Successful Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Story of Amrutha Bhaskar

HbA1c: 9.4% 7.1%
Sugar Level: 390 mg/dL 112 mg/dL
Weight: 13 Kgs

Amrutha Bhaskar's Success Story

Wear a watch and you should at least walk for 5000 steps - This is how they started in Sugar fit. Before the program, it was not like that. I used to feel very lazy and lethargic to do anything. But after joining sugar fit it was very systematic and motivating. And i didn’t feel any pressure upon myself. Energy levels are excellent, I am telling you. Physically and mentally i am very active now. I never use to take sweets or any of the food items that i liked. But now the magical thing sugarfit is telling me is that i can eat everything whole heartedly but with portion control. Small changes in my lifestyle did big wonders.

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