversal Journey

HbA1c: 10.2% 7.8%

Inspiring Sugar Fit Review: Somana's Diabetes Reversal Success Story

Hi. My name is Somana and I am from Hyderabad. I'm 77 years old, and I've been living with diabetes for the past 44 years. Soon after my diagnosis, I was asked to regularly take diabetes medication. The medicines kept my sugar levels in check for a while, but after a couple of months, they weren't helping my diabetes. Eventually, I was asked to start insulin therapy and insulin became my new normal for the past 25 years. Then, one day, I saw an ad for Sugarfit on Facebook. It felt like a long shot, but I decided to give it a try. In September of last year, when I started the program, my average blood sugar was a troubling 10.2. My fasting sugars were hovering around 140-160, and after lunch, they'd spike to nearly 300. Once I joined Sugarfit everything changed. I was assigned with a fantastic coach, Haritha, who, like me, is from Hyderabad! We clicked right away. She, along with Dr. Sumit Jain, my program doctor, developed a personalized plan. They encouraged me to start taking control of my health. We started with small, achievable goals, and gradually, I went from a mostly sedentary life to walking almost 10,000 steps a day and even attending yoga classes regularly. The impact on my health has been incredible. By the beginning of March this year, my average blood sugar had dropped to 7.8 in just six months! Honestly, after so many years with diabetes, I never thought such a change would be possible. I'm incredibly grateful to Sugarfit and the entire team for giving me back my health!

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Sugar Level:431 mg/dL114 mg/dL

Hello, I'm Madhav. My journey with diabetes began in 2022. I started noticing my symptoms after a wedding where I drank a lot of sugary, carbonated drinks. After the party I noticed that I was taking ... Read more!



Hi. My name is Somana and I am from Hyderabad. I'm 77 years old, and I've been living with diabetes for the past 44 years. Soon after my diagnosis, I was asked to regularly take diabetes medication. T... Read more!


Sugar Level:350 mg/dL130 mg/dL

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Vijay Krishna


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Sudeep Mukherjee


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Vinod Narayan


After i joined sugar fit my lifestyle changes have happened drastically and I am loving that. My coach follows with me everyday regarding my food and regarding my physical activity which keeps motivat... Read more!

Anantharam Ganesh

Weight:5.5 Kgs

This is the best part of the program. Sugar fit helped me to change my eating habits very smoothly. I am very comfortable throughout the journey. I can’t thank them enough. As without any difficult to... Read more!

Shiv Nigam

Sugar Level:200 mg/dL160 mg/dL

Can you believe that a person like me who never used to go for a walk, now i walk 5000 to 6000 steps everyday. I used to take insulin but now i don’t need it. In just 14 days sugar fit helped me reduc... Read more!


Weight:11 Kgs

The result was with walking, exercising, proper food my weight in few months came down by 11 kgs and my sugar also came down drastically. I have now reduced my insulin because of the reduction of suga... Read more!


Weight:7 Kgs

Before Sugar fit, my Hba1c is 11.3, now it has come down to 6.3. My weight has gone down from 80kg to 73kgs. I have also got my medications done. With proper diet i started to feel improving my energy... Read more!


Sugar Level:200 mg/dL110 mg/dL

Earlier i was not sure about the impact of food intake in my body. But now i am quite mindful of what i am eating. Something which i feel is not good for me. I can easily resist food or snack right no... Read more!

Ajay kumar

Sugar Level:130 mg/dL100 mg/dL

Sugar fit does not treat us as customer, but as a friend. They treat us like we are part of the same family. They are always working towards your well being. Sugar fit did a tremendous job in guiding ... Read more!

Anil kumar

Weight:8 Kgs

The best part of about the sugar fit app is committing to daily milestones as per the dietitian. Also the food, sleeping habits and work outs easily manageable through this app. That motivated me a lo... Read more!


Weight:10 Kgs

I walk daily for 20 minutes post meal. Apart from that i also walk for 1 hour daily. I make sure to cover 12000 steps in a day. The major change in my lifestyle is that i concentrate more on improving... Read more!


Weight:8 Kgs

I have seen my LFT (Liver panel) and other readings getting better. I have started feeling much more energetic. I feel like being more active. I have started walking, going out I enjoy doing shopping ... Read more!

T D Ashok

Sugar Level:120 mg/dL90 mg/dL

Hunger was my main challenge. But my coach helped me in that by providing different food options. The way sugar fit program run, the way our health coach guides us on food, lifestyle and exercise, tha... Read more!


Weight:18 Kgs

When i have learned through this journey is that just adding 2-3 habits each week and that can be very small steps can trick your brain to achieving greater heights. Just like IT will stay with me bec... Read more!

Amrutha Bhaskar

Sugar Level:390 mg/dL112 mg/dL

Wear a watch and you should at least walk for 5000 steps - This is how they started in Sugar fit. Before the program, it was not like that. I used to feel very lazy and lethargic to do anything. But a... Read more!


Sugar Level:160 mg/dL110 mg/dL

Initially i am not aware of sugar fit. In the zoom meeting, they were saying all these things so i thought okay lets try it has helped a lot of them for diabetes reversal. I immediately subscribed and... Read more!


Sugar Level:150 mg/dL85 mg/dL

Before Sugar fit i wasn’t much aware of sugar or diabetes. So i used to take medicines to control it. I did not even have any diet or fitness routine. Although i used to watch a lot of videos about ma... Read more!


Sugar Level:220 mg/dL84 mg/dL

One of the best thing about sugar fit is that they have changed my entire daily routine and habits. Before joining sugarfit i used to visit doctors place to check my sugar level every 3 to 6 months. I... Read more!


Sugar Level:198 mg/dL160 mg/dL

Before joining sugarfit i was not attentive in managing my sugar levels. As my working life is very hectic due to which i was unable to follow a healthy routine. I only used to visit doctors and take ... Read more!


Sugar Level:300 mg/dL90 mg/dL

There was no fitness routine before sugar fit. As advised by my health coach, i added a proper sleep routine, Exercise routine and diet routine to my daily life style. These things have been scheduled... Read more!


Sugar Level:238 mg/dL128 mg/dL

It was very hard for me to understand how diabetes happened to me as i had no family history of diabetes. Sugar fit helped me push myself from this. The major difference in the energy levels before i ... Read more!

Asha gupta

Sugar Level:148 mg/dL104 mg/dL

Everyone in my yoga group started telling me that i have lost weight. People have start asking me how i have reduced my weight. So i told them that i have been following a proper diet chart. As of now... Read more!


Sugar Level:250 mg/dL120 mg/dL

There is a major improvements in my energy levels. After joining sugar fit my daily routine is changed. First i walk daily which i never used to. And in my diet, i never used to have breakfast. I dire... Read more!


Sugar Level:130 mg/dL100 mg/dL

It definitely helped in cleaner eating, disciplined eating constantly hinders to ensure that you are drinking water etc. And i think from a medication standpoint. I am on a single oral medication for ... Read more!



A big thanks to Sugarfit. I will start with my health coach shivani who was in a big help me being able to achieve and accomplish whatever i have done till now. That’s a great part and of course my do... Read more!


Sugar Level:130 mg/dL95 mg/dL

I would recommend sugarfit to anyone who is going through high sugar levels or the complications with the sugar levels. I went to my office after 2 years and people asked me what happened you are look... Read more!



With diabetes, I thought this was going to be my life. When I spoke to the doctor, he said it would be lifelong medication. You need to follow a strict regime which was not for me. I had not even expe... Read more!

Manoj Prakash

Sugar Level:300 mg/dL100 mg/dL

Their entire process was excellent because everyday I used to have a call with my dietician. The main thing my dietician was concerned about was how I am feeling that day. For a person taking five tab... Read more!

Praveen Kumar


My food portions have actually increased since I started the programme - it's just that I eat healthy now. I have also started cycling, and that too for long distances. My coach did not just help me, ... Read more!