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Weight:11 Kgs

With diabetes, I thought this was going to be my life. When I spoke to the doctor, he said it would be lifelong medication. You need to follow a strict regime which was not for me. I had not even experienced real food until I joined Now I've been off medicines for the last two months, and my confidence levels are skyrocketing.

Manoj Prakash

Sugar Level:300 mg/dL100 mg/dL

Their entire process was excellent because everyday I used to have a call with my dietician. The main thing my dietician was concerned about was how I am feeling that day. For a person taking five tablets, coming down to half a tablet was a major shift. It was like a dream come true. I feel energetic. I feel good.

Praveen Kumar

Weight:16 Kgs
Waist Size:5 cm

My food portions have actually increased since I started the programme - it's just that I eat healthy now. I have also started cycling, and that too for long distances. My coach did not just help me, but did me a huge favour by reversing my diabetes. I did not have to sacrifice much but through I've gained a lot.

Ankesh Kumar

Sugar Level:200 mg/dL115 mg/dL
Weight:7 Kgs

Keeping a person motivated for 6-8 months isn't easy. To achieve this, goes deep into the details of your day-to-day routine on a level that even you may not be aware of. Earlier, I was not sure of the impact of food on my body, but now I'm quite mindful of what I'm eating.

Rajesh Shikaram

HbA1c:6.9%6.6% is not just about diabetes reversal. We are working on my weight, activity levels, sleep, meditation, etc. It's much more holistic compared to simply eating fewer carbs. Today I feel lighter and more energetic and my HbA1c has been dropping every month.

Harish, 32

Weight:5 Kgs

I am feeling healthier, fitter and mentally stronger since I started the program. I was struggling to keep up with a diet and exercise plan. My coach, Rekha, helped me understand food better, what should be eaten and why it helps. She motivated me to stick to my exercise plan, taught me different yoga asanas which would help produce insulin naturally in our body. Overall, rather than focussing on a Diabetes diet, she helped me improve my lifestyle and taught me how to sustain it for longer period.

Dr. Swati Savla, 54

Sugar Level:250 mg/dL120 mg/dL
Weight:3 Kgs
Waist Size:4 cm

I have had diabetes for almost 20 years now and was taking a lot of medications along with insulin injections as my FBS had reached 250. After joining, today my FBS <= 120! All this was possible because of Ms. Rekha and the doctors from the team. They kept my food habits in mind so it was much easier for me to follow the plan. I am very grateful to in helping me change my lifestyle and achieve my target.

SriHema N, 32

Weight:6 Kgs
Activity Level IconActivity:Minimal10K steps/day
Waist Size:3 cm

I am feeling really good since I started the program. It is the best program! My weight was 89.9 kg when I started. My health coach, Annie and Dr. Chandrika have helped me lose weight by following a proper diet, walking, excercise and medications. My weight is now 83.5kg and I am damn sure, with their guidance, I can still reduce my weight further which will help reduce my dosage of tablets and lead to good health.

Anand Madhav Tatti, 70

Sugar Level:120 mg/dL90 mg/dL
Weight:4 Kgs has brought my HbA1c levels well below the pre-diabetic range and my weight to a decent BMI range. There has been a gradual reduction in medication and changes to my lifestyle like lower screen times, yoga, limb strengthening and controlled eating. I am now pursuing a lot more activities that give me pleasure like playing music, cooking, housekeeping, gardening, quality time with friends and dear ones (albeit online) etc. I feel lighter, healthier and have a more positive outlook on life.

Shyam Krishna, 38

Weight:4 Kgs
Uric Acid IconUric Acid:8.16.3

While my goal was clear, kept me motivated by following up and ensuring that the routines were religiously followed. Introducing a healthy eating style was the best contribution from my Health Coach. I changed my breakfast from all things to fruits and dry fruits. For lunch and dinner, I started eating more vegetables both raw and cooked. I was also able to reduce my smoking from a pack a day to 2-3 a day and alcohol consumption from everyday to once a week. I feel rejuvenated and confident that it is possible to achieve a better lifestyle with proper guidance and follow up.

Narayan Vaidyanathan, 48


I feel good, more energized, and generally happy. No specific challenges as such, but the new habits introduced were not something I knew or was doing earlier, and these are what made all the difference. My eating habits have improved a lot and the high touch connect with Coach Annie helped in completing the feedback loop and acted as an effective guide to show me the right direction to proceed in. Most of all I'm very happy that even though I was only able to follow 60 - 70% of the habits suggested, they have been instrumental in significantly reducing my HbA1c levels from 10.9 to 7.8 in less than 3 months. I will definitely be continuing with the program.

Balaji Viswanath, 35

Sugar Level:116 mg/dL96 mg/dL

I've learned a lot on how to manage my diabetes since I started the program. The continuous glucose monitor sensor also helped me understand how food & exercise affects the body. Since I've started the program, I've been able to quit having my early morning tea, I exercise regularly, practise intermittent fasting with 10-14 hour fasting window post dinner and eat healthier by reducing grains and eating more vegetables & fruits.


Murty Murukutla, 66

Weight:3 Kgs

I was having trouble keeping my sugar levels from fluctuating. The sensor helped me understand how my sugar levels vary with what I eat. My health coach helped me develop habits over time, control meal timings, reduce my tea and snacks intake and eat better. I was also able to reduce my medicines - I now no longer take medicines in the night and my morning dose is down to a minimum.

Customer Reviews For

4.8 out of 5 20 reviews

impeccable customer service

Sugar.Fit has been amazing in assisting my mother reverse her diabetes. Their impeccable customer service and ability to answer all... Read More

Madhav S Raman
24th Dec, 2022

Coaches here have such an immense knowledge

I took their plan for my sister who was prediabetic, but later took the plan for me as well just for the guidance. The coaches here,... Read More

Ayushi Goel
10th Aug, 2022

My father is medicine free

I took this program for my father. 7 months in the program , he is medicine free and his sugar levels have returned to normal. This... Read More

Isma Wani
6th Aug, 2022

Off medicine and Normal sugar levels

Extremely good platform for diabetes reversal. My mother tried another product before but it didn't didn't and we switched to Read More

Koodandi M
9th Feb, 2022

Improvement in HbA1c levels in 4 months

Greate experience tremendous improvement in HBA1C in just 4 months duration and best support from coaches 👍 highly recommended

Praveen Pandit
15th Feb, 2022

Personal attention from Coach

Great Product experience. Lots of personal attention from my coach and the CGM is so cool!

Parvesh Debuka
6th Aug, 2021

Regular Intervention with Dietician

Being a prediabetic it helped me to reverse my path and come back to normal sustainable lifestyle. Regular intervention with my dietician... Read More

7th Sep, 2021

Stop tablets for Diabetes

Love how the program benefit my dad. It helped him to stop taking anymore tablets for diabetes.

Parveen Kumar
20th Feb, 2022

Easy and Simple Nutrition Plan

Best program which is easy and simple nutrition plan with continuous monitoring of my coach and doctor with sugarfit helped me to reverse... Read More

11th Feb, 2022

I would recommend sugar.fir to all the diabetes patient

Amazing platform to reduce diabetes without any fad diet method, getting rid of medications was impossible according to me but Read More

Atish Mohanan
2nd Mar, 2022

best platform on genuineness

It's the best platform on genuineness, and the coaches are so compassionate , hearty, always available whenever a patient needs in... Read More

Sweety Roy
25th Feb, 2022

The coaches are like ur friends they listen

I brought this program for my dad and I am glad for the decision I took. He loved the program,coaches are awesome and provide personalised... Read More

Rizwana Mistry
4th Aug, 2022

I dropped 2% HBA1C and in 8months of time

I was diagnosed with type 2diabetes with HBA1C 13% for about 8year tried multiple programs everyone was just experimenting on me including... Read More

Sam Son Rex
24th Dec, 2021

Focus given to diet and fitness

very good platform to reverse diabetes where main focus is given to diet and fitness Highly recommended

Payal M
24th Dec, 2022

Parents medications are cut off

loved it !!! it's been many days since I was worried about diabetes for my parents . but since when I got into it their lifestyle and... Read More

Zain Ahmed
24th Dec, 2022

achieve results within short period of time.

I am very happy with the program. I was diagnosed as pre diabetes and really amazed to achieve results within short period of time.

Sudha Sushma
24th Dec, 2022

personal attention from my coach

Sugarfit is a welcome change just for the personal attention I get from my coach. She takes the time to know what drives me, affects... Read More

Apoorva AT
24th Dec, 2022

here is the best solution you got

For people who are looking for type 2 diabetes & prediabetes reversal, here is the best solution you got with the holistic approach... Read More

Nilima Dani
3rd Aug, 2022

easy to follow very cooperative team

best way for Diabetes Reversal easy to follow very cooperative team happy to join Sugarfit. 5 stars keep doing the good work

Vince Willi
24th Dec, 2021

coaches and the Doctors were really helpful

Really promising, if u have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes I would say this is the best option. The coaches and the Doctors were really... Read More

Ramya Shree Reddy
4th Aug, 2022

We got recognized by the American Diabetes Association for achieving significant outcomes in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes.
Read more

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