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Metabolism Boosters: Weight Loss Fact or Fiction?

If you are tired of following fad diets and working out daily and still being unable to reduce stubborn fat then you have landed at the right place. Ever wondered if you can lose weight just by intaking certain pills or food that boost metabolism and stimulate the fat-burning process? As science is getting advanced, the market is being flooded with quick weight loss supplements that claim to get you rid of extra fat in no time. However, the question arises, do the metabolism boosters truly impact your weight loss process positively or are these just another weight loss fiction? For your aid, here is everything you need to know about metabolism boosters.

Do Metabolism Boosters Work?

Your metabolic functions can get disrupted due to many reasons. Especially the poor lifestyle these days affects your metabolic rate which affects your body’s ability to burn energy or calories from the food that you are intake. To boost metabolic functions there are certain metabolic boosters that people are resorting to. These metabolic boosters stimulate the fat-burning process of your body and enable you to lose those extra kilos. The impact that these boosters will have on your fat-burning process varies from individual to individual. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about metabolic boosters than the knowledge to reap their benefits.

Such boosters work through a process called thermogenesis. Metabolic boosters increase the body’s heat generation capacity enabling it to burn more calories. The supplements that help to boost our metabolic functions have certain ingredients that enhance the thermogenesis process of the body. Most consumed products that claim weight loss contain these products.

Capsaicin- Metabolism boosting supplements contain capsaicin. Researchers claim that this ingredient can increase the body’s capacity to burn calories up to 50 calories per day. In the long term, this proves to be beneficial for weight management.

Caffeine- People who consume 270 mg of coffee have a much more efficient rate of burning calories than those who don’t. Caffeine increases the thermogenic process tremendously. However, if you are a coffee addict the effect might get less impactful with time. Also know can diabetics drink coffee?

Resveratrol- This ingredient is still being researched for its ability to burn fats in human beings. Resveratrol is added in many metabolism-boosting supplements as it is effective to burn fat in rats. There is a high possibility that it might work for humans as well.

L-carnitine- Our liver secretes L-carnitine which enables us to transform fats into energy. Added to many health benefits, L-carnitine has anti-obesity benefits that help in weight management. However, its intensity of producing results is still questionable.

Chromium picolinate- Yet another ingredient whose effectiveness to impact weight loss is questionable, chromium picolinate is generally taken by those who face its deficiency. Its link to weight loss is still a matter of doubt.

Conjugated linoleic acid- This ingredient is used commonly in metabolism-boosting supplements as it stimulates weight loss by stimulating the fat-burning process. However, this ingredient is avoided due to the side effects it generates.

Green tea-The ingredient has tremendous effects on weight loss. Green tea consists of caffeine and catechins that promote weight loss. Including green tea naturally in your diet will prove impactful in losing weight. Also know is green tea good for diabetics?.

How does metabolism work?

Metabolic functions transform the carbohydrates, fats, and protein present in your food into energy that your cells require for smooth functioning. The time that your body requires to perform the transformation of food into energy is your metabolic rate. Your body burns calories even while it is at rest which is usually referred to as resting metabolism or basal metabolic rate. 70% of your daily energy consumption is a result of basal metabolic rate. Numerous factors affect your BMR which include genes, age, gender, height, diet, body makeup, etc. Added to that, your daily movement also affects your BMR. Having a healthy diet can also impact your metabolism positively. Diet-induced thermogenesis can help you to boost metabolism and manage weight. Also know about inborn errors of metabolism.

Facts & Myths about Metabolism Boosters

There are certain myths about metabolism boosters that need to be cleared by highlighting certain facts. Here are a few facts regarding the myths around metabolism boosters.

Gaining muscle will stimulate weight loss- Calories are burned more effectively by muscle rather than fats. However low intensity exercises enable your body to burn only a small number of calories. During inactivity, muscles are unable to burn not many calories. To solve this issue, you should consider lifting weights that will make your bones and muscles stronger and more efficient to burn calories.

Metabolism is boosted even during post-exercising hours- When you burn calories while exercising, its impact lasts for the same duration while you work out. As you stop the exercise your metabolism goes back to its resting rate. Make sure to exercise wisely and keep energizing your body by eating healthy foods. Don’t make exercise an excuse to eat high-calorie food.

Eating thermogenic food can boost metabolism- Intake of metabolism-boosting foods like caffeine, green tea, etc. can stimulate the fat-burning process however, these foods will not completely be responsible for losing weight. Ensure that your diet consists of foods that make you feel full and restrict you from overeating.

A good metabolism is linked to quality sleep- The fact is that you can add extra weight if you do not fulfill your body’s minimum sleep requirement. However, having a good night’s sleep doesn’t mean you’ll lose the extra kilos. Eliminate gaining extra kilos by having a quality bedtime routine that impacts your sleep positively.

Frequent and short meals boost metabolism- It is a highly spread rumor that eating short and frequent meals can boost metabolism. Timely distribution of meals can help you to feel less hungry. What works out for others may not work out for you. If you cannot stop eating once you start then sticking to 3 appropriate meals would work much better for you. Keep a track of your eating habits to ensure optimum weight management.

Weight gain and age are directly proportional- With increasing age, your metabolism might slow down due to increased inactivity which leads to muscle loss and fat gain. Older people munch more on food as their appetite control starts fading. To solve this issue, make exercise a daily part of your routine as you age.

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Though weight loss supplements are becoming the new fad, you should resort to only those lifestyle changes that work out best for your body. The metabolism boosters might stimulate the fat-burning process but their overall impact on the weight loss process is not significant enough. Smartly managing your calories and diligently working out daily is the key to losing weight despite the hype of weight loss supplements. Ensure to make wise choices and do not fall for the myths.

What is the best supplement for boosting metabolism?

There is no such perfect supplement that would result in significant weight loss. However, ingredients like caffeine, green tea, capsaicin, etc. can stimulate the weight loss process and bring you a step closer to your dream body.

Does metabolism Boosting make you lose weight?

A healthy metabolism does enable your body to burn more calories but this doesn’t indicate that it’s the only thing responsible for weight loss. Ensuring smooth metabolic function can make a positive impact on weight management.

How long does it take for metabolism to speed up?

There is no ideal time that is needed to boost metabolism. If you stick to healthy food choices and consistent workouts then, you might see the results fast enough. However, the exact duration depends on how your body responds to the changes you are incorporating.




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