Successful Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Story of Asha gupta

HbA1c: 7.8% 6.7%
Sugar Level: 148 mg/dL 104 mg/dL
Weight: 10 Kgs

Asha gupta's Success Story

Everyone in my yoga group started telling me that i have lost weight. People have start asking me how i have reduced my weight. So i told them that i have been following a proper diet chart. As of now, people have not told me that they need this treatment. But they are asking me how you have reduced in 3 months. So i tell them so i follow the diet chart given by sugarfit. I have started doing surya namaskar without missing a single day, i have started walking in a regular basis. And the third is eating habits. I will definitely recommend sugarfit people who are facing diabetic problem.

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