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Diabetes Control: Why It's Important

In today’s world, most people have diabetes, a serious health condition that leads to fatigue, hunger and other health complications such as dementia, kidney disorders and vision problems. It is important to control our blood sugar levels in the body to avoid the above-mentioned problems. The glucose levels in our body should always be regulated and controlled to improve one’s mood and energy.
Let us know what controlled diabetes is. Controlled Diabetes means to keep the blood sugar levels close to the normal value, which is 140 mg/dL.

Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes leads to a spike in the blood sugar levels. Getting excess sugar leads to various health issues. Having an excessively high or low amount of sugar in the body is dangerous for a person and is said to be diabetic. Know about high blood sugar level

What can happen if Diabetes is Uncontrolled?

A person should monitor their lifestyle and eating habits to maintain the normal range of the blood glucose level in the body. Uncontrolled diabetes suggests increased blood sugar levels that can take a toll on nearly all body organs, including the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, nerves, teeth, bones, clotting factors and many more. When diabetes is not under control, a persistent rise in the blood sugar levels affects the nerves, blood vessels and other visceral organs, damaging them. Know more about signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

Following two complications arise when the diabetes is not under control:

1. Microvascular – Damage occurs to small but essential blood vessels that carry blood to and from the eyes, kidneys and nerves.

2. Macrovascular – Damage to the large blood vessels carrying blood back and forth the heart.

3. Hyperglycemia - Too much sugar in the blood

4. Hypoglycemia  - Not enough sugar in the blood

5. Others - Dental disease, Reduced immunity to pathogens and

6. Gestational Diabetes - Birth complications during pregnancy.

What can affect Blood Sugar Levels?

People should often monitor their blood sugar levels. Any changes to the normal range should be taken seriously by consulting a doctor. Even if one is conscious of practising good habits, they can have diabetes too. So, let us take a look into the causes that can affect our blood glucose levels in the body:

•The foremost cause of diabetes is lack of regular exercise or physical activities. Doing physical activity daily can affect insulin sensitivity, lowering the blood glucose level.

• Eating food with high carbohydrate content can also affect blood glucose tremendously. Drinking alcohol regularly or taking drugs can impact the glucose levels.

• If a person is suffering from a long-term illness or stress, the body releases certain hormones to fight such types of conditions, and that eventually affects the blood sugar level.

• Injecting insulin during diabetes through certain body routes affects blood sugar. Some parts of our body absorb insulin much faster than the rest of the body.

•In the case of women, the glucose level in the blood is affected during the menstrual cycle or pregnancy.

• Skipping meals during the day or suffering from gastroparesis can also change the sugar levels.

• Dehydration due to the excessive loss of water from the body leads to diabetes.

• Ignoring the blood sugar level changes when not taking proper care or medication is detected.

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What are the Benefits of Good Diabetes Control?

Controlling blood sugar levels has got numerous health benefits associated with it. If one can control their spike in the blood sugar level, then worry not as diabetes can be prevented. The benefits of good diabetes control are as follows:

• People can regain their lost energy.

• Keeping blood glucose levels in the optimum conditions can help in better cognitive functions such as more focus, attention, good memory and learning power.

• Spike in the blood glucose level leads to the increased production of the androgens, which in turn leads to sebum production in the skin, causing acne problems. Regulating blood sugar levels can lead to reduced breakouts on the skin.

• Being overweight leads to diabetes in most cases. Getting control over diabetes can lead to losing excess body weight.

• The performance and brain function can be improved, resulting in a reduced risk of dementia.

• The degenerative diseases such as eye problems, kidney disorders and high cholesterol levels in the body can be controlled. Also know about random plasma glucose.

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How do I know if I have my Diabetes under control?

Taking proper medication as prescribed by the physicians, following a healthy diet and exercising daily can control diabetes to a large extent. To know if the diabetes is under the normal or optimum range, one should at least check the blood glucose level using CGM or a glucose metre. This will allow them to track the glucose status in the blood. Performing an HbA1C test at least twice a year is always advisable to get a clear opinion on blood sugar control over time.

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Diabetes has become a common form of illness in every household. It takes place in adults and in children if they are devoid of proper care and attention. Once we know what is controlled diabetes, we should always check their glucose status in the blood, and any noticeable changes detected in the body should be consulted by a doctor immediately. Everyone should indulge in physical activity in this technology-driven world to keep our bodies and minds fit. Read more about gestational diabetes support.


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