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Worth A Shot : Red Wine v/s White Wine

Components of Experiment

- Red Wine

- White Wine

CGM Experiment

Q : Which One is Worth A Shot, Red Wine or White Wine?

A : Neither, both have the same impact!

Red Wine or White wine has always been a debatable topic for wine lovers. Though Red Wine is proven to have an edge on nutritional offerings and its effects on health benefits, the Carbohydrate content and spike observed after consuming either of these wines do not differ much. Experimenting with both of these wines keeping other activities similar can help analyse what works best for your metabolism.

Scientific Rationale

Nutrition Profile

There is No significant difference seen in relation to the Carbohydrate content and spike observed after consuming either of th wines. However, White wine has slightly lesser calories while Red Wine has marginally more vitamins & minerals.

Nutrient Profile of Red Wine and White Wine per 5 Ounce (148 ml)

Food Pairings


Both Red and White Wine are almost equal to one another in terms of health benefits. Pick Red Wine for more Variety, Flavours, Vitamins, and Minerals. Pick White Wine for Simple, Tangy Flavours, Low-calorie Intake, and If sensitive to Histamine or Tannin. Choose what works for you based on your diet, lifestyle factors and health concerns. Just like any other drink, the decision lies solely with the consumer. 

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